A new way to do dishes

So last night after dinner I decided to clean up the table and let Ryan clean Robbie up – it’s normally the other way around (and will be from here on. . .) We had let Robbie eat his mac & cheese by himself and he was a mess. I had brought the 3 plates to the kitchen and had rinsed the first one off. The other 2 were on the counter and Ryan brought in Robbie’s high chair tray. Somehow the tray and the plates decided to become friendly, but the plates jumped off the counter. On the way to floor, one (or both) hit Ryan on the top of the foot. We don’t think it’s broken as he’s walking on it, but it hurts. I sent him to the couch with an ice pack and I cleaned up. Yes, both plates broke upon contact with the floor. I managed to get a small piece of plate in my foot, but I was able to get it out.
I think from now on, I’ll let Ryan do the dishes and I’ll clean Robbie up. When I do dishes, there doesn’t seem to be as many as there was before.


Wow, the term is winding down. We’ve only got 3 weeks left of class and next week is a web-based assignment and we don’t have class. We had very good discussion again during the lecture portion of class – lots of insight from the members of the class as we are all in different occupations and types of corporations/organizations. At the end of class we got our mid-term exams back. I was one of 3 students to receive a 100%!!! After class was over, my group stood around and talked about our paper and other stuff for a while. We finally broke it up though, as one of the ladies in the group has an hour and a half drive home. Ugh! What people do to get a degree.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. PT this morning and then concert band and then weekly lawn care in the afternoon. I ran the push mower and got the areas that the riding mower can’t get to. I took care of a bit of reenlistment stuff after I was done mowing and then I came home to get ready for class.

Fun Saturday!

Ryan had a living history event in Columbia, SC, today, and Robbie and I decided to go along. The event went from 10-2, but Ryan had to be there at 8 to help move vehicles from their storage place to the mall where the event was held (it was an car show/military vehicle display). We got going a little late and got held up by the same train 4 times and finally got there at 8:30. Not a problem as they weren’t rolling out with the vehicles until around 9 or so. Robbie and I dropped off Ryan and his equipment, and headed off to Golden Corrall where we met up with Chaplain Ric Brown and his wife De’dee. He was my Chaplain during Basic Training and we have kept in touch over the past 6 years. He’s at Ft. Jackson for the Chaplain’s Career Captain Course. We had a very nice breakfast and great conversation. When we were done eating, we headed out to Lexington to go to my old cross stitch store. The ladies in there remembered me and it’s been over 3 years since I’ve been there. That was a nice feeling. De’dee got a new chart and some scissors and I got some stuff as gifts for other people. We probably spent 45 minutes just browsing around and looking at everything.
Then we headed to the mall where Ryan’s event was and Chaplain and De’dee got to talk to Ryan for a while and Chaplain checked out the cars and vehicles and everything. Eventually they needed to head out, but it was great seeing them again! Robbie and I spent the rest of the afternoon (until 2) hanging out by Ryan’s display. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we convoyed the vehicles back to the storage area (yes, I was part of the convoy in our van). Then we all went out to dinner and it was paid for by Jack, the head of the group. Ryan had ribs, I had steak & shrimp, and Robbie had spaghetti. Dinner was a lot of fun with the guys in the Ryan’s group – they seem to really enjoy having me along with them, and of course, Robbie is always fun to watch!
Once we got home, Robbie played for a bit and then went to bed and Ryan and I watched the NASCAR race. I got lots of stitching done today, both on the drive to and from Columbia and then during the race.

Long Day

I had CQ today, so I was at work at 0700 – everyone else was in at 0800. There were no rehearsals or anything today, so I sat at the desk all day. I finished 2 cross stitch projects (they were both almost done) and got research done for my group’s paper for class, started typing up my portion of the paper, did my homework for tonight, AND studied for my mid-term. It was a very productive day!

This evening was my mid-term (I went to class right from work). It was 30 multiple choice questions and open book. I feel that I did really well on it – I’ll find out next week. After the exam, we talked about different personality styles and had a very good discussion about things.

Now that I’m finally home, I’m going to have a bowl of ice cream and check my e-mail and my message boards and then get to bed.


Yup, it was Sunday. We didn’t get to church this morning as Robbie decided he was VERY sleepy about 10:15. He napped from then until a little after 1. After he had had some lunch, we went to Taco Bell for our food and then grocery shopping. Then we started watching the NASCAR race that we had Tivo’ed. Partway through the race I remember that we hadn’t gone to the auto parts store to get the stuff Ryan needed to finish fixing his scooter. So we got back in the car and headed out again. Got the parts and came home and finished the race. Robbie went to bed about 6:30 or so because he was so sleepy – I guess he’s been playing hard. Ryan worked on his scooter transmission and I stitched. Now I’m checking my e-mail and message boards and I’ll be heading off to bed.

Call me pampered!!

I had an hour-long massage and a facial done today at the Serenity Day Spa. I had a $100 gift certificate from a contest I won last November, and I finally used it today. Boy was that a wonderful hour and a half!!! I wish massages weren’t so expensive (or that I had more money) because I’d go way more often.

The week at work was. Yup, that’s about it. PT, a couple of classes on various Army things, and lots of office and practice time. I spent probably 6 hours in the practice room between Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I did do some stuff with Reenlistment and some in Training, but mostly I practiced. My scales are really starting to get much better and I’ve started working on my solo – slowing things way down so I can get the notes and rhythms and then gradually working it back up to performance tempo.

The weather has been HOT and HUMID here. All week it was in the mid-90’s with the heat index between 100 and 105. Well today it was even hotter. High today was 102 and the heat index at one point when I checked it on WeatherBug was 112. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

The grasshopper and the PT test

Yesterday morning I had my monthly diagnostic PT test. So I had to be at work at 6, but that wasn’t too big a deal once I got rid of the grasshopper. I got in my van and backed out of the driveway and started going. Something hit against my plastic bag that I use for garbage. Ok, so maybe one of Robbie’s toys fell against it. Then it hit the plastic bag again. At this point, I turned on the overhead light and looked back. There is a HUGE grasshopper (like 4 inches long!) on the edge of my garbage bag. NO WAY am I driving 11 miles with that thing in the van with me. So I pull over (I’m still on my side road, so no traffic) and put on my 4-way flashers just in case. I open both the side doors and get out and go around to the passenger side. I gingerly reach in and wiggle the bag. The grasshopper doesn’t move. Wiggle a little harder. He’s not going anywhere – except INSIDE the bag. So I CAREFULLY remove the bag from the van and drop it on the grass. Grasshopper is still there. So I kick the bag over and garbage goes all over. The grasshopper finally realizes that he is not wanted and goes on his merry way – AWAY from the van thankfully. I gather up the garbage, put it back in the bag, and put the bag back in my van. I get back in, close the doors and get on my way to PT. Luckily I had left a bit early so I wasn’t late. But talk about getting my adrenaline going for the PT test!!

The test went really well. I improved on both pushups and situps, but was a little slower on the run. I’m still happy with how I did, though. I did 43 pushups (92%), 69 situps (86%), and ran my 2 miles in 18:18 (79%). I got a total score of 247.

Other than that, nothing much has gone on. I did have class last evening and that was lots of fun. Good discussions and lots of laughing. After class, our group got together to decide who is doing what for our research paper. So now I need to get going on my part. . .

Montgomery Gentry

We went to the Montgomery Gentry concert on post this evening. Yes, all 3 of us went, and we had a great time! We met up with my friend Briana from work. Robbie really enjoyed the music and was “dancing” along with it while we were holding him. He did sleep through about the last half hour or so, though. Tickets for the concert were $25 each at the door and $20 before, but we got ours at the Post 4th of July celebration for only $9.95 each! How’s that for a deal!

The rest of the weekend was good too. Ryan had a meeting with one of his living history groups yesterday in Columbia, so Robbie and I had some time. We went to the Post Office, Michael’s, and the cross stitch shop. And then he took a nap when we got home and I stitched. Last evening we had dinner with our dining out group from church. We ate at Famous Dave’s BBQ and they have really good food. We’ve been there before, but it’s been a while.

