Volunteer of the Month and Jefferson Singers

We all slept in the morning.  Once up, we had cereal for breakfast.  Robbie got to go for a ride in the lift the contractor was using.  He thought that was pretty neat.  We spent the morning playing and watching cartoons, and then about 1045 we headed out to Post for the Volunteer of the Month Ceremony.  Ryan was one of those selected for all his work with the Band Family Readiness Group while I was deployed.  I think that’s really cool!!  It was about a half hour ceremony and then we ate lunch at the little restaurant where we were.  Then Ryan headed to school to take a test in one of his classes and Robbie and I headed home.  We watched some episodes of Special Agent Oso while the contractor was working on the front of the house and had the lift there.  When he left for the day, we went outside and played until Ryan got home from school.  After a while, we headed back to Ryan’s college to go to the Jefferson Singers chorus concert.  They had some stuff in the lobby before the concert, and then the concert was really good.  They sang songs from various Broadway shows.  After the concert was done, we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  Robbie fell asleep in the van on the way home, and he went right to bed when we got home.

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Yarn Day

Robbie and I had Cheerios for breakfast this morning. And then I saw my guys off to school. Once they were gone, I got laundry going. I got more of Robbie’s clothes sorted and bagged, and some of mine as well. I got 4 or 5 of my boxes that I mailed home from Iraq emptied. I filled 2 plastic tubs with yarn. I’m thankful I have 2 more empty tubs upstairs. All my yarn will be in plastic tubs before we move, and God forbid if the packers/movers decide that the yarn has to be repacked. I think I may get some duct tape and tape the boxes shut. They’re fine just the way they are, thank you very much. And then I sat down to relax and I crocheted. I tucked in the ends of the baby blanket I’ve been working (haven’t taken a pic of that yet – will tomorrow before I deliver it to its recipient). I crocheted a square for an exchange I’m in.
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I crocheted a little drawstring bag for Ryan’s Magic dice. Well, I actually finished this after Robbie was in bed.
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After the guys got home from school, we played for a while – Robbie had fun with my empty BIG box that had yarn in it.  I told him he could play with it until Ryan makes his next trip out to the dump.  Then we walked to Jreck Subs for dinner and after we walked home, we played some more before Robbie went to bed.  And then I crocheted more.  That’s when I finished Ryan’s bag, and I also started on a second one for him with a different pattern.

Off to bed now myself. . .

Today’s high:  58 (where did spring go??)
Current:  40

A trip to the vet and more Freecycle

After I saw the guys off to school this morning, I grabbed a shower and then I rounded up the cats.  I had Callie in my arms and got her downstairs, but I couldn’t get the cat carrier open with one hand.  Callie figured out what was going on and got away and went and "hid".  I got the cat carriers ready and went up to find the cats.  They have their usual hiding spots, but today they weren’t even really hiding.  They were laying on a small table in front of a window in our craft/hobby room.  Said room has a door.  Smart move, kitties.  🙂  I got Shadow and headed back downstairs, shutting the door behind me.  Shadow goes into her carrier pretty easily.  I got her zipped in (she has a Sampsonite soft-sided carrier) and headed back up to get Callie.  She had moved under the table.  As I went near her, she started walking toward me.  DUH!!!  So I picked her up and carried her downstairs and wrangled her into her carrier.  She has a normal cat carrier, and I use gravity to help me – I set the cat carrier on end with the door open and put her in head first.  She tries to use her back legs to stay out, but gravity takes over soon enough and plop – into the carrier she goes.  And then the meowing begins.  Neither girl likes traveling and they both meowed all the way to the vet – all 2 1/2 miles.  I was using a special thing they have where you just drop the pets off for vaccinations and then pick them up later.  I couldn’t get an appointment until May, but I wanted to get them in now while I’m still on leave.  The vet fits them in between other patients.  

So once I got home, I got more stuff posted on Freecycle, I got the bed stripped and sheets AND mattress pad in the washer, and I got dinner in the crockpot.  I put a roast in the crockpot with some taters and carrots, and onions and garlic on top for flavor.  And all that by lunchtime!!  I spent the afternoon crocheting and doing computer stuff.  Later in the afternoon, I had another Freecycle pickup – from stuff I had posted today!!  Then I went and picked the cats up from the vet.  Both are healthy and got their feline distemper shots.  I also got something to give them when we travel – hopefully it works.  I don’t want to drive all the way across the country with 2 cats meowing in the back of the van.

