My first double-digit run and other stuff

I started my day with an 11 mile run this morning. Yes, I said ELEVEN miles. One of my friends from work, NJ, drove out here and ran with me. That was nice having someone to talk to – it sure helped the run seem easier. We did a 15/2 – ran for 15 minutes and then walked for 2. Those short walking breaks sure help as well. We ran my 6 mile route and then my 5 mile route, and the end of the 6 brought us right by the house so we could get some water – we left our water bottles on the porch. It was nice weather for running as well, but by the time we were nearing the end, it was really starting to warm up.

After my shower and when we had Robbie ready (and Ryan – he slept in this morning and got up when I got home), we headed to the Golden Unicorn for their breakfast buffet and then into Watertown. On our way into town, we remembered that we were supposed to be at the chiropractor’s at some point between 9 and 10:30. This was about 10:30 or so that we remembered. Oops. We went to Sam’s Club and returned one thing of spaghetti sauce and a thing of lemonade mix, and then we bought a 50 pound bag of kitty litter. Then it was off to Target to buy a few things, and then to the Korean barber shop Ryan has been going to. Oh, while we were in Target, Pastor Luisi called just to see how it had gone last night and to thank me. He said he almost had a heart attack when he walked in the kitchen. We left it a lot cleaner than we found it! And I did the right thing by taking the towels and dishcloths home to wash them. So, now we’re at the barber shop – sorry about jumping around like that. Ryan got his haircut, but we hadn’t said anything to Robbie. He didn’t really need a haircut, but when Ryan was done, Robbie turned to me and asked if he could get his cut, too. Of course, I’m not going to argue with him asking me since most times he doesn’t want his hair cut. He still won’t sit on the booster seat by himself, so he sat on my lap. But he was very good while she cut his hair and he got a lollipop at the end.

Then it was home for naptime and cleaning. I vacuumed the 1st and 2nd floors. I cleaned out my van. I did laundry. When Robbie got up from his nap we played for a while and then headed to the Chatterbox Diner for supper and followed that with our weekly visit to the ice cream shop. We ended up driving since it was raining out, and it sure was cold while we were eating our ice cream. Then it was home for bathtime and packing. When Robbie was done in the tub and he had drained the water out, the following ensued:
Robbie: “Daddy, I’m done.”
Ryan: “I’m coming buddy.” Ryan walks into the bathroom and sees Robbie.
Ryan: “What are you doing?”
Robbie: “Pushups”
He was laying on his belly on the floor of the tub and he was actually doing pushups. Ok, so his whole lower half of his body was on the floor, but he was doing pushups! It was so cute. I guess he’s seen me do them enough and he figured out how to do them too.

Well, I think I’m about all packed. The suitcases and travel DVD player still need to get in the car, but they can go in in the morning before church. Off to bed now so I can get good sleep before I have to drive 500 miles tomorrow.

High: 68
Low: 51

Spaghetti Dinner Day

I started off my morning with a 5 mile run. It was supposed to be 6, but I had to alter my course. I left before Ryan left for work, but I knew him and Robbie would be gone before I got back. I had forgotten to remind Ryan not to lock the door, and I was hoping that I wouldn’t be locked out when I got back. So when I saw them as I was crossing the bridge from West Carthage back to our side of the river, I waved and waved, but he didn’t see me. So I ran by the house to see if the door was unlocked, which it was, and then I continued my route. But since it was a different way, I didn’t get 6 in. It was still a good run, though – just under 11 minutes per mile.

Once back, I got a quick shower and then headed out to bring my van to the shop. I had a recall on an air conditioning thing and the part had come in so they fixed it. I also got an oil change so I’m good for my trip home to MI. After dropping the van off, I walked home to start getting ready for the Spaghetti Dinner. I got auction forms printed out, I got posters printed out, I made one of 2 big posters for by the highway done – on bright yellow poster board! Then about 12:15, they called to let me know my van was done, so I headed back up there and got it. It sure is nice having a/c in there again!! Woohoo! Thank you Condino Motors. Then it was home to get everything loaded into the van and head into Watertown.

