Done! (More or less. . .)

I got Robbie off to daycare this morning and headed in to formation. After that was done, I headed out to finish up my outprocessing. I went to the Credit Union, DOIM (they’re in charge of the e-mail accounts and such on post), and TriCare at the hospital. Then I came home. The only things left are 1SG, Commander, and Finance, and I’ll get those taken care of next week. I got some boxes sorted at home and did some laundry. Then I relaxed and stitched for a while before Ryan got home with Robbie. We went outside and played for a while since it was such a nice day out.

Dinner was really good. We went to a local Korean restaurant with Matt & Elizabeth Hemenway – fellow bandsmen. We had a lot of food and it was all really good. It sure was nice to have Korean food again. YUM!! Robbie ate a bunch of the meat and some rice and little bits of other stuff. Besides good food, we had good conversation as well. It was a lot of fun. We stopped at Walmart on the way home to get a couple of things. After Robbie went to bed, I chatted with Mom and a friend for a while and then went and stitched and watched TV. I’m off to bed now as it’s been a long day.

Overnight low: 54
Today’s high: 79

What a day!

I got up and brought Robbie to daycare this morning, and then came home to work on stuff around the house. I went through all of Robbie’s clothes (minues what’s in the laundry) and filled up another plastic storage tub with clothes that don’t fit anymore. Wow, does he have a lot of clothes. But now the only things that are in his dresser are things that fit. I also vacuumed, took care of some of my cross stitch stash, and threw a few things out (not stash – other stuff). I did stitch for a little while as well before picking Robbie up a little after 2. He had his 18-month well-baby checkup today, but I’ll let you read about it from his point of view. . . Robbie’s Web Page

We went to Famous Dave’s for dinner – a local BBQ place. I had my usual barbecue chicken and Ryan had ribs. Robbie had a cheeseburger and fries and ate almost the whole burger. He had an Oreo for dessert, and he eats the filling before the cookie. Then it was home for a bath and off to bed for him. I stitched some more while we watched TV.

Oh, and Ryan found out when he got home and told me when I got home that our neighbor (a few places down), Mr. Bass, had passed away. I knew he had been ill in health for a while, but I wish we had known sooner about his passing. The funeral was yesterday, and Ryan and I would have gone to it had we known about it. He was a sweet man, and he will be missed in our little neighborhood. He always called Robbie “Happy Boy” cuz he was always smiling when he saw Mr. Bass and his dog Lucy. May you rest in peace, Mr. Bass.

Overnight low: 52
Today’s high: 76


I started out-processing today. The day started off rough, but got lots better. I showed up at the office I was supposed to be at to pick up my clearing papers. The lady at the front desk asked if I had requested my clearing papers. I said no and that I didn’t know I was supposed to. She said for me to come back at 1330 and I could get them then. I didn’t say anything to her, of course, but I think she’s just lazy and didn’t feel like taking 5 minutes to get them ready for me while I waited. This is the first unit I’ve been at where I had to pre-request my clearing papers. Anyways. . . .

So I came home and did some stuff on the computer and crocheted for a while and took a nap. After eating lunch, I headed back out to post to go to Clothing Sales as I needed to buy one thing that I needed to turn in with all my gear. Then I went and got my clearing papers – 1315. At least she let me get them and not make me wait. . . Between 1315 and 1400 when my appointment to turn my gear in was, I cleared every place in Darling Hall (our Soldier Service Center) that I could – about 7 or 8 places. Then I went and turned in my gear and made a big circle – medical clinic, dental clinic, library (my first and only time in there), PX, and Child/Youth Services. By then it was 3 and I decided that I was done for the day. I have like 4 or 5 places left to go! I stopped at the shoppette and got gas in my car and then headed to the band hall for a bit as I needed to send a fax and check in with my squad leader. I got a couple more signatures from the unit, and all I have left to do there is 1SG and Commander! I *think* I might be able to finish clearing in the 10 working days I get. LOL

Ryan got Robbie on his way home from work, so I came straight home, and my little guy was waiting at the door for me! We played for a while and then went to our church for supper. We had soup and sandwiches of all kinds. Once we got home, it was Robbie’s bedtime, and then I sat down with my crocheting and we watched some TV.

Overnight low: 50
Today’s high: 74


I sat CQ again today so that the scheduled soldier could have his comp day. I got 4 1/2 hours of stitching done and am almost done with a project but I ran out of floss. I should have more on Wednesday or Thursday and then I can finish that up. Kristin came by for a while in the morning and she watched the phone for me for a bit so I could run to the Post Office and mail off some stuff. She’s a good friend, and I’m really going to miss her when I move. At least we will still be able to chat online and e-mail and stuff.

After I got done with my duty for the day, I headed out to my cross stitch store to bring some pieces to be framed and buy a new skein of the floss I ran out of. Well, the lady that was working (I don’t care for her much anyways) didn’t know anything about the framing part of the shop. AND they didn’t have the color of floss I needed (so I ordered it when I got home). I’ll be going back to the shop tomorrow to bring my stuff for framing.