After Ryan and Robbie got home from school, we played for a while, and then headed to Ryan’s doctor’s appointment.  I had to go to as his doctor wanted to meet me.  Then when we got home, I got some biscuits in the oven and when they were ready, we ate.  After Robbie was in bed, I finished the baby blanket I was working on.  I just need to tuck the ends in, but I’ll do that tomorrow.

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Today was a productive day.  I saw my guys off to school and then I headed out on a 4.74 mile run in 52:42 (11:07 pace).  I ran my hilliest route today, and boy did the hills kick my butt.  I had to walk a couple times on my way back.  But it still felt good!  Then after shower/change/breakfast, I did computer stuff for a little bit and then I headed around the house with a notebook.  I made quite a list of stuff to post on Freecycle and got it posted.  Within a half hour, I had the e-mails pouring in, and by the time I got back from picking Robbie up from daycare (I stitched for a couple hours in the afternoon), the majority of my list was spoken for.  Now if they actually come and pick them up. . .  I did have 2 ladies stop by tonight and picked up some of the stuff, so that’s good.  Once Ryan got home from golfing (and what a beautiful day he had!!!!), he made supper for us.  That was nice!  Then Robbie had a bath since he played a lot outside at daycare today and then I stitched some more and watched our Tivo’ed shows from last night (Amazing Race and The Unit).

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Church, Lunch, Dinner out

If you use your cell phone as your alarm clock, make sure your phone is charged enough to make it through the night. I had planned on getting up and going for a run, but my phone battery died overnight so therefore my alarm didn’t go off at 0700. And I didn’t hear Ryan when he got up – didn’t even see him this morning. He was at the golf course since the Jefferson Community College golf team was hosting a tournament today. Although Ryan wasn’t playing, he still went to help the coach and support his teammates. Robbie woke up shortly before I did and he crawled onto our bed and woke me up – whispered "Mommy. Mommy." I peek one eye open. "Mommy, can you wake up in a little while?" I told him yes and he went down stairs and I got up and dressed. We had waffles for breakfast (Eggo, of course, since I don’t own a waffle maker). Then we got ready and headed to church. The service was really good – ALL of the songs were ones I did with Joyful Noez back in Iraq. Robbie went to children’s church. After the service we had a soup and sandwich lunch (oh yeah, I made 6 pb & j sandwichs, cut into triangle quarters before the service to bring with us). And then there was a short presentation on the mission stuff of the church. It was pretty interesting. Then we came home and watched a couple Tivo’ed episodes of Special Agent Oso from Playhouse Disney – Robbie loves Special Agent Oso, and it’s a great show. I finally got around to checking my e-mail and message boards and stuff.

Once Ryan got home, the weather nicened up and Robbie and I went outside to play for a little while. Then we headed into Watertown for dinner at TGI Friday’s after a little bit of shopping at Kmart. I had planned on putting a roast in the crockpot with some taters and carrots, but I forgot to take the roast out of the freezer and I didn’t know if it would cook when it was completely frozen. Our dinner was good and we had a couple of coupons that we used as well, so that’s always nice. Then it was home to get Robbie in bed and then I called Mom & Dad. I stitched and finished one project and started another. The one I finished is the one I shared a progress picture of last night. Now you get to see it finished.

Country Cottage Needleworks Bless Our Home. It took me 24.5 hours to complete.
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Fun Family Day

Today was a beautiful and fun day!  By the time we got up about 0900, it was already nearly 75 out and nice and sunny.  We had breakfast and did computer stuff and then shortly after 1000 we headed out.  Our first stop was the post office to get a money order and mail a couple of things out.  Then we stopped by the ATM because our next stop would most likely only take cash (we were right on that thought).  We headed into Watertown for the Taste of the Town.  There were quite a few vendors there – local area restaurants and food/beverage places, and you bought tickets for the tastes.  we got a discount on both admission and the tickets because we’re military – that’s always nice!  There were several characters (think mascots) there, and Robbie was SCARED of them at first.  He would scream when he saw one.  But I guess we talked to him enough about them just being a guy like daddy in a costume and stuff, and soon after Ryan shook the hand of the dragon (Yaki, from Teryaki Experience, a local restaurant), Robbie decided he wanted to go hug the dragon.  And then he was trying to find the others – the buffalo from Buffalo Wild Wings, the armadillo from Texas Roadhouse, and Mr. Froggy from Froggy 97 (the country station we listen to) – to give them hugs as well.  After the first 30-45 minutes of being scared, we spent the rest of the time giving hugs and handshakes and high fives.  There was lots of good food there – entrees, desserts, beverages, etc., and we all ate our fill.  There was also a magician there and he was doing balloon animals and stuff for the kids – Robbie got a green sword.  And he also did a magic show and Robbie (well, all of us) enjoyed watching him perform.