I went to P & C and picked up the 10 loaves of Italian bread they donated and to Hannaford for the 6 big bags of spaghetti that they donated. Then I headed out to Sam’s Club to get the bags of ready-made salad mix, and I got a thing of cookies and a thing of little round brownies. Then to the church. Sam’s and the church are maybe 3 miles apart. It took me nearly 20 minutes to get there. Between the traffic and the road construction, it was awful. So I finally get to the church and my 3 volunteers from the church Youth Group are already there getting the tables set up and everything. They were a HUGE help. I sent 2 of them to Price Chopper to use the donated gift card to get butter for the bread. They helped finish posters. They set the tables. They set up my auction items. GG (my friend from work) came to help, too, and I put him in charge in the kitchen. PR, the Youth Group leader, helped too. Did you know that a BIG pot of water takes a REALLY LONG time to boil? We had our first diners about 20 minutes before the spaghetti was even thinking about being ready. But they all knew each other and they started with salad and bread.

I’m kind of disappointed about the turnout, but I guess something is better than nothing!! I had about 30 people and made around $200. The silent auction is sitting at $200 right now, but I’m leaving it open until after Church on Sunday, and I’ll make an announcement at church. Maybe I can get a little bit more that way. So, I had planned for 150 people. We had 30. You can do the math. We had A LOT of food leftover. E & I S took some home. GG and his wife W took some home. We took some home. And we still left a few bags of the salad at church. I’ll announce about them on Sunday, too, if anyone wants them. I am going to return an unopened can of lemonade powder and one of spaghetti sauce, but I don’t think they’d take the lettuce back.

The 3 youth group kids had to leave early, and GG and Ryan were both big helps with cleaning up. I think we left the kitchen cleaner than it was when I got there. I know the stove is at any rate. Robbie was a very good boy through the whole thing, and played in the nursery most of the evening. He did eat his share of spaghetti though. So now I’m home and I’m TIRED. I’m heading to bed.

High: 71
Low: 48

The end of a long couple of weeks

Today was a long day. I slept in a little this morning and got up at 0630. After getting myself ready and breakfast eaten, I got Robbie ready and we headed out the door. I dropped him off at daycare on my way to 0830 formation. We had a Change of Command ceremony at 1000, but it wasn’t just a normal change of command. The 3rd Brigade Combat Team changed command, and 6 of their subordinate units changed command as well. It was a long ceremony. At least it was stationary, so that made it shorter with no Sound Off and no Pass In Review. We got back to the band hall about 1115 and were done until 1500. I headed into Watertown to go to the mall to get a few things from Bath & Body Work for the “Pamper Me Pretty” basket I’m donating for my silent auction tomorrow night (I got 4 things and I’m also going to put a couple of crocheted dishcloths to be used in the shower/bath as well). Then I headed to Sam’s Club, got my membership renewed and got a new card, and then went shopping. I got the spaghetti sauce, some crushed tomatoes to put in the sauce, parm. cheese, Italian dressing, napkins, and small plates for desserts. Then it was home, but I stopped at the Watertown YMCA to drop off a race poster and race registration forms. I was home for about 15 minutes, during which time I wrote out about 16 measures of music for tonight’s concert (had to play the 2nd Horn part for a little bit at the beginning of 1812), got a change of clothes for Ryan & diapers for Robbie, and refilled my water bottle. Then it was back to post for formation. We loaded the truck and headed over to the stage area at the field. We got all our concert band stuff set up and then had a little bit of down time (about 20-30 minutes) before next formation. Ryan and Robbie arrived as we were finishing setting up, so I played with Robbie for a while – chased him around the field and stuff.

Then we formed up and marched to get into our spot for the Salute to the Nation Review. It was a pretty long Sound Off because there were troops from every unit in the Division on the field. We used 2 marches instead of our normal 1. The whole ceremony was only a little over half hour long – not bad! After the National Anthem, they recognized all the states in the union, and after each state’s name was read, a cannon was fired. They also did D.C., and the territories. The Commanding General was the guest speaker, and he kept it pretty short and then that was pretty much it. After we got back to the stage area, we were released until 1930. R & R and I went and walked around and signed up for a few drawings and ate dinner. Then we walked around some more and finally made our way back to the stage. The concert started at 2030, but the Dixieland Band played the first half and we got to sit with our families for it. That was nice! Robbie really enjoyed the music and was dancing and everything. Oh, before the concert started, he was running around and playing with balls with a lot of the other band kids. They sure were having a good time. Then when the Dixie Band was done, concert band got up on the stage and we played 4 pieces to finish out the concert. We ended with 1812 Overture, complete with cannons at the end. Then it was right into the fireworks, and the cannon guys had extra rounds, so they were firing those off as well. The fireworks were really good – about 15-20 minutes long. They did have a small problem – some of them didn’t go up high enough and they caught the grass on fire behind where they were setting them off from. Once the fireworks were done, Ryan & Robbie headed home, and the band packed everything up and got the truck loaded. The grass was still burning when we left, but they had plenty of fire crews out there and it was well under control. We unloaded the truck at the band hall, and then we all headed home.

