Well, dinner tonight wasn’t quite what I had planned. You see, we do our menus weekly and write on the calendar what we’ll be having. That way, I can just look at the calendar to see what I’ll be cooking that night when I get home from work and we don’t have to go through the whole “What are we going to do for supper?” bit. So this morning as I was heading out the door (with Robbie in one arm and a bunch of stuff in the other), I glanced at the calendar to see what awaited me when I got home. There was one word written for today – CROCKPOT. Oops! That meant that I should have gotten it started before I was heading out the door. If I hadn’t been running a bit late, I may have taken the few minutes I needed, but I didn’t have time. So we went to Waffle House for dinner instead. My “crockpot” chef salad was really good! LOL

Special Olympics & a new computer

We played at the Opening Ceremonies for the local Special Olympics this morning. This is always one of my favorite jobs each year. Maybe someday I’ll be able to volunteer at the games. . .
The rest of the week has been pretty laid back and has gone by fast. There hasn’t been much of anything going on because the Commander and First Sergeant are at the School of Music for the annual band leaders training workshop. I got some practicing in yesterday – actually stumbled my way through my scales. And today I did an Army Correspondence Course which is good for promotion points. Oh, and the new computer. . . My computer in my Reenlistment Office was SLOW and dying. The monitor was a nice shade of purple most of the time. Well, the unit got some new computers, and I got one of the ones that a new one replaced. So it’s only new to me, but it’s a TON faster!! I would have never been able to do a corr. course on my old computer. It’s really nice not having to wait 5 minutes for a webpage to load!
I can’t think of anything else tonight, so I think I’m going to call it a night and head off to bed.

Happy Easter!!

What a glorious day! It’s Easter – time of a new birth! We went to the early service at church this morning and then to the “Easter Feaster” afterwards. It was a brunch between the services – lots of really good food. Once we got home, we started our final preparations for our Easter dinner – got the rolls baked, the ham in the oven, and once the ham was done, the green bean casserole went in. I had baked an apple pie yesterday. About 3:00 our guests started arriving – 2 single soldiers and a married couple from my unit, whom we had invited. Shelley brought deviled eggs (yum, yum!!!!), Christina brought a corn casserole (yum again!), and Kristin brought a bottle of wine. The meal and the company were all good and everyone was really appreciative of me and Ryan inviting them over for dinner. It was my first time cooking a holiday meal and I’m glad everything (well, except the gravy) turned out so well!! They stayed until a little after 6 – we had pie and ice cream before they left. Robbie did really well with everyone here and even sat at the table with us (in his high chair, of course) while we ate. He had some mashed potatoes but didn’t like them. He did like the applesauce though!
I’m tired now, and I’ll be going to bed shortly. I’m just going to have a cup of tea first.

Yesterday – Good Friday!!

I only had to work a 1/2 day yesterday. Our commander is an avid golfer and he wanted to go golfing yesterday afternoon. I guess he didn’t want his soldiers working while he was golfing, so he got the afternoon off with the invitation for anyone who wanted to join him at 1300. I guess there were quite a few that did go join him, but I picked Robbie up and came home. I got a lot of stuff done during his 2+ hour nap – some cleaning, some stitching. We had church in the evening – very nice service – and then came home and put him to bed. Ryan and I watched some TV and I got more stitching done.

Long week

I had Monday off for a comp day because we worked on Saturday. It sure was nice sleeping in a bit! Robbie and I ran some errands in the morning and then in the afternoon I met with my counselor for my Masters Degree program. Starting in May I will be working towards a Master of Science in Administration with a concentration in Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness. How’s that for a mouthful? LOL Tuesday, Wednesday, and today were long boring days at work. There were no gigs and no rehearsals, although we did do a low brass group rehearsal for a bit Wednesday morning. I’ve been doing quite a bit of paperwork for Reenlistment. I was inspected Tuesday afternoon – I passed, but I have some stuff I need to fix so I can score higher next time. All my forms have to be done in PENCIL (because information changes, etc.) and I had done them up on the computer. So now I’m in the process of redoing all of them. I’m about 1/2 done as of today. I hope to finish them up tomorrow.
In the evenings after we put Robbie to bed I get a little bit of stitching or crocheting done. Robbie is pretty much on a schedule now – bath at 7:15, oatmeal or rice cereal about 7:40, then I nurse him and we say prayers and then he goes in his crib and pretty much goes to sleep right away. He’s been sleeping through the night most nights now, and that’s nice for me – a little more sleep.
Speaking of sleep, I’d better get to bed before I fall asleep at my computer.

Palm Sunday

Only one week to Easter! We got palms at church today and had a processional into church to start the service. It was a beautiful morning out and was a really nice service. Robbie was a good boy as always – fell asleep just shortly before Communion. After the service was done, we went to Wendy’s for lunch and then to Kroger for groceries for the week. I bought some of the stuff for Easter dinner next Sunday, but I don’t know how many I’m cooking for yet so I didn’t buy the ham. More about this later. . .
Once we got home, we played with Robbie for a bit and got the NASCAR race started. Ryan put Robbie down for his afternoon nap and then he slept on the couch. I stitched. When Ryan woke up a couple of hours later, he wondered where Robbie was. I told him “In his crib where you put him a couple of hours ago.” I guess he must have slept good!! Ryan left for his bowling league and Robbie and I played more after dinner and then we called my parents (yes, Robbie got to “talk” to them for a bit) and then he had his bedtime cereal snack and went to bed. I stitched more and when Ryan came home, he brought me a Blizzard from Dairy Queen! He’s such a sweetheart!
Off to bed now. . .

Parades and Yard Sales

Ryan and I both had to work today, so Robbie got to spend some extra time with Miss Suzanne. Ryan ended up getting 9 hours of overtime and I worked for not quite 2 hours and now I get Monday off! Today was the day of the post-wide yard sales – The Great American Yard Sale. The band always get tasked to play at this event. Here is what we did after formation and a VERY short rehearsal: get on the bus, drive to housing area 1 (we have 4), get off the bus and form into a marching block formation, step off marching, play through one march, arrive at end point (where the bus is waiting), stop marching, fall out, get on bus, repeat for each housing area. The last area we played 2 marches as it was a little bit bigger area. We had beautiful sunny weather and it actually was kind of fun – gave me good practice at my memorized (well, I’m getting there) marches if nothing else.

After we got back to the band hall and Suzanne brought Robbie (she went around to the yard sales with her 2 boys and Robbie) to me, I put him in his jogging stroller and we went for our first of hopefully many runs together. We only went 2 miles, but I need to get used to running with the stroller. Robbie seemed to enjoy it – he giggled and talked most of the way and he really liked at the end where I sprinted the last 100 yards or so!
I took a nap this afternoon while Robbie was napping. I was stitching, but I was falling asleep stitching so I put that down and curled up on the couch under the afghan that my brother crocheted for us for our wedding. I’m going to bed early tonight, too – I’m tired.