After we left there, we headed to Target for some shopping.  Of course, they didn’t have shorts for me or sandals for Robbie, so we ended up going to Walmart as well.  Walmart had both shorts and sandals.  Then we stopped at a comic book/card store so Ryan could get some stuff for his Magic cards.  And then it was back to Carthage to the grocery store for hot dogs, buns, and potato salad.  We headed right to the church/parsonage for the BBQ that Pastor and his wife were having for the younge adults in the congregation.  There were probably 6 or 8 families there, and Robbie made friends with some of the other kids.  The kids played together.  The guys talked around the grills.  The ladies talked.  It was a lot of fun and lots of food.  Pastor and his wife provided condiments, beverages, and brownies & ice cream for dessert.

Then it was finally home and quick bath for Robbie and once he was in bed, I stitched.  I’ll leave you with a few pictures tonight.  Here’s Robbie with Yaki the Dragon:

And here’s the cross stitch project I was working on tonight.  It’s called Bless Our Home by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I’ve got 22.5 hours done on it and should be able to finish it tomorrow.

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No lunch today, but my yard is raked

This morning after the guys left for school in my van, I brought Ryan’s truck to Condino’s for an oil change and complete detailing.  We’re going to be putting a For Sale sign up in, and we wanted it looking good!  They even got all the bumper and other stickers off, per our request.  After I dropped the truck off, I walked home and headed upstairs with some paper bags.  I went through all of Robbie’s baby clothes and got them organized by size in paper bags.  Since we’re moving later this summer, I’m going through stuff and getting rid of things so we don’t have to move with everything.  I did keep a few of Robbie’s outfits for future child(ren).  I’m going to be listing a lot of stuff on Freecycle this weekend, and hopefully save myself a trip or more to the Salvation Army thrift store.  I want to get them listed this weekend, so that I’ll be home next week for people to come and pick stuff up.

After a bit of relaxing and computering, I headed outside to rake my front yard.  The guys got home from school when I was part way done, and Robbie came and "helped" me.  He actually did pretty good once we traded his rake for a broom and he swept the sidewalks.  I also got some grass seed down in the area where we had a big stump removed a couple of years ago.  When we were done with that, we played baseball for a while.  Then I got washed up and headed to my chiropractor massage/adjustment – boy did that feel good after raking.  Once I got home, Robbie and I played outside a little more when he and Ryan got home from getting the truck – all nice and clean and shiny!!  They even retouched the paint in a few places.  Then we went to our local Italian place for dinner.  Ryan had lasagne and Robbie and I shared a small cheese pizza.  And then it was home – we walked since it’s only a few blocks away.  When we got home, Robbie and I played outside a little more and got some trash from the winter cleaned up.  Then it was bathtime for Robbie and after he was clean and tucked in bed, I stitched.

Oh, about the no lunch.  I didn’t have lunch today.  Not with Robbie at school.  Not at all.  I was driving home from the chiropractor’s and my stomach was growling really loud.  I couldn’t figure out how I could be so hungry since it was only just after 1600, but then I remembered that I hadn’t eaten anything since my bowl of Cheerios about 0900.  Oops.

Today’s high:  75!!!!
Current:  64

Picnic lunch and a run

This morning was fun. I got to pack a lunch for Robbie for school! I used my cookie cutters and turned his pb & j sandwich into an airplane, a dinosaur, and his initials (RY). He picked out the rest of the stuff and helped pack his new Spiderman lunchbox. He picked baby carrots, a string cheese stick, and grapes. I did manage to talk him into one cookie though. After the guys left for school, I spent the morning on my computer after getting all the trash to the street for pick up. Shortly before 1130 I got my lunch packed and then headed into town to the daycare for lunch again. Today was Beach Day and many of the kids (including Robbie) were wearing their swim suits and other beach attire. The teachers laid out a big sheet on the floor of their classroom for the picnic (it was going to be outside, but it was rainy and cold). Ryan showed up a bit later after he got out of class. There were I think 4 other moms there as well. It was a lot of fun, and all the kids were showing their friends what they had in their lunches. Ryan had to leave a little early for other school stuff, and I enjoyed talking to the other moms some. After lunch, I stopped by the University Center to check out the kids’ art show that they had – all kinds of different styles of art from the kids in the daycare. I think every kid had one piece on display.

Then I headed home and got changed into running attire – running shorts and a long sleeