Busy day!!

This morning we went and ran a bunch of errands all over. We had lunch at the food court at the PX on post – all 3 of us! Then we went to Walmart to find a Halloween costume for me. NOTE: Don’t wait until the day before Halloween to get a costume from Walmart. You will not be able to get what you want. I was going to be an angel to counteract Robbie’s L’il Devil costume we got at Babies R’ Us. No angel wings or halos to be found, so I got a sparkly red cape and a plastic pitchfork and decided to be the L’il Devil’s Mommy Devil! Of course, they didn’t have any horns left, so I went without. And no tail either.

After Robbie’s nap, we all went out into our backyard and Ryan carved a jack-o’lantern for us. He did a really good job considering it was his first-ever!! I’ll have pictures of it tomorrow probably. Then the three of us got into our costumes (Ryan went as a Vietnam soldier) and went to the Band Hall for a Halloween party. There were about 10 of the band families there with their kids. Robbie was the littlest of them and he couldn’t do any of the games or anything, but we had a great time anyways. It was fun seeing all the kids costumes – Tigger, 2 Poohs, Spiderman, 2 princesses, a cheerleader, Blue from Blue’s Clues, SpongeBob Squarepants, and some others. Near the end of the party, Ryan was talking to one of the guys in the band, and Robbie fell asleep – yelling, running around, playing kids and all. I guess he’s his Mother’s son – sleep through anything.

Now to go set all my clocks back an hour before I go to bed. . .

Banana bread

I made a loaf of banana bread yesterday. Yes, Mom, I said banana bread. It turned out really good for my first try! There’s just a little bit of it left for tomorrow.

That’s been about the extent of my life the past couple of days. I haven’t really done much. Yesterday we watched 3 different sports on TV – NASCAR, football, and baseball! And all my people won – #48 Jimmie Johnson for NASCAR (our other driver, #24 Jeff Gordon, finished 9th), Green Bay Packers for football, and Boston Red Sox won Game 2 of the World Series! I’m not usually a Red Sox fan, but for the next week or so I will be cheering for them.

Today I went back to the midwife for another recheck on my incision. It’s healing slowly, but at least it looks a whole lot better than it did a couple of weeks ago. I go back again on Thursday. . . Robbie and I had fun playing after he woke up from his nap this afternoon. We play things like “So Big” (I ask How big is Robbie? and then I open his arms up wide and go “This Big”), This Little Piggy, and pat-a-cake. He’s starting to smile more and more and he’s just too cute!! He’s over 12 pounds now – I’ll find out exactly how big he is at his 2 month checkup on 2 November.

The weather here has been unseasonably warm lately. It was almost 80 today, and the normal for this time of year is in the 60’s. At least it’s not in the 90’s every day like it was a few months ago. It has been kind of cloudy and dreary and when the sun came out today, that was a welcome sight!

I hope everyone has a great last week of October!

Pumpkin Patch

Our Youth Group at Church has a pumpkin patch going to raise money for their mission trip to Puerto Rico next summer, and I volunteered to sell pumpkins for a couple of hours this afternoon. Since the Church is only a little over a mile from home, I put Robbie in my new jogging stroller and we walked/ran to the church. I can’t run more than 3 or 4 minutes at a time right now, but I’m slowly getting back in shape! I just need to start getting out everyday again and I’ll be back to my old running self in no time.
During my 2 hours selling pumpkins, me and the other lady there with me sold about 7 or 8 or so. The time went quickly as we talked the whole time (she did most of the talking).

It’s the weekend! YAY!! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Shopping trip!

Ok, not a major one, but I still went shopping! LOL! I took Robbie to my local cross stitch store today as I needed to get a few things and I knew the lady that works there (there are 2 of them, but only one there on any given day) would like to see him! She sure was happy to see Robbie and even though I had my purchases picked out in a few short minutes, I was there for over half an hour just chatting and playing with Robbie. That’s the thing about cross stitch stores – when you go in one, you usually end up talking with whoever’s in there (owners, employees, other customers) for a while about all kinds of things. It was kind of nice having a grown-up conversation with a live person – I chat with my friends online all the time, but having a face-to-face conversation is nice once in a while. Of course, I’ve got Ryan in the evenings, but sometimes girls just gotta talk to other girls.


On Sunday, Ryan and I (& Robbie, of course) went to the Air Show at our local airfield. There were quite a few display airplanes, but the best part was the actual show. They had some old-fashioned “barn storming” planes – flew the upside and loop tricks and everything! It was really fun to watch. We even got to see a wing-walker! WOW! Talk about scary, but the lady that was doing it loves her “job”!

Yesterday was Jackpot day, I think. About mid-afternoon, the doorbell rings and it was our mailman (the nice one, not the one that crams stuff into our mailbox at times). He handed me a stack of regular mail (bills and stuff) and one of those USPS white mail carrying boxes. I was like “huh??” and he said, they’re all yours. We received like 8 or 9 packages yesterday! Lots of them were cross stitch stuff, a few were E-bay auction winnings, and a few other packages. WOW! At least he was nice enough to bring them all to the house even though they would have fit in the parcel locker at our mailbox area. When Ryan got home from work, there was packages everywhere, but we got them all sorted out.

2 more weeks!!

After my 6-week checkup with my midwife yesterday, she recommended that I have another 2-3 weeks off from work. I had to see an Army doctor to get it approved, and it was! I now have another 2 weeks of maternity leave and won’t be going back to work until 1 November. Otherwise I would be going back this coming Monday. Oh – the reason for more time is that my incision still has one spot that didn’t heal properly and my midwife wants it healed before I go back to work. As much as I love my job, I’m glad I get a bit more time being a stay-at-home mom! I really enjoy being with Robbie all day.

I’m in the paper!!

Ok, so it’s not our daily paper, but I am in the Metro-Augusta Parent. One of the ladies in our childbirth class is an editor and she was doing an article on celebrating your pregnancy (instead of complaining about all the negative stuff like some women do) and she interviewed me because of my website I did for Robbie! You can read the article here: http://www.augustaparent.com/mommydaze.html.

Just thought I’d share!