I’m off to bed now – gotta get up and go run in the morning.

High: 80
Low: 60

A long day of rehearsals

It was another early morning for me today. I was up at 4:30 and out the door with Robbie at 5:40. I dropped him off at daycare and then headed to formation at 6:15. We had full dress rehearsal for the Salute to the Nation. Before rehearsal started, we practiced our Sound Off sequence. We do Sound Offs all the time, but this is a long one and we’ll be using 2 marches, so we needed to practice how the music change was going to occur. I think the 7:00 rehearsal finally got started around 7:20 or so. You’d think they would have some clue about the ceremony after going through it probably 4 or so times yesterday with just the key leaders, but no. It seemed that no one knew what was going on except for the band. So after 3 times through the ceremony (we only marched the Sound Off the first time – the other 2 Chief just turned around and said “Sound Off complete”), they kind of-sort of knew what was going on. Of course, everything will fall into place for the actual ceremony tomorrow, and it will be fine. It always happens that way. We were out on the field in the sun (probably 80 degrees by 9:00) for a little over 3 hours. Once we got back to the band hall at 10, we were released until 11:30 when we were having a farewell pizza lunch for our three newest retirees. I came home for a little while and just relaxed. Then it was back for lunch and presentation of plaques. After lunch we had concert band rehearsal all afternoon. We worked on our music for tomorrow night’s concert. Now, the ideal thing to do the day before a concert would be to sit down, run through the concert line up in order, and then be done for the day. Well, since we haven’t really prepared for this concert, we worked on stuff, and played through 2 pieces that we haven’t been working on – they’ll be in the concert order as well. I’m sure we’ll manage to pull this together tomorrow night somehow, but at this point I just don’t know. After almost 3 hours of rehearsal, we were done for the day, and I headed out to get Robbie and then Ryan to go to the chiropractor. Afterwards, we stopped at Applebee’s for supper on our way home. When we got home and got Robbie to bed, I was too tired and hot to do much of anything, so I read newspapers and am almost caught up again.

High: 89
Low: 71

DSTB Change of Command

Today was the day of THE change of command. But I’ll get to that in a moment. We started our day off with PT. Brass Quintet (E Team) lifted weights for chest, shoulders, and triceps and did some ab exercises and then we went outside and did walking lunges for about 25 feet (and then rested for a bit and went back). If you click the link, you’ll see a demo with the guy using a barbell for weight – we didn’t use any extra weight. The rest of the morning was pretty much a waste. We were standing by in the area so Chief could rehearse when he got back from the walk-thru he was at. The trombone section did go and have a sectional and we got some good work done, but other than that, we didn’t play. Lunchtime rolled around and 1SG told us to go to lunch and be back at 1300. So I headed up to my office and ate my lunch and stitched for a little bit. But when I started “sleep stitching”, I put it away and put my head down on my desk and took about a 20 minute nap. Our buildings don’t have a/c, so the heat was making me sleepy. After lunch we had THE change of command. It was for our Batallion, so now we have a new Batallion commander. We’re hoping that some changes occur and the Batallion won’t be using (abusing?) the band so much – like Staff Duty, and little details for this, that, and the other. We’ll see. . . Now, the ceremony started at 1400, so right at the hottest part of the day. Why??? Why couldn’t they do it at 1000 like all the other ceremonies we do? Leave it to Batallion. . . It was about 87 degrees at the time of the ceremony, but at least there was a slight breeze to help. The ceremony went well and nobody fell out, so that’s always a good thing. Then it was back to the band hall for concert band rehearsal. Only Chief never showed up. ???????????????? SSG N did rehearse us some on 1812, but about half the band wasn’t taking him seriously. Hello? Our concert is in 2 days and we’re nowhere near being ready for it. There are way too many people in our unit that have an “I don’t care” attitude, and then those of us that do care suffer from it. Maybe when we get our new Commander and First Sergeant things will change. At least I can hope.

