Kickball and Oktoberfest Part 1

We played kickball at PT this morning. It was lots of fun. Of course, the team I was on won something like 30-6. It was bad. I scored 2 runs and then got out at my 3rd “at-kick”. After morning formation, we had a short German Band rehearsal, mostly just to get warmed up for the 3 sets that we played today at Oktoberfest. After rehearsal was done, I went to the commissary to get root beer for the snack bar (got A&W!!) and then I got my music together for Sunday’s gig. Then I went home and stayed! I wasn’t on any of the 3 sets today, so I had the afternoon off. I got some stuff done around the house – a nice LONG shower, ironed my pants for tomorrow, read some newspapers, baked cookies, and then went and checked out a new yarn store in town. They’ve got lots of neat speciatly yarns – some are really soft and fluffy! They were fun to touch. It’s mainly a knitting store, but they welcome crocheters as well. And then when I was leaving, this girl came in with her 3 daughters. I immediately recognized her, but of course couldn’t put a name with the face. She recognized me as well and we chatted for probably 15 minutes. Her name is Tamika and she was in my Bradley Childbirth Class Ryan and I took last summer before we had Robbie. We haven’t seen each other in 13 1/2 months and it was great to see her again. We exchanged phone numbers, and plan on getting together in the future!
After I left the yarn store, I went and picked Robbie up from day care and we came home and played outside until Daddy came home from work. We walked up and down our “road” and then the played in the dirt by the front steps. Once Ryan got home, we walked down and got the mail and then played inside for a while before heading off to our neighborhood association meeting. It was a nice short meeting followed by a potluck supper – LOTS of yummy food. All the ladies were amazed at how much and how well Robbie ate. Of course, he had to show off his walking and waving skills. Yes, he’s finally started to wave bye-bye!! He did it yesterday at day care for the first time (that I’ve seen at least).
I’m kind of stuffed up and miserable right now, so I’m off to bed to get some sleep.

Cards, anyone?

We played cards at PT this morning. It was fun! No, we didn’t play poker or anything like that. Spades were pushups and hearts were situps. Whatever the number of the card was, that’s how many we did. All face cards (Queens & Kings – our PT leader removes the Jacks so there is an even number of “men” and “women”) are 10 and the 2 jokers are a minute of rest each. Then when we’re done with the 1/2 deck, all the cards are shuffled again, and one soldier draws a card. If he/she draws a joker, we get to go home, otherwise we go run a mile. No joker today, and I ran my fastest mile since before I had Robbie! Yes, the joker has been drawn in the past. . .

The rest of the morning was German Band rehearsal again. After lunch I briefed the rest of the NCOs in the unit on what the Garrison Command Sergeant Major talked to us about last Thursday morning. I guess I must have done ok as I had a few of them come up to me after with compliments and also a few questions. After that was done, I spent some time in the practice room and then took care of a couple of reenlistment things. We got our cleaning details done and I headed home. Of course, I stopped by daycare to pick Robbie up. He’s always so happy to see me!

We had macaroni & cheese and pigs in a blanket (pigs n’ cheese) for dinner tonight. It’s always nice having that as Ryan helps cook. He does the mac & cheese. After dinner we had fun playing with Robbie – tickling him and playing catch with him and doing other silly things. He’s so much fun!

Ethics Training

We had a good PT workout this morning – 2 mile “last-man-up” run (what used to be called Indian runs). Then we had German Band rehearsal all morning and it went MUCH better than yesterday. It was actually pretty fun and the morning flew by. After lunch, we had our mandatory yearly Army Ethics Training. Talk about BORING!! But at least we’re done with it now for another year.

We had a fun evening once we were all home. I had done dinner in the crockpot, so it was pretty much ready to eat when Robbie and I got home. After we were done eating and the dishes were in the dishwasher, we went out to play! I took a couple of pictures:
A great picture of my 2 guys!

And here’s Robbie walking hand in hand with Daddy!

Have a good night, and I’ll “see” you tomorrow!


