A good Saturday

This morning I enjoyed sleeping in until about 8.  Ryan was already gone to breakfast at the Legion.  After he got home about 0930 we went and picked Robert up – he had had a great time! – and then picked K up and headed to SH’s house to help him with his final loading of his POD.  We called it POD Tetris.  Ryan and S and F did a great job of getting everything into the POD.  K and I helped bring the last few things out but couldn’t do too much with all the heavy stuff.  Then when we were done, S took us all out to lunch at a little restaurant in Bisbee.  It was a good time and lots of good conversation and really good food!  I had a buffalo burger.  YUM!  OH, on the way to eat, we stopped at a Waste Transfer Station (aka a dump) to bring S’s old shower which we had to break up to fit in the van.  Once we were done eating, we thanked S for lunch and he thanked us again for all the help we’ve given him, not just today but a few other times as well, and then we headed home.  But we took the other way home and made a complete loop.  Ryan enjoyed telling K about all the geological features of the area.  After we were home, the guys played with Legos and I got laundry going and ironed cross stitch wall hangings that the movers just put in boxes and got other pictures ready to be hung up and cleaned off my piano and reorganized my bear collection which resides on top of the piano.  We took a break and went to Walmart and got my new meatloaf pan where the grease will be able to drain out!!  We also got some more Legos for the guys.  Then it was home again and I made a can of spaghettios for Robert for dinner – he ate just about the whole amount.  Ryan and I were still full from lunch.  After Robert was tucked into bed, Ryan and I got a bunch more pictures and wall hangings up.  Now to get used to the new stuff on the walls.  I stitched for a little bit and now I’m going to bed.

Today’s high:  53
Current:  43

Finally Friday!

I got Robert to school this morning and headed to work.  After formation, I went to the barracks with our newest BQ member.  As the assistant team leader, one of my jobs (along with the team leader, but he had something else to take care of so I went by myself) is to make sure our Soldiers are living in decent quarters.  So I went to check out SPC V’s barracks room.  Those are some nice barracks!  Then it was back to the band hall for rehearsal for the rest of the morning.  Then I ate my lunch and stitched – not something I usually do on a Friday.  But we had the NCO Induction Ceremony at 1400 and I had to be there at 1330 since I was an usher.  It wasn’t bad being an usher – we only had 6 special guests to show to their seats and then we just handed out programs to everyone.  The ceremony lasted about an hour and was really nice.  There was cake and punch after – way too much of both.  Then it was back to the office for a bit and to take care of a few evaluation reports.  And then we had to go to Right Army Night – free food, door prizes, Chief & Top bought beer.  Not bad for mandatory fun, but I did have to leave before all the door prizes were done so I gave my ticket to one of my coworkers.  I had to leave so I could get Robert picked up on time.  We headed home and he played Mario Kart for a little bit before we headed over to FS’s house.  Robert was going there for a sleepover with F’s daughter J.  They go to Sunday School together and F is our church organist/choir accompanist/choir director.  Then I headed home and got on my computer for a bit and then I stitched.  I almost finished a project, but I was too tired.  I’ll finish it on Sunday.

Today’s high:  51
Current:  43

I ran!!!

This morning after I walked Robert to school, I had a little extra time.  I had a doctor’s appointment at 0930 so I didn’t have to go to formation at 0900.  So I did stuff on my computer after I got a roast going in the crockpot for dinner.  Then I headed to the dermatologist for the follow-up on my mole removals.  The lab results weren’t back yet, but they’ll call me when they get them back.  I got my stitches out and was cleared to run and do pushups and stuff again!!!!  He did put 4 steri-strips over the site to help it heal more, but at least I can run!  Once I was done there, I headed to work and joined Echo Team in their classes already in progress.  We had good training this morning, and it took until lunch.  During lunch, I ate and stitched.  After lunch I did some admin work – sent a couple of evaluation reports up, made some phone calls, etc.  Then I headed to the theatre for rehearsal for the NCO Induction Ceremony.  I’m one of the ushers, and there’s not a whole lot to practice for that, but we had to be there anyway.  At least the 2 of us didn’t have to go every afternoon this week.  And First Sergeant let us go after the first run-through so that was nice.  I headed home and got changed and went for a 4.7 mile run in 53:11, an 11:18 pace.  Not bad for my first post-marathon run and it was a little breezy.  Coming home was a lot easier than going as I was running into the wind.  Ryan got home with Robert just as I was finishing my cool down.  After we got the mail, we headed in and Robert played Mario Kart Wii while I got some cheddar & herb biscuits (Schwan variety) into the oven to go with dinner.  The roast turned out really good, and it sure was nice not having to cook dinner after work.  We had a nice relaxing evening.  Once Robert was in bed, I crocheted.  