Ryan ended up working late again today – he probably has 3 hours of OT for the week already. That’ll be nice. So I got Robbie on my way home and we stopped at the Post Office to mail a box (which Robbie carried in and placed on the counter when I lifted him up so he could reach) and then to the grocery store to put up a Spaghetti Dinner poster and buy some stuff for supper. We got a rotisserie chicken, tater salad, and stuff to make strawberry shortcake for dessert. We ate once Ryan got home, and it was all good. Ryan was happy and surprised about the strawberry shortcake since I don’t really like it. Then once Robbie was in bed, we watched some Tivo and I crocheted on a prayer shawl.

Oh yeah – DSTB stands for Division Special Troops Batallion. That’s the name of the Batallion that the Band is part of.

High: 87
Low: 69

Froggy 97 & Two Changes of Command

I was up and heading into Watertown early this morning. I arrived at my destination – the studio for Froggy 97, our local country station – around 6:45 and met Bud Green who is doing the morning show today and tomorrow. The normal two (James Pond & Cricket) were off to Lake George to accept an award for Morning Show Personalities of the Year from the New York State Broadcasters Association. We chatted for a bit and then he gave me a mic and he hit the record button and off we went. I did stumble all over myself a few times, but because it was recorded to be played a bit later, he edited those spots out. I was out of the studio and back in my van by 7. He aired the “interview” about 7:40. I talked about my marathon fundraising, and the Spaghetti Dinner/Silent Auction I’m having on Friday and the 5K race I’m hosting in July, both as fundraisers for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Several of my co-workers and some of Ryan’s as well said that they heard me. Hopefully I’ll get a good turnout Friday for spaghetti and on Friday, July 13 for my race! Oh, on a side note since I’ll bet someone (Dad) will ask. . . The names of the radio personalities are all related to the station – Froggy 97. They are not their real names, but derived from them to fit the station theme.

Since I was done a lot earlier than I had planned (I went in uniform), I came home for a little while before heading out to post for formation for change of command number 1 for the day. The morning ceremony was for the MEDDAC (Medical Department and Activity). There were only 2 company-sized elements on the field besides the band and color guard, so our Sound Off was really short. They didn’t even do a Pass In Review, so it was a pretty short ceremony, other than the speeches. They were a bit long. When we got back to the band hall after that, we were done until 1300, so several of us went to the Golden Unicorn for lunch. I always enjoy hanging out with friends at lunch, and they’re always surprised when I say I’ll go since I usually pack a lunch and eat in my office. The afternoon ceremony was a REALLY easy one. We were seated. It was for the 20th Air Support Operations Squadron change of command. It was an Air Force ceremony, and a bit “out of order” compared to ours, but we were seated so what did it matter! Then when we got back from that one, we had concert band rehearsal for a while so we could work on 1812 Overture for Thursday’s concert. It’s coming along, but nowhere near where it should be 3 days before a concert. I’m sure it’ll be fine, though.

Then it was off to get Robbie and head to the chiropractor. Ryan was still out on a run and didn’t get done with work until almost 6. So I rescheduled today’s adjustment for him. He stopped at the grocery store on his way home and did a bit of shopping, and Robbie and I got home shortly after he did. We ate supper and then it was off to bed for Mr. Fussybutt Robbie. Once he was in bed, it was stitching and Tivo time for me. And now it’s past my bedtime, so I’d better get some sleep.

High: 83
Low: 60

Sunday again

Today was church. We celebrated the 50th ordination anniversary for a former pastor from Concordia. He did the sermon. He was a Navy Chaplain for over 20 years and served in Vietnam. After church, I looked in the kitchen to see what kinds of pots and plates and stuff there was and talked to several of the ladies and they gave me some ideas and showed me were some things like tablecloths, take-out boxes, etc. were. And I talked to the girl from the youth group that’s been my point of contact for them. They’ll be helping me out with set up, serving, clearing tables, doing dishes, etc. We finally left about noon and headed to Michael’s so I could get some poster board and markers and then we stopped a few other places. I forgot I wanted to go to the mall – going to go to Bath & Body Works to get a few things (lotion, body wash, etc.) that I’m going to put in the pampering basket I’m putting together for the silent auction. We ate Wendy’s on our way out of town, and then headed to the PX on post to get a few things and then to the band hall to get Ryan’s truck. Then it was home for naptime and I headed out on a 6 mile run. But my tummy was giving me problems, so I only went 3.6 miles. I guess some is better than none. After Robbie got up from his nap, we walked and had pizza for supper and then to the ice cream place. Then it was home for bedtime and stitching/TV (NASCAR race) and my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad.

