More Spring Clean-ups

This morning I was in charge of the formation at 0630 to finish up spring clean-ups.  We had all of our area done by 0730 and then we were released until 0900.  Even though I was already in uniform, I headed home for a little bit.  Then when we got back at 0900 formation, all the MPTs (Music Performance Teams) were formed up and ready to go, but no one in front of the formation.  I was the senior-most person out there, so I took charge of the formation.  After announcements, we headed in to get ready for rehearsal at 0930.  I did a little bit of admin work before rehearsal and then a little bit more after rehearsal.  I left at 11 to go to my annual well-woman appointment and then after that Ryan met me at the commissary for the case-lot sale.  We got lots of food to stock up the freezer and pantry – lots of good deals.  Then we headed home to put the groceries away and I changed out of uniform.  We went back to post so I could get my allergy shots, but we went to lunch at Burger King first.  It was a nice afternoon.  Once we got home, he pretty much just dropped me off before heading to the Legion to help with dinner.  I went and picked Robert up from Child Time and we just had frozen dinners for supper – of course, I warmed them up in the microwave before we ate them.  I finished a crochet project and then did a little bit of stitching, and now I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high:  87
Current:  74

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