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We had formal pictures taken at work again today. But at least we got a civies day out of it! We showed up at Alex Hall (where they do most of the indoor ceremonies and they have a nice stage) and changed into our Dress Blue uniform. Got everything all set up (chairs in concert band setting) and got the pictures taken. Then we changed back into our civies and went back to the band hall. Really exciting. . . Image hosted by
We had German Band rehearsal the rest of the morning – Oktoberfest is on post this weekend and we’ll be playing 7 sets between Friday and Saturday. Rehearsal didn’t go very well, but it was due to a lack of preparation on lots of people’s parts. At least the trombone section knew our parts, so we didn’t have any problems. After lunch, I took care of some reenlistment stuff, and then Kristin Chandler and I went shopping to restock the snack bar. Got back and got everything put away and restocked and then it was time to do details and go home.
Once I picked Robbie up from day care and we had walked to get the mail, I went over to our neighbor Sally’s house to help her with the bank statements for the last quarter. Our neighborhood association meeting is on Friday, and she wanted to make sure all the books were straight. I got the checkbook balanced (she’s the treasurer, but likes to have another pair of eyes help with the numbers) and came home and made sloppy joes for dinner. Even Robbie ate a little of the meat (after he had already had one of his baby food dinners). We played on the floor with Robbie for a while after cleaning up from dinner and then it was his bedtime. Ryan and I watched TV and I stitched on a Christmas present.
And now, I must say
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Comp Day!

I had the day off from work today as we’ve been working so many weekends without time off. I slept in until around 8:30 and that sure was nice! Of course, I didn’t get everything done that I had wanted to get done and probably would have gotten done had I gotten up earlier. But that’s ok. I had a manicure and pedicure done (no “pictures” on my toes this time) and then came home and typed up our Neighborhood Association minutes from the last meeting (in June). Then it was time to go pick Robbie up from day care and take him out to post for his 12-month well-baby appointment. Ryan took some time off from work and met us at the hospital. Robbie is growing well, and I’ll let him tell you about his appointment. So go to his webpage and read all about it! After we were done there, Ryan went back to work and Robbie and I went to the cross stitch store to bring something to be framed and to get some colors of floss to include in a package I was sending to a friend. Then we went to the post office and mailed a few packages. It was dinnertime for Robbie when we got home (Mommy forgot an afternoon snack other than juice) and he went to bed about 6:30. He was sleepy because he didn’t really get a nap today.
Ryan had bowling (church league) tonight, so I was home alone. I watched some of my TV shows and stitched.

Good Sunday!

My wonderful guys let me sleep in a bit this morning. Thanks so much! After I got up, I fed Robbie a bowl of cereal and then we played and played and Ryan and I did a little bit of cleaning in our bedroom. Robbie supervised. Then he started getting fussy around 10:20 or so. Ryan put him in his crib and he cried for about 5 seconds and then he was out. So no church again for us. We got more cleaning/straightening done. After Robbie woke up about 12:30 or so, we went out to brunch and then ran few errands. Ryan had to go out to his jobsite to empty the dehumidifier and then we went to Post. We stopped by the Barnes’ for a while to bring Tristan his coloring book and crayons we got him and visited for a while. The 3 boys sure had fun playing with all the toys. Robbie even petted their dog and didn’t seem to be afraid of her like he is with Miss Lucy in our neighborhood. Then we went to the PX for Ryan to get his haircut but there was a really long line so he changed his mind. So we went grocery shopping and then came home. After we put the groceries away, we turned the NASCAR race on (we had Tivoed it) and played with Robbie. He went to bed about 6:45 (early because he had an early nap) and then we had grilled hamburgers and potato salad for dinner (Robbie had eaten earlier – we didn’t send him to bed hungry). After we had cleaned up from dinner, I called Mom & Dad and stitched and watched the rest of the race.
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Yard Sale & The Riverbanks Zoo

We had a fun day today. We all got to sleep in and that’s always nice. Once we all had had breakfast and were ready, we left. We stopped at our church’s yard sale to browse around. Ryan found a couple of CD’s for 50 cents each, Robbie got a Bob the Builder doll and a Noah’s Ark toy, and I got a bag of crochet thread (great deal!!) and some “new” clothes. Shortly after we got there, they were doing $1 per paper shopping bag for clothes – all the clothes you could put in the bag for $1!! I got a couple of sweaters, a tank top, a dress shirt, some dressy pants, and a pair of pj’s, and got Robbie a cute flannel shirt he can wear this winter.