High: 74
Low: 47

Steak Parade

Robbie and I both slept in this morning. That sure was nice! We had toast for breakfast, and after playing for a while, we walked up to the Carthage YMCA and I brought a poster and some race registration forms. Then we walked home and I mowed the yard while he “rode” his “bike” (he still doesn’t use the pedals on his tricycle). Then we came in the house and read newspapers. I had formation at 1445, so we left about 1400 so I could stop and get gas before going to work. Ryan met us at the band hall. We headed out to Cleveland & Constantia, NY, about an hour and a half from post. The Legion in Cleveland fed us (families included) steak and all kinds of other good food. They also had hotdogs, and Robbie ate one and a half of those along with macaroni salad, regular salad, fruit salad (watermelon, strawberries, & grapes), a piece of bread, a brownie and some orange cake. Plus he stole my grapes. Ryan and I had steaks. It was all really good and lots of fun having our families with us for a change! Then we headed back down the road a little, to Constantia to march in the Fire Department’s Field Days Parade. It wasn’t a super long parade, but boy was the crowd awesome. When we marched by, they were hootin’ and hollerin’ and yelling Thank You and We’re proud of you, and stuff like that. It was really cool! I like parades like this. About the Steak Parade subject. . . Us in Ops, when asked by a member of the band what this parade was for, would answer that it was the steak parade. We could never remember what it was for, but we knew we got fed steaks! LOL On the way home, Robbie was singing to us for about 10-15 minutes. It was cute. I called my brother and he got to hear Robbie sing, too. Then it was off to bed for Robbie when we got home around 9:30 and I’ll be heading up in a bit as well.

High: 65
Low: 45

Division Safety Day

Today was Division Saftey Day. Normally on Division Safety Day, the band is at Batallion most of the day for all kinds of boring safety classes. Well, we actually got to do our job today – 4 times! We started the morning off with a Division Run, but we set up in front of Division Headquarters and played for all the soldiers. We got quite a few cheers from the soldiers as they ran by so that was kind of neat! It’s always nice to be appreciated. Once that was done and we were back at the rehearsal hall, we had about an hour until our next job formation so a group of us went to the chow hall for breakfast. It wasn’t bad, and pretty cheap – $1.65 and I got scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast, and chocolate milk. Then it was back for job number 2 of the day. It was an award ceremony for a combat medic who was killed in Afghanistan last October. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star with oak leaf cluster, meaning he got 2 Silver Stars. His widow (probably younger than me) and parents accepted the award. The ceremony was also the dedication of a new medical training building, named after this same soldier.

Once the bus got back to the rehearsal hall, I announced the names of the 5 soldiers that would be tested in my monthly unirnalysis. Once we got started it actually went really quickly. I guess after gigs is a good time to do them! LOL But when I went to turn in my specimens, there was no one at the turn-in office because they had a display at the gym for Safety Day. So I took my specimens back to my Ops office and ate my lunch with the samples sitting on the desk next to me (they’re in a box; I don’t just have bottles of pee sitting out). I headed back to the turn-in office at 1300 and got them taken care of. It turned out that they were doing “shift change” at the Safety Display. Once the box was ready for mailing, I took it to the post mail room for them to mail out to the Drug Testing Laboratory. And then it was off to the gym to view the safety displays set up there, and I got some free stuff as well.

When I was done, I stopped in and saw the Sports Director, a really nice civilian lady. I talked to her about my race, and she said that she would put my registration forms in both gyms on post as well as getting the word out to the Brigade and Batallion commanders! I asked her how many forms she would like, and she said “75 or 100 should be good for now. I can always make copies if we need more.” So I went out to my van and got all that I had in there – maybe 75 or so. I don’t really know how many there were, but it was a good sized stack. That would be really cool if I could get a huge turnout for this! All I need is 300 at my race, and that’s my fundraising goal right there. There are some commanders on post that will give their soldiers a day off, or maybe a morning off from PT or some kind of incentive for doing “extra PT” like races and stuff.

Then it was back to the band hall for job number 4. Where was job 3, you ask? That was a Safety Day Luncheon, and it was just solo guitar for “music to eat by”. Our last job of the day was the monthly retirement ceremony, and 2 soldiers from the band were in this month’s. Congratulations and best wishes to SSG JL and SSG NR. The ceremony was moved indoors because when they made the weather call this morning, it was drizzly and stormy-looking. Of course, by ceremony time, the sun was out and it was a pretty nice day. After the ceremony we were done for the day, and I headed out to get Robbie. We came home and played until Ryan got home about 6:20 or so (worked late). I had put supper in the oven before Ryan got hme, so we didn’t have to wait super long to eat. The guys ate, and I just put food on my plate and then covered it and put it in the fridge. After they were done eating and we had cleaned the table up, we headed up for Robbie’s bedtime. Once he was in bed, . . .

