I walked to Condino’s Motors this morning to pick up my van.  It was just being finished up so I chatted with the ladies that work there for a little bit and then I headed in to formation.  I sent a text message to my Team Leader to let her know that I was probably going to be late, but I actually ended up getting there with about a minute to spare.  After formation, I finished clearing supply, to include turning in my key to the building.  Then my Team Leader did my vehicle inspection for the upcoming 4-day weekend (and hopefully for the last time).  Once that I was done, I went and cleared medical, tried to clear dental but they were closed for training today, and I went and got Ryan’s and Robert’s medical records set to be forwarded to Ft. Huachuca.  I went to Clark Hall to the Reassignment section for the stuff that they cleared for me.  Out of all of them, I only had to take care of one that they couldn’t take care of for me, and that was the Installation Property Book.  I had to clear that myself since I was a signature card holder because I worked in supply.  That done, I headed home, via a stop at Condino’s again to actually see my bill from the work – new rack & pinion, 2 new tires, and new front brakes.  It cost me a pretty chunk, but I really appreciate them making sure my van is ready for the trek across the country.  And they let me pay in installments, so that’s nice. 

Once home, we got part of the porch painted before it started raining and we had to stop.  I gathered up all our laundry and headed to the laundrymat to do our laundry.  I worked on a crochet project while the clothes were washing and drying.  It only took me $4.25 to wash and dry, so not too bad.  When I got home, Ryan was getting ready to start doing some painting up in Robert’s room.  He did all the trim places today and tomorrow we’ll get the rest of the room painted.  We’ll probably have to do 2 coats in there since we’re going from blue back to white (we didn’t have any more of the blue we used).  Ryan made pizza for supper and it was really yummy.  Robert had a bath to get the paint off – he helped us with the porch (and, no, I didn’t get pictures – I will when we finish the porch).  Once he was in bed, I crocheted and we watched Ghostbusters.

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Current:  60

Begin the final week!

This morning I got up and brought the van back to the shop.  They did a power steering something-or-other.  I walked home and got the guys up and got into uniform and we all headed to post in Ryan’s truck.  The guys dropped me off at work for accountability formation and then they headed into Watertown to put another ad for the truck in the paper.  After formation, I got my unit clearing papers and then headed to supply to clean my trombone and turn in all my stuff.  That was all the unit clearing I could do today since most of the band is TDY to Ft. Dix until tomorrow evening.  And I couldn’t even finish clearing supply since I need a copy of my CIF turn in sheet and that’s in my clearing folder in my van.  Oops.  Partway through getting my horn cleaned, they guys came back.  Once I was done with stuff, we all headed home to get to work.  I mowed the lawn and Ryan started caulking some of the cracks in our house after he made a trip to the local hardware store for a few things.  Then he got started and I made a trip to the hardware store for a few more things that he forgot.  He got the 3rd floor done and part of the 2nd floor.  I got a tub/floor seal thing installed in front of the tub so drips don’t get under there.  About 1630 or so we called it a day and sat down to relax.  We had TV dinners for supper and then we played some more.  After Robert got all his toys put away, he headed up to bed.  Once he was all tucked in, I stitched and we watched TV.

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This morning we were all able to finally sleep in after several days of late nights and early mornings. It sure felt good to sleep later than 0700 for a change. We got ready and headed to church and then after the service we went into Watertown for lunch at Applebees and then some shopping. We went to Michaels to get 10 skeins of DMC floss so I can finish one of my cross stitch projects. I’ve managed to leave/lose my ring of floss for that project somewhere between Michigan and getting back . At least it was the floss and not the project itself. Then it was to Lowe’s for stuff to start working on our house projects – paint, caulk, etc. I sure like my 10% military discount there. On our way home we stopped at the grocery store for a few essentials – milk, bread, apples, etc. Once home we started watching the NASCAR race that we had Tivoed. Shortly after 1800 we walked to the ice cream place for our weekly ice cream treat and then home for bathtime for Robert. I made my weekly phone call home to Mom and Dad and stitched and we finished watching the race. Early to bed tonight.

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Current: 62


Today was Mountainfest.  The morning started off with a Salute to the Nation ceremony to honor each state in the US.  Then there was an airshow all afternoon.  Many, many, many acts of various kinds of aircraft.  There were also static displays and we got to go in about a dozen different kinds of aircraft.  I have some pictures and I’ll get them up in Facebook soon and then post a link to them.  Country singer Jo Dee Messina performed a concert at 6 and then there was a twilight airshow.  It was really neat seeing all the planes fly in formation and do their maneuvers in the dusk.  And then fireworks but they were kind of disappointing because they were soooooooooo far away.  It was a really long and really fun day, and the rain held off except for a few sprinkles here and there.  Robert fell asleep in the car before we left the parking lot, and now I’m about to fall asleep as well.

Today’s high:  69
Current:  64

Empty house

We were up early again this morning.  Robert and I walked down to the Farmer’s Market and got some Amish cinnamon rolls and some fresh strawberries for breakfast.  Those cinnamon rolls were GOOOOOD!!!  And the strawberries were super juicy.  Great breakfast.  The moving company was here all day and got all the boxes and furniture and everything out of our house and loaded on the truck before it rained.  It took 11 crates for all of our stuff, but by the head guy’s (the owner of the company actually) estimate, we’ll be under our allowed 11,000 pounds.  Robert had fun playing with a ball of tape that one of the guys made for him.  The crew was very efficient and professional.  I vacuumed all the carpets in the house and then they put the vacuum on the truck as well.  Then we waited around for a little while for the lady from the cleaning company to stop by.  In the meantime I took a walk up to Kinney Drug on the corner.  Robert ended up with a slightly bleeding boo-boo on his foot and of course, we were out of the small size band-aids.  So I went and bought some more and then took care of his boo-boo.  The lady came and walked through our house and gave us the estimate to clean everything, includidng shampooing the carpets and doing all the windows inside and out.  To us it’s worth it to pay to have someone come in and do a thorough cleaning of the house – one less thing we have to worry about.

Then we went and picked up the cats from being kenneled at the vet.  Boy were they not happy when they saw everything in the house was gone – no more hiding under the bed for them.  We headed out to post because I had to do a little bit of Government Travel Card stuff on my work computer, and while I was doing that, Ryan and Robert went to the Army Community Services (ACS) building to get some stuff from their lending closet.  Of course, they didn’t have folding chairs or tables.  After a stop at Burger King for supper, we went to Walmart and got some camp chairs for something to sit on in our house, an air mattress for me and Ryan since we’re sleeping on the floor for the next 11 nights, and some other stuff.  House is empty so now we had to fill it back up.  LOL  Not really.  We didn’t buy that much stuff.

Now it’s off to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be another long day.

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Here’s a little video of Robert playing my euphonium yesterday after the packer left.  It looks like a tuba when he holds it.

All packed up!

We were up this morning kind of early and finished getting stuff ready for packing day.  Anything not being packed was put in the bathroom – very few things to pack in there, so I just took that out.  The packing crew arrived and after a tour of the house, they got to work.  Ryan and Robert went to McDonald’s to breakfast for the 3 of us.  The crew was very efficient, always asking if there was anything questionable if it was being packed or not, etc.  They started work about 0945 or so and finished at 1700.  Took an hour for lunch, but still got everything done.  They have maybe 2 boxes to do in the morning, including our bed linens so Ryan and I get one more last night in our bed.  After the crew left, we relaxed for a bit and then walked to Jreck Subs for supper and then to the Legion for their weekly drive-in car show.  Lots of really nice cars there, including a few from the 20s and 30s that really make me drool.  There was even an old firetruck there.  They had a 50/50 raffle and we bought some tickets.  $5 for your arm’s length.  Ryan got 17 tickets for his $5, and all the money goes to the Legion’s scholarship fund.  We didn’t win, but the winner got $57.  They do this car show every Thursday evening during the summer.  Then it was home to get Robert into bed and I stitched some and called Mom and talked to her for a while.

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My final gig!

I was off this morning and we got quite a bit of stuff done around the house to be ready for the packers tomorrow.  Of course, that was after I brought my van in to the shop to get the passenger’s side power window mechanism replaced and they did my annual state inspection, checked my power steering fluid because it’s been making noises when I turn (bad news is I need a new power steering pump), and did an oil change, etc.  I walked home after I dropped it off since it’s only about 4 or 5 blocks away.  I finished up the laundry.  I finished getting me and Robert’s suitcases packed.  We got other stuff done as well.  Then I had to go in to post for final Tattoo dress rehearsal at 1330.  Nothing like being out in the sun during the hottest part of the day.  Rehearsal went well and we only had to go through it once, so that’s a really good thing.  Then it was home to go get my van (they called during rehearsal) and then home to get my Dress Blues set up and head back for the gig.  The annual Command Tattoo is done to honor Colonels and above who are departing Ft. Drum, either retiring or PCSing.  Each officer gets to choose a song that the band plays – the rock band does most of them.  But ceremonial band played quite a bit as well.  The Tattoo went really well, and that was my last gig as a 10th Mountain Bandsman.    Then it was home to get out of my soggy uniform (it was still hot out there) and I did a little bit more stuff around the house.  We got Robert to bed and I took a shower and now I’m going to relax for a little bit even though it’s already midnight and I need to go to bed.

Today’s high:  84
Current:  64

Home sweet home

After a long day of driving and then 2 uneventful and short flights and another 1 1/2 hours of driving, we got home last night about midnight-thirty.  I had to get up early this morning after not enough sleep to do my turn in of a few things of Army stuff that I won’t be taking with me to Arizona.  My morning didn’t start good.  I was in the van ready to go and no phone.  Came back in the house and found my phone and got going.  I got within about 3-4 miles of the gate I use, and I realized that I didn’t have my folder with my clearing papers, orders, and turn in paperwork in it.  So I had to turn around and go all the way back home to get it.  I finally got there (only 5 minutes late) and I got my stuff turned in.  Then it was off to the band hall for the end of formation and then after formation, we headed to the Division monument where our Command Tattoo is taking place.  We rehearsed for the rest of the morning until lunch.  It went pretty good.  Then it was a quick trip home for the survey of our house for the packers – the guy was already there, but Ryan was here so it was ok.  He just looked at what we have to see how much packing materials they’ll need and if they need anything special.  After he left, I got started on laundry and packing our clothes.