After we were done at the yard sale, we headed for Columbia, SC, to the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden. We spent 3-4 hours just wandering around and looking at all the animals and walking through the botanical garden. Robbie and Ryan both really enjoyed all the animals, too. Robbie even petted a goat, which is a big step since last time we brought him near a pony, he about climbed over Ryan’s back.

We stopped at Ryan’s (a buffet place) for dinner on our way home and then Walmart afterward. Once we got home, we had some “Robbie play-time” and then he went to bed. Then I got more stitching done (I stitched in the car, too) while watching some Wheel of Fortunes and a Clean Sweep and a Jeopardy.

Finally Friday!

Is it just me or did this week seem longer than normal? Or maybe it’s because we worked every day? I don’t know, but at least it’s Friday!
I took my monthly diagnostic PT test this morning and did 40 pushups (88%), 68 situps (85%), and ran my 2 miles in 17:55 (81%). My overall score was 254 – not bad, but there’s definitely room for improvement there.
Most of the rest of the morning was spent playing at a ceremony. It’s one of our usual monthly ones, so not bad. The guest speaker was pretty interesting and it was short. I did a little bit of office work before lunch, and then after lunch I spent close to 2 hours in a practice room and then helped with details. We got off a little early which was nice for a change.
I picked Robbie up from day care and came home and the 3 of us walked to get the mail. Yes, it’s only about 100 yards or so, but we walk together just about everyday! Then we went to the Post Office to complain about how our mail was delivered AGAIN – I had a priority package marked FRAGILE and DO NOT BEND and it was just crammed into our tiny mailbox. There was a magazine in there that I had ordered (a cross stitch one), and they are collector’s items. It was bent a little and the spine is a bit damaged – not too happy about that. They manager I spoke to said he would take it to the Branch Manager, and he kept the priority packaging as well as my pictures I had taken. I mailed a package, too – Mom, your flip flops are on their way! Then we went out to Post for gas – $2.33 a gallon for regular. And then to KFC for dinner.
Robbie got a bath tonight – he sure likes playing in the water and splashing and tonight he started throwing his rubber duckies a little. Bathtime is lots of fun!

A meeting and a ceremony

We had our quarterly meeting with the Garrison Command Sergeant Major this morning. However, there was a ceremony, so I represented all the NCOs in the band. I wasn’t on the ceremony so I went and took notes. It was very interesting – he talked about some upcoming changes to the Army, and on post. I’ll be briefing the band next week. After that was done, I came home and got some breakfast – I didn’t eat before because last time we had one of these, there were donuts and fruit and everything. Then I spent the rest of the morning practicing. After lunch (early), we had another ceremony and I was on that one. It was good other than the guest speaker – can you say BORING?? I had a hard time staying awake. When we got back to the band hall from that, I went over to take care of some reenlistment business and then to JAG to get a form notarized. By the time I got done with all that, it was time to do details and go home! I picked Robbie up from day care, made a quick stop at the Post Office, and then home for dinner. After we had eaten, we went to Aiken to the Hobby Lobby to get some yarn for a few upcoming projects. It was on sale this week. Ryan had gone to Columbia after work to work on the Celebrate Freedom vehicles.

Another day

Today was just another day. Nothing really spectacular happened. Ran 3 miles at PT this morning, had a briefing on the future of Army Bands after formation until lunch (very long, but VERY interesting). And then I spent the afternoon in a practice room working on my solo, sight reading, and scales. I stopped at the cleaner’s on my way home to get my uniform for the jobs tomorrow and Friday, and then picked Robbie up from day care. He was back to his usual happy, giggly self! We went to the Post Office on our way home, and after being home for a little while, we went back out to our favorite Chinese buffet place for dinner. Came home, played for a little while, and then Robbie went to bed and I took out my current crochet project. And that’s about it.