This evening was just me and Robbie again since Ryan had bowling. He was in a snuggling mood, so we just cuddled in the rocker in his room and “read” a book. We did that for about 20 minutes or so, and that was really nice!! Then he went down to sleep, and I took a nice relaxing shower. Too relaxing, I think. I didn’t feel like taking my stitching back out, and that’s really unusual for me. I just played around on the computer, and now I’m waiting for Ryan to call – he’s getting me a Blizzard from Dairy Queen on his way home. I think it’ll be an early night for me.

Oh yeah – the house that we had been looking at got an offer over the weekend. I’m still going to make an offer as a backup offer in case their financing and stuff doesn’t come through, but I’m not too optimistic about it. I’ve got a few other houses that we’re looking at now – just waiting on more info from our realtor.

Overnight low: 37
Today’s high: 61

Stitching Day!

We went to our friends Amy & Ray’s today to see them one last time before we move. Amy and I stitched, and there were 3 other stitchers there as well. It was really nice seeing them all again. Ryan & Robbie played outside for a while, and Ray was out there too. We went to lunch at Shoney’s and had a good time there. After lunch, we headed back to their house and stitched some more. Robbie went down for a nap in his travel crib we had brought, and Ryan & Ray talked about cars and stuff. The other 3 ladies left around 2 as one was from NC and the other 2 from OH and they had long drives ahead of them. The 3 of us stayed until almost 5. I had a great day and got lots of stitching done – finished 2 things and got quite a bit more done on a 3rd project. And on the way home I did something that I haven’t done in a long time. I READ!! Ryan had a book with him, and it was too dark for me to stitch or crochet, so I used the little reading light I keep in there and read. I sure miss it.

We stopped at Burger King for supper on our way home and then when we got home Robbie went right to bed (it was about 8:30), and I’ve been on the computer catching up with message boards and e-mail. Time for bed now!

Overnight low: 36
Today’s high: 56

Wow – it’s been a while. . .

Ok, so it’s been a whole week. Well, my week was pretty boring. How was yours? LOL

Sunday we finally got back to church, and that was nice. Everyone was glad to see us back. Robbie was very good, but Ryan did take him out during the sermon and let him play for a while. After church we did our grocery shopping for the week and then home for Robbie’s nap and us to watch the NASCAR race. But it got rained out so we didn’t get to watch it afterall.

Monday and Tuesday I was on pass, so I didn’t have to go to work. Robbie still went to daycare both days though as I had lots of other stuff to take care of. I brought the cats to the vet on Monday to get their shots updated and Tuesday I brought the van in for an oil change and tire rotation. I left the van there and had the courtesy shuttle bring me home. I didn’t mind being without a car all day. Both days I got some cleaning done, and some sorting. And of course, I stitched and crocheted as well. They were my days off afterall!

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty boring days at work, but I managed to find a few things to do. Wednesday morning I had an appointment for transportation to set up the DITY part of my move (DITY = Do IT Yourself). Thursday I made some phone calls about stuff – cable, electric (turning off here), my bank about my mortgage stuff, etc. Both days we were let go at 2, so they were nice short days. Wednesday evening I finished crocheting a baby blanket I made for a friend’s daughter. It made up quick – I just started it last week! I’ll take a picture once I get the ends tucked in.

Today was a comp day for the band, and since I haven’t done anything, I volunteered to sit CQ so the soldier scheduled could have her comp day. It was from 9-3, so not a bad day, and I got quite a bit of stitching done. I would have finished one project I’m working on, but I was missing a color of floss. I guess I’ll finish it tomorrow instead. The phone only rang about 4 or 5 times, so it was a pretty quiet day – just me and my CD’s and my stitching. A few band members stopped by throughout the day for various things, so I wasn’t completely alone all day. This evening we had a Ladies Night Out with the women of the band (wives or female soldiers). All the women were invited, and there were 8 of us there. We had dinner at Olive Garden and lots of good food and wonderful conversation. It was a lot of fun, and I wish they had started doing these sooner. I’ll be gone before the next one – they’re going to try and do them monthly. Once I got home around 8:45 or so, I got online and had a nice chat with my friend Kristin and a few other friends, and I checked my e-mail and message boards and stuff.

I’m heading off to bed now as I have another fun day planned tomorrow.

Overnight low: 44
Today’s high: 53 Where did spring go?

Stitching Day!

We all had a nice fun day. The guys went to the flea market just to look around and I went to my EGA chapter’s Stitching Day. There were maybe 15 ladies there, and a variety of handcrafts were being worked on. I stitched, of course, and there were other cross stitchers, some doing embroidery, one lady was crocheting, and one lady was making bobbin lace. We had a good time talking and laughing and stitching, too. We ate lunch together and then worked more.

When I got home, Robbie was napping, Ryan was almost napping, and I took a short nap. I also got a little bit of cleaning/sorting done, did some laundry, and played on my computer. After Robbie woke up, we played for a while and then went to the Evans Diner for dinner. We’re going to miss that place – they’ve got good food and it’s set up like an old-fashioned diner. Robbie ate almost a whole corn dog and french fries, I had shrimp and a baked potato, and Ryan had a club sandwich and fries. I had a chocolate shake, too. It was bathtime when we got home, and the guys had a good time playing in the water. And then after bedtime, Ryan and I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was pretty good. We both stitched while we watched it.

Overnight low: 47
Today’s high: 60

Some fun quizzes

I haven’t done much of anything at work because there’s nothing for me to do and I can only practice so many hours in a day. I did have my Transportation appointment this morning, and the movers will be coming on 7 April.

And now to fill up some space, and for you to have some fun. . . .

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And while you tend to keep things carefree and casual…
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Famous people from Los Angeles: Tyra Banks, Jake Gyllenhall, Freddie Prinze Jr.

Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Eagle

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After getting Ryan a new ID card and new sticker for his truck, we went to Burger King for breakfast. I had an appointment, so I went to that after stopping for gas. My appointment went well, and then I headed to The Courtyard for a Hail & Farewell. It was time for the unit to say goodbye to me, and also to SGT Gavin Anderson and SPC Janna Brees. Janna is getting out of the Army and Gavin is heading to Ft. Benning, GA. Ryan and Robbie came to the luncheon. I got presented with my award – an Army Commendation Medal. The citation reads

“This is to certify that the Secretary of the Army has awarded the Army Commendation Medal to Sergeant Lani A. Yearicks, 434th Army Band, for meritorious service while serving as the trombone section leader, training NCO, and Retention NCO. SGT Yearicks’ dedication and selfless service are in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon her, the Signal Corps Band, and the United States Army.”

I also got some nice gifts – a really nice wooden box that holds a small notepad and a pen (pen not included) and it has a plate with my name engraved on it (from the platoon), a cute little cross stitch kit and a Jazz trombone CD from the trombone section, and a $25 gift card to Target from the Family Readiness Group. I also got a picture from the unit with a mat that most of the unit has signed. It’ll be a really nice addition to our Army wall in our new house at Ft. Drum.

After lunch I went and had some blood drawn for an updated HIV test for the Army – we have to do one every 2 years. And then I went and “worked” in the training office. Ok, I did help Phil finish out the PT cards from the test this morning, but then I just looked at houses in the Ft. Drum area. We’re looking to buy a house, and I’m researching them as much as I can online and via e-mail with our realtor (is that spelled right? It looks funny.).

My evening was spent with my guys. After dinner, we went to Michael’s so I could get some yarn for a new baby afghan I’m starting for a friend, and then it was home to play, do bedtime, and then crochet and watch TV. Time for bed now. . .

Overnight low: 41
Today’s high: 66

Happy Birthday to me!!

Today was my 30th birthday, so Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Meee! Happy Birthday to Me!

I had to work, but it was a pretty easy day. I sat CQ for a while this morning while the unit had pictures done, and then after a formation for an award presentation, I went to the Transportation Office at Darling Hall to set up my appointment to do the paperwork and find out when they’ll be coming to pack up all of our stuff. That took about 1/2 hour or so, and by the time I got back to the band hall it was about time to go to lunch.

My friend Dan (classmate from BNCOC) had planned on stopping by for lunch on his way back to Atlanta today, but he got a late start this morning and didn’t make it for lunch. He did let me know so I wasn’t waiting around for him. I came home and had a nice lunch and checked my e-mail and message boards.

After lunch we had drill band, and then afterwards I went in and talked to First Sergeant about housing in the Ft. Drum area. She was stationed there before and is from NY originally. She gave me some good info about what to look for in houses and what to look out for and stuff. When I came out, Dan was there – he had been stationed at Ft. Gordon a few years ago and knows some of the people in the unit. So he visited with me and the others in the unit he knows for about an hour. When he left, I helped Phil get the PT cards ready for the PT test in the morning, and then I went and practiced for a while. Phil came and listened to my solo, and he said it was like 800% better than the last time he heard it! I’ll play it for Kristin tomorrow.

After picking Robbie up from daycare and coming home to change, we went to dinner at Tony Roma’s. I had a certificate for a free entree, so my meal was free, and our server also took Robbie’s meal off. I thought that was nice of him! I also got a bottle of their BBQ sauce as a birthday gift. That was really nice. Before we ate, we went to Payless Shoes to get Robbie new shoes – we got him a pair of sandals and a pair of sneakers. He was sure excited about them. After we ate, we stopped at Best Buy just to look around at stuff.

Once we got home, Robbie went to bed and I stitched and watched TV with Ryan. I’m off to bed now – can’t believe how tired I am.

Today’s low: 57 (current temp)
Today’s high: 71