Well, it’s really late and I need to be at work by 6 in the morning to take a PT test so I guess I’d better get to bed.

A Key Update

Well, I got talked to at work, but I didn’t get in trouble. I didn’t figure I would because I reported it right away. I went and got my police report Monday afternoon, but I didn’t really need it. I also get new keys issued to me so I could get in my offices and lockers and stuff. Monday evening was my monthly EGA meeting, and that was enjoyable as always.

Tuesday and today were pretty much the same – PT, Concert Band, and then Admin or practice time in the afternoon. I got a lot of stuff done for both training and reenlistment and with the unit fund. Monday and today I went running after work with Kristin. Monday’s was just after it had rained really hard and part of the track was completely flooded so we ran through the water. Today it was nice and dry, but still HOT.

Last night as I was starting to make supper, our neighbor Ruth came walking up the driveway. She’s a sweet lady, but she’s also a busybody and talks and talks and talks. I thought, great, what does she want. But it turned out that she had found my keys!!! I guess whoever took them (beginning of the school year here – could have been kids daring one another to do stuff) realized they weren’t house or car keys and they ditched them. Ruth found them in her grass (she has really pretty fluffy grass and flowers in her yard). She had been working in her yard and found them in the grass and brought them to me. You could tell that they had been outside for a few days in the rain and all – kind of rusted, but not too bad. So I called First Sergeant (she was still at work) and let her know right away. She was happy about it. I got those keys turned in to our Key Control NCO today at work. I guess I don’t have to worry about having to pay anything now!

I’m all stuffed up again from these wonderful Georgia allergens in the air. Pollen count is way up again, and I’m paying. I’ve taken some Benydryl and will be going to bed soon – hopefully it decides to kick in pretty soon.

Running and Church

Today was a pretty normal day. Of course, it’s only normal if you consider having a set of keys, a notepad and pen, and 2 packs of gum missing out of your car normal. And you can’t forget the visit from the Country Sheriff to do a police report because said keys are your work keys and government property. Yup, that’s what happened. But that was after my enjoyable run with Robbie to start the day off! We went out for 2.5 miles when we got up this morning. It was nice and cool (if you can call 73 cool) and it drizzled a little bit, but neither of us minded a bit.

So then we get ready to leave for church. We get in the van and I notice that all my stuff from my cubby in the front console is out on the floor. Very wierd – it was all tucked away nice and neat when we left the van last night after we got home from dinner. That’s when we notice my work keys are missing. We searched the van a bit, but had to get to church. Church was good. Robbie went exploring again. He sure likes the stained glass windows that go from the ceiling to the floor along the walls. He “talked” some, too, and clapped his hands. Everyone that sits near us really enjoy him.

After church, we stopped at Blimpies for subs and then came home. Robbie had fallen asleep in his car seat, so we didn’t want to eat out like we usually do. Ryan put him in his crib for a nap, and I called my squad leader to find out what to do about my situation. He appreciated me letting him know right away – about a month ago we had some keys turn up missing, and it took a week or two for the soldier to let anyone know about it. That was not good, and I wanted to make sure I did the right thing. After I got off the phone with him, I went next door to our neighbor Wanda’s house to let her know. She’s the president of our neighborhood association. Then I called the Richmond County Sheriff and they sent a deputy out – only waited about 15 minutes which is not bad for a non-emergency. He was really nice and took down all my info and everything. I’ll go by the office tomorrow afternoon to pick up the police report.

The funny thing about this whole thing is not only what they took, but whey they didn’t take. All my CD’s are in there and they weren’t touched. Nothing in the glove box was disturbed. Nothing anywhere else was disturbed. Just my keys, gas notebook/pen, and gum were gone. Very strange.

The rest of the day was enjoyable – playing with Robbie and just relaxing. Ryan grilled pork chops for dinner, and I made mashed potatoes (fake) and corn to go with. I was going to make biscuits, too, but I forgot so we just had bread. After dinner was cleaned up, I got some stitching done and made my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad. Robbie had gone to bed just before we ate – he was SLEEPY. Now I am, too, so I’m off to bed. . .