Day 1 of 12

This morning was my last day of leading postpartum PT.  I’m going to miss working with the Soldiers, but I’m not going to miss the program itself.  We did some pushups and situps and then went for a 2 1/2 mile run.  But I went 2.75 miles (in 28:03, 10:12 pace) because I circled back to make sure everyone was doing ok.  It was chilly this morning – about 35 with a windchill of 29.  But it was a good run.  Then after I had been home to change and eat breakfast and stuff, Ryan drove me to work so he could take the van to Tucson for his VA appointment.  Work wasn’t bad for a Monday, although it was day 1 of a 12 day workweek that is upon us.  I got some admin stuff done this morning and then played on the computer (hotmail and facebook) during lunch.  After lunch we had rehearsal for the Holiday Concert – full band for the first half and then sectionals.  After rehearsal, I had more stuff to take care of, as the Assistant Team Leader acting as the Team Leader (I got your back, AK!)  I ended up with Plan C for a ride home.  Plan A was to ride home with H and B, but they were ready to go well before I was so I told them to go ahead.  Plan B didn’t know she was Plan B until I texted her to see if she was still at work and found out she wasn’t.  So I went with Plan C, and J gave me a ride home.  Once home, I got changed and went for another run to finish out my planned mileage for the day.  I went another 3.04 miles in 28:40, a 9:26 pace!!  It felt great to be going fast yet again.  Of course, it was still chilly – 39 with a windchill of 30.  It was a great way to end my day, though!  When I got back home, Ryan was home and had picked Robert up from Child Time on his way. I  made chicken nuggets, mashed taters, and corn for supper, and then before Robert went to bed, he and I had some pumpkin pie for dessert.  After he was in bed, I got some stitching done.

Today’s high:  42
Current:  27

First Sunday of Advent

This morning I went to church twice although the choir only sang at the 1100 service.  I did a trombone solo for special music during the 0800 service.  I’m glad I live 1/4 mile from church – I didn’t get up until almost 0710 and I was meeting my accompanist at 0730 to warm up with him.  The service went well and so did my solo.  Everyone enjoyed it.  After the service, I came home for a while and got breakfast and then my guys and I headed back to the church so I could be there for choir warm ups at 1030.  The second service went well, also, and I think people enjoyed our choir anthem.

After church we went out for lunch and then to Lowe’s to find a digital timer for our Christmas lights.  Once we got home, we got laundry from last time folded and more laundry washing.  Robert did more cleaning in his room and I made my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad.  I got a lot of cross stitching done today as well.

Today’s high:  55
Current:  40

A Clean Living Room!!

This morning was a no alarm clock morning for us.  It was my first time sleeping in in a very long time.  It felt good, even though I was up by 0830.  I brought Robert to Child Time and we got a lot of stuff done today.  We got the living room cleaned, but took a break around lunchtime and went on the Harley to the A & W in Benson.  Nothing like going a half hour to eat lunch.  It was a nice ride even though it was a little chilly.  But that’s what dressing in layers is for.  Once we got back home, Ryan went and got Robert from Child Time and we finished cleaning.  Robert did 15 minutes of cleaning and then he got to play Wii for 15 minutes and repeat.  I think he did an hour or an hour and 15 minutes of cleaning.  He still has some work to do in his bedroom, but we definitely made progress today.  I got the living room vacuumed really good and we got our Christmas tree up!!  It’s a pre-lit one, so the lights are on it, but we’ll decorate it tomorrow.  I ordered pizza from Papa Johns for dinner and we had a picnic on the floor – since we actually have a floor again.  I even got some crocheting done this evening!  It was a really good day.

Today’s high:  59
Current:  39

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I started this morning by heading to Tucson with K.  We ran the Thanksgiving Cross Country Classic 5K.  It was a beautiful day for a race – about 45 degrees at race start.  I opted for a long sleeve shirt and my running skirt and gloves.  The course was a cross country course, complete with several hay bales to jump over and 3 water crossings.  We did the loop twice.  I didn’t look at my Garmin at all during the race, except to verify that the 1 and 2 mile markers were indeed at 1 and 2 miles.  I finished in 30:50, a 9:55 pace!  This was my 3rd fastest 5K and it felt great!!  While I was running, I was thinking I was maybe at a 10:30 pace and I was pleasantly surprised at the end.  I ended up 411 of 773 females and 53 of 102 in my age group.  I’m very happy with that!!

After I got home, I played Memory Match with Robert, and he beat me very soundly.  And, no, I didn’t let him win either.  Then I checked e-mail and did other computer stuff before we headed to T’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.  My friend M was there with his family (wife and 2 kids) and L was there as well.  It was a lot of fun and T’s daughter and M’s son and Robert all had a good time playing together.  M’s daughter hung out with us adults.  There was tons of food, and so much food that no one noticed that the green bean casserole never made it to the table.  I did take some home to eat over the weekend.  

Once home from dinner (we were there for 4 hours or so), we just relaxed and I got some more stitching done (I stitched in the car on the way home from Tucson as well).

The only thing that could have made the day better would have been being with my family in Michigan.  But at least I’ve got good friends here to spend time with, and I’ll be home in Michigan in less than a month and I’m definitely looking forward to that!!

Today’s high:  50
Current:  37

Relaxing Sunday

This morning was a double choir Sunday, but my body needed sleep after yesterday so I didn’t make it to the early service.  I did get up in time for the 1100 service.  The service and our anthem (And the Glory of the Lord from Handel’s Messiah) went really well.  Then it was home for a little bit before heading to Vinny’s for Robert soccer team’s post season party.  It was a lot of fun – the kids playing and the parents all chatting together.  An interesting thing – all 4 of the kids there (several team members couldn’t make it) had both a mom AND a dad present!  Not very common these days.  We all had lots of pizza and wings and then Coach presented each of the kids with a trophy.  And then there was a cake.  But it wasn’t really a cake – it was cupcakes all frosted together to look like a cake.  Pretty neat!

After the party was over, we headed home to watch the final NASCAR race of the season.  Robert’s favorite driver, #48 Jimmie Johnson won his 5th championship in a row!  It was a really good race to end the season.  I got quite a bit of stitching done and then I called Mom at 1730and we talked for a while.  After I was done on the phone, we went to Denny’s for supper.  Ryan had a sandwich and Robert and I both had dessert.

Today’s high:  62
Current:  52

Race Report: El Tour de Tucson

We had 3 girls in a hotel room overnight, since we had to pick up our race packets the evening before.  There was a king sized bed which was shared by B and K and then I slept on the floor.  It really wasn’t that bad.  We were able to sleep in in the morning until about 8 and that was really nice.  K and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and had some really yummy cinnamon french toast with eggs and bacon.  B chose to eat at the hotel.  After breakfast we just lounged around the hotel room for a while and I got a little bit of stitching done before we headed to the 40 mile start point.

I was amazed at the number of people there.  It really wasn’t any different than the start of a running race, but when you add in all the bicycles, there’s a whole different level of scary.  K and I were both nervous since it was our first bike race.  Eventually the race started and we were off.  For a little bit anyway.  My back tire decided to go flat at .85 miles in.  I was so thankful for the Bike Patrol guys.  Two of them stopped and checked out my tire.  They found the hole in my tube and got it patched for me and I was back on my way.  K waited for me although I had told her she didn’t need to.  I stopped my Garmin during the repairs.  Soon we were back on the road again.  We stopped at the first fuel point so I could fill up my water bottles.  I had figured there would be water at the start, but there wasn’t, so I started the race with an empty bottle on my bike with gatorade powder in it and 4 empty bottles on my fuel belt.  

We got a really good pace going, and since we had both fluids and fuel with us, we didn’t need to stop at fuel points. It was quite windy at times, and it was mostly crosswinds and/or headwinds, but we still managed to make pretty good time.  But around mile 17 troubles struck again.  K went to unclip from her pedal, but her pedal decided to come off the bike and remain on her shoe.  Again the Bike Patrol was awesome and helped her get the pedal back on, and again I stopped my Garmin.  It kept coming off during the rest of the ride, but K figured out how to get it back on while she was riding.  We stopped at the next fuel station after we hit 20 miles and refilled all our water bottles – K’s 2 on her bike and my bike one and 3 on my fuel belt.  Yes, 3.  I lost one during the ride, but it’s ok.  I can buy replacement bottles.  After that water stop, we didn’t stop again, but we did stop a few times.  Most of the intersections were just cop controlled and the cyclists had the right of way, but at the more major intersections we were stopped to allow the cross traffic through.  

The closer we got to the end, the more my legs didn’t want to cooperate with standing while waiting at the intersections.  With 2 miles left, K left me.  I’m ok with her doing that – that’s how it usually is in races.  Like with 5Ks, she’ll leave me about the last 1/2 mile.  Ryan and Robert were waiting just before the finish line and it’s always great to see them.  I crossed the finish line and I was DONE.  I got off my bike so they could take off my timing chip and mark my race number and I almost fell over.  I did manage to hobble through the finish shoot and find Ryan and Robert.  We went and got my medal and met up with K there.  B and her other friend D found us there as well.  The three of them went and checked their bikes and then we all went in our van back to the start point so B and K could get their vehicles.  We said our goodbyes and they headed back to get their bikes and my guys and I headed to Red Robin for dinner.

My official time (chip time) was 4:12:39 and I finished 888 out of 1154 finishers for the 40 mile event.  My Garmin time was 3:44:13 with an average pace of 10.9 mph.  Total repair time for our 2 issues was about 28 minutes.  During the ride, I burned 1845 calories.  I had a total ascent of 2041 feet and total descent of 2442 feet.  Overall it was an awesome experience.  It was an absolutely beautiful day – sunny and a few puffy clouds.  It was interesting watching how the mountains changed throughout the afternoon as the sun and shadows moved.  The high temp for the day was 76.