I went for my long run for the week since I won’t be able to do it tomorrow with Ryan working and then an evening out-of-town parade. I went 9 miles tonight and it felt great. It was kind of neat running in the dark, but I had plenty of reflective stuff on. Most of where I ran I was on sidewalks, and there’s not a whole lot of traffic around here. My legs were a little sore when I got home, but I’ll stretch really good before bed. My shower felt good, and I’m finally eating dinner. Off to bed in a little while – I’ll get to sleep in some tomorrow morning. That’ll be nice.

High: 66
Low: 51


Today was a fun day. It didn’t start off as it should have though, as I didn’t get up and go run my 6 miles for the day. I guess I owe you some miles, Mom. So I got up and ready and got Robbie up and ready. Ryan had the day off from work and he left before us so he could go get his annual state vehicle inspection done. Robbie and I left out a little after 8:30 and headed to post. We stopped at the Army Substance Abuse Program building so I could pick up some supplies for my next urinalysis. Then it was off to the band hall for formation. Robbie was very good while we had our “gaggle” – we didn’t actually make a formation. We just kind of gathered around. I got my music together and put my horn on the bus. About 5 minutes or so before we left, Ryan showed up, and he took Robbie in the van and I rode the bus. We headed to Alexandria Bay (A-Bay) for the annual AUSA sponsored River Day. The band was to march in a “parade” at 11, but when we got there a little after 10, we found out that it would be closer to noon. So we had an hour to do whatever. JN and I headed out and found a little bar that was open. We got pop and sat and chatted and ate peanuts. Once Ryan & Robbie got in the area (they had to park in the regular parking and take the shuttle to the waterfront area), they joined us in there for a while. It was a really nice little place, and the bartended (I think the owner) was giving soldiers first drink on the house, and our pops and Robbie’s water were free! We did give her a few dollars tip, though. That sure was nice! So JN and I headed back to get our instruments from the bus and went to the “parade” start point. Ryan and Robbie browsed and looked in some shops and just waited. So the “parade” finally starts – it’s the color guard and the band and that’s it. It was maybe 1/4 mile long. There were a couple hundred people along the street, so that was pretty cool. When that was done, we went back to the bus and I put my horn away and then headed to the parking area on the shuttle with R & R so I could change out of uniform.

Once we got back to the waterfront, we got in line for the boat. It was an hour long boat tour and a bit of history of the local waterway – St. Lawrence River. Robbie had a good time, and R & I enjoyed it again. We ended at Heart Island, home of the Boldt Castle. We ate lunch at the AUSA Picnic – I had a hamburger, Robbie had part of a hotdog, and Ryan had 2 cheeseburgers, a hotdog, and the rest of Robbie’s hotdog. Each person going through the line could have 2 meat items (burgers or dogs), so Robbie and I each got our 2 and shared with Ryan. There was also beans, potato salad, and macaroni salad, and drinks. Then we headed into the castle and walked all around in there. They’ve done quite a bit since last summer when we were there. Just as we were leaving the Children’s Playhouse (a separate building on the castle grounds), it started sprinking a little, and there was thunder and some lightning, and the wind was starting to pick up. We decided we had seen enough and we headed back to the docks and stopped at the gift shop to get Robbie a t-shirt. Just as soon as we got inside, the sky opened up and DUMPED on us. The power even went out for a little bit while we were checking out. When we finished, we went out the door and ran to the boat – perfect timing as there was a boat loading up to go back to the mainland. We got a little wet, but not too bad. Since it was such a hard rain and pretty windy, by the time we got back the mainland about 20 minutes later, the sun was out again. We didn’t have to wait long for the shuttle back to the parking area, and then it was off to Sackets Harbor for our chiro appointments. Then it was back to post to get Ryan’s truck, Golden Unicorn for supper, and then home for playing and bedtime for a very sleepy Robbie. He actually napped for a little bit in the car on our way to chiro, but not his usual couple hour nap. Once he was in bed, I stitched and we watched Tivo.

High: 74
Low: 54