I had to go back to Post for another rehearsal at 1500 and that went good as well.  Short formation for information back at the band hall, and then home via the gas station.  I got a little more clothes folded and then we headed to the Golden Unicorn for supper on our way to the band’s first softball game.  We lost, but we played really well, and it was only 14-17 at the end!!  We were actually tied at the end of the 7th inning and then they score 7 in the final inning and we score 4.  I didn’t get on base at all, but I had one really good hit.  The guy in the outfield was just able to run it down and catch it.  Ryan scored 2 runs and even brought some runners home with the double he hit!  Then it was home to get Robert to bed and more laundry and folding and packing.  I’m heading to be now as I just realized it’s nearly midnight.

Today’s high:  79
Current:  61

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Ok, so this is a little late, but I was soooooooooooooooo tired last night and Benydryl was kicking in, had I tried to type anything it would have been incoherent.

Happy Father’s Day to my sweetie and wonderful daddy to Robert, Ryan!!!  Happy Father’s Day to my dad Dale!  Happy Father’s Day to my grandfather Bob!!  Happy Father’s Day to my Godfather Garry!

After breakfast we headed to church.  I sang "Children of the Heavenly Father" during the offering.  It sure was nice getting back to a "real" service again – a traditional Lutheran one instead of the contemporary service we’ve been going to at the Church of the Nazarene.  They had cake and veggies and cheese/crackers for fellowship time after the service.  Then it was home for a while to do whatever – play, do computer stuff, etc.  My Grandma Ele and Aunt Carol and Uncle Wayne stopped over to visit for a little while – Grandpa Bob was at a car show with his "Blue Bomb" old car.  It was nice seeing them.  Rick and I helped Mom make rhubarb crunch for dessert – looking forward to that!!  Then we went to Perkins for Father’s Day dinner.  We had a lot of fun, and probably were way too loud in the restaurant, but oh well.  🙂   We stopped to look at some of the old Air Force planes they have on the old air base here – the base closed in like 1996 or so, but they have some planes on display next to a museum.  The museum wasn’t open though, so we’ll go back next month when we’re here for a week.  Once we were home, we played and computered some more, and Mom showed me how to knit a corner to corner dishcloth.  I retaught myself how to knit when I was in Iraq.  We had sauna later in the evening and that sure felt good.  Dad got it really hot in there.  Most of us enjoyed our rhubarb crunch and ice cream for dessert, but Ryan didn’t have any because he doesn’t like rhubarb and Robert didn’t like his either.  Rick and I shared his piece.  But he ate his ice cream.

Congratulations to Amanda and Derek!!

This morning I helped Mom make a couple of different kinds of coffee cake for breakfast.  After we ate, I started ironing our wedding clothes.  Ryan put the frame together for the cross stitch piece I did for the couple and then I got it framed.  I changed and did my hair and we all ran out the door.  My cousin Amanda got married to Derek today.  The wedding ceremony was really nice, with co-Maids of Honor.  Amanda has 2 younger sisters and they were both Maids of Honor.  After the ceremony, we had some time to kill.  We went to Walmart for snacks for Ryan, Robert, and Dad, and I looked for different shoes since my feet were hurting.  I found a couple of pairs that I liked, but nothing fit.  Then we went to the mall and walked around there a bit.  Mom bought some stuff at JoAnn Fabrics, and I decided to go look in Payless.  I found a pair of shoes that were the same color as my original ones and they didn’t make my feet hurt.  I wore them out of the store.  LOL  Then it was off to the casino where the reception was being held.  There were beatiful decorations.  Open bar during cocktail hour from 5-6 and then wine and beer after that.  The dinner was a wonderful buffet with tons of good food.  They had a Grand March, 1st dance for Amanda & Derek, Father/Daughter dance, Mother/Son dance, Anniversary Dance (for all the married couples, and then they kept dismissing until there was 1 couple left that had been married the longest – 51 years tomorrow for them), and Dollar Dance.  During the dollar dance, I danced with Derek and Ryan danced with Amanda.  And then the dance floor was open to everyone.  Robert had a great time dancing with Mommy as his dance partner most of the night.  I did dance one slow song with Ryan (they didn’t play many slow songs, and Ryan’s not much of a dancer).  Rick and I both took lots of pictures, and Robert took quite a few with his camera as well.  I’m sure he probably got some good shots.  We finally headed home around 11.  Robert fought the sleepy bug in the car, but he finally crashed, and he was OUT.  He didn’t wake up when we got home and the lights were on in the car.  He didn’t wake up when I carried him inside and upstairs.  He didn’t wake up when I got his pants and undies off to put on his diaper.  Of course, I’m probably going to sleep good as well when I go up in a little bit.