Today’s high:  48
Current:  44

Classes & BQ

The morning started off as usual – get Robert up, pack lunches, make breakfast, walk Robert to school.  After formation, I headed to the Ops office for Warrior Tasks & Drills training.  We are doing it by MPTs (Music Performance Teams, of which BQ is MPT E) so there were only 5 of us.  I gave classes on Personnel Recovery and Detainee Operations.  We also had classes on IEDs.  In the middle of it, we had a short formation for an award to be presented to a Soldier who is leaving for a new duty station.  The classes took until lunch.  During lunch, I ate and checked my e-mail and Facebook and stitched.  After lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal and that went well.  Then the last hour of the day was spent getting caught up on my admin stuff.  Then I headed home and played on my computer for a little bit.  I was TIRED, so I curled up on the couch and took about a half hour nap before we went and got Robert from Child Time.  Then it was home and I made mac & cheese for supper for me and Robert – Ryan had a Legion meeting tonight.  K came over to watch Robert (they played Mario Kart Wii together) and I headed to choir practice.  It was a very good rehearsal and lots accomplished.  After I got home again, I crocheted for a bit and finished a project I’ve been working on.  Now it’s time for bed.

Today’s high:  59
Current:  44

Another day, another couple of bucks.  Some days I think I should just cut and paste my blog entries.  LOL  I got lunches packed and breakfast made and walked Robert to school.  I did computer stuff.  I headed to work.  After formation I headed to my office.  I did a little bit of admin work and then I practiced until lunch.  I had to make a quick trip home at lunchtime, but I was back by noon to eat and stitch.  After lunch was moree admin stuff.  Then I headed home for the day.  I got dinner going while Ryan went to get Robert from Child Time on the bike.  Then we ate and I headed to Sierra Vista Community Band rehearsal.  Rehearsal went better than last week, so that’s a good thing.  Improvement is always good.  Once home, I went and snuggled with Robert for a little bit and then I got some stuff ready for Ryan to mail out tomorrow.  Now I’m about to head to bed.

Today’s high:  66
Current:  47


Here we go with another week.  I got lunches packed and breakfast made and walked Robert to school.  Then I came home and got the van started to clear the frost off it and finished my computer stuff before heading to work.  After formation, I headed to my office to start working on stuff.  Throughout the morning, I was in First Sergeant’s office several times taking care of things.  Then at lunchtime, I ate my lunch and then stitched.  After lunch was more admin stuff.  It was a pretty slow day, but I did get quite a few things accomplished.  Then I went home.  We picked Robert up from Child Time and came home and I made french toast and sausage for dinner.  Robert did his homework – write each of his 5 spelling words for the week 3 times – and then he read his books.  After he was tucked into bed, I stitched for a while.  Probably too long as I was hoping to be in bed early and that’s not going to happen.  Of course, I did spend time recreating my running log yet again.  At least I’ve only had 4 runs this year so far, but still.  And I need to find my software for my Garmin and try reinstalling that – my computer is not recognizing my Garmin.

Today’s high:  59
Current:  41

A Day of Church

I spent a good part of the day at the church today.  I was a little late for 0730 choir warm-ups as the 29 degree temperature didn’t quite register and when I went out to leave at 0725 to get to church at 0728, I realized that I should have gone out earlier to clear the windows.  They were covered in ice/frost.  So I turned the van on and put the defroster on full blast and scraped as best I could with my ice scraper.  Apparently my Michigan ice scraper didn’t like the Arizona ice very well and I couldn’t scrape super good.  So I went back in for a bit to let the windows thaw enough to see – I drove to church looking out about a 12" circle.  LOL  At least it’s only 1/4 mile to church.  I didn’t really miss any of warm-ups, and I wasn’t the only one showing up at the last minute.  We sang at the 0800 service.  K came to church and she picked the guys up so they didn’t have to all go for 0730.  After church, K went home and the 3 of us went to Sunday School.  After Sunday School, K met us back at the church and we went to Denny’s for brunch.  After brunch we went to the commissary for our weekly grocery shopping.

By the time we got home and I got the groceries put away, I had about 10 minutes to relax before heading back to the church for 1430 choir warm-ups.  We sang at the Installation Service for our Pastor’s installation.  It was an AWESOME service.  There was standing room only pretty much.  We had a FULL choir to the point where we were even crowded.  There were close to 20 members of clergy from various denominations from both Sierra Vista and the Tucson and even Phoenix areas.  And the reception afterward, the fellowship hall was just as packed as the church.  I got back home almost 3 hours after I had left.  I relaxed for a bit and we watched football.  I grill brats on my new George Foreman grill and we had baked beans and tater salad with it.  After Robert was in bed, I was finally able to sit and relax and stitch.  Now I’m off to check my close to 100 e-mails since I haven’t been online all day.

