Learning about TBI

Today we left around 7 and headed to Tucson.  After dropping Robert off at a friend’s place for the day, Ryan and I headed to the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center for a conference on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  There was an opening session where a couple of wounded warriors told their stories.  Then there was a morning session and an afternoon session with lunch (provided) in between.  There were different "classes" to choose from, and throughout the day, Ryan and I went to 4 of them.  We each went to different ones, morning and afternoon.  We both learned a lot about Ryan’s brain and how it works after an injury, how to deal with different things, etc.  It was a very good day with excellent presenters and I’m glad we were able to go.  And it was free!  AND the Brain Injury Association of Arizona (they put the event on)  paid our travel.  Can’t beat that.  🙂  After the day was done, we headed to pick Robert up and then we went to Toys R Us.  The guys got some Legos, Robert got a new alarm clock – one that looks like a BIG lego, and I got a few things for Robert’s airplane to-do bag for when we fly home the end of the week.  Then we headed home, but took the scenic route.  That’s a nice drive.  I got a little over 3 hours of stitching done during all the driving today, and then I did some more after we got home.

Today’s high:  86
Current:  70

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