Today’s high:  46
Current:  35

Let the weekend begin

Yesterday was a good day at work.  We had our first Brass Quintet rehearsal with our "new" BQ – our horn and tuba players have left and we have new ones.  Rehearsal went really well.  Then I did stuff in my office for the rest of the morning.  I left for home shortly before 1300.  I spent the afternoon playing on my computer and just relaxing.  We picked Robert up from Child Time and went to McDonald’s for supper.  Then we went to Walmart and got our new bookcase, a new dresser for Robert, and an end table for me.  Then it was home for reading time.  After Robert was in bed, I stitched.

This morning was a no alarm clock morning and it’s always nice to sleep in.  Once up, I did computer stuff and we played.  And I got my area cleaned up and got my new end table in place.  It looks nice.  Shortly after noon, we went to K’s to bring her the TV and stand from our van.  Then she came with us and we went to Lowe’s and to Walmart.  After we were done shopping, we went to a Chinese buffet place for a late lunch.  After we had dropped her off at her place, we came home, and Ryan started putting Robert’s dresser together and Robert helped some.  I stitched some.  After the dresser was together, I went in Robert’s room and made room for the dresser and after Ryan brought it in, I got his clothes in there.  Then Ryan got the book case put together and we got that to it’s new home.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll start working on getting books and stuff on it.  Robert played games on my computer while we were doing all that.  After Robert was in bed, I stitched more.  Since we had had a late lunch, we didn’t have dinner.  Robert wasn’t hungry at all and Ryan and I ate a little later.  I had spaghettios and he had grilled cheese.

Today’s high:  44
Current:  34

Dermatology & Rainbows

This morning was another early morning for us and Robert went to Child Time before school again.  Then I headed to the dermatologist for my appointment to have 3 moles removed.  There was one on the back of my right shoulder, one on my upper right arm, and one on the left side of my abdomen.  Nothing major hopefully – they were more annoying than anything.  But they are sending them in for biopsies, just in case.  The arm and shoulder ones he just shaved off and the one on my abdomen he had to cut out and I have 6 stitches in that.  No running until my stitches come out.  Boo.  I was looking forward to a run this weekend.  After I was done with that, I headed off to work.  I saw this while driving in to post. . . (Click it to make it bigger)

I got to work after formation, but it had been cleared previously.  I chatted with my team leader for a bit to see what I had missed at formation and anything else I needed to know and then I headed to my office.  Our computer guy is in the process of upgrading our computers to Vista and it was my computer’s turn this morning, so I was going to practice, but then one of my Soldiers needed to go to Finance for an issue, so I went with her and got that hopefully taken care of.  When we got back to the band hall, this is what we saw. . .

Then I did practice the rest of the morning until lunch and it was a good time with my trombone!  At lunch I ate and then I stitched, and started getting my computer set back up.  After lunch was more setting my computer back up and working on various NCOERs that needed to be sent places and reviewed and stuff.  I finally left work about 1640 and I picked Robert up on my way home.  He played Wii for a little while and then when K got here, we went to SHa’s to get his TV that K bought from him.  It’s HEAVY.  It’s going to stay in the back of my van until the weather clears up.  It’s been raining and super windy today – gusts up to 60mph or so.  She took us to dinner to thank us for all the help with the TV and getting settled and stuff.  We went to Applebees and had ordered and Ryan had just gotten his salad and the power went out all over on that part of town.  Our server told us not to worry about our drinks or the salad, but they couldn’t serve any food until the power went out and we were free to leave.  So we did, and went to Chili’s instead.  There was power on that end of town.  So we had a really nice dinner.  Then it was home to get Robert to bed and I’m heading there soon as well.

OH – we got a check in the mail today – our settlement from all our damaged household goods from our move here.  And even better, it was an acceptable amount!  We’ll be going furniture shopping this weekend – bookshelf, dresser for Robert, china cabinet of some kind.

Today’s high:  55
Current:  50

100th Day of School

Today was Robert’s 100th day of school.  They had their Awards Ceremony for 2nd quarter, and he got perfect attendance again!  After his awards ceremony, I headed to work.  I spent what was left of the morning fighting admin "fires".  Nothing super major, but lots of little things.  For lunch I had a tuna with salsa sandwich along with my usual stuff.  After lunch was more of the same from the morning, a joint counseling session with our new tuba player (since I’m the assistant team leader now, the team leader asked me to be present as well), and chatting with First Sergeant about admin stuff, as well as a few phone calls.  I finally left about 1630 and picked Robert up on my way home.  Ryan made dinner tonight, and that was nice.  We got talking about our days and stuff and lost track of time and I ended up missing choir practice.  😦  I think I’m not feeling good – I was freezing all day at work and since I got home I’ve just been blah.  I’m heading to bed and it’s only 2015.

Today’s high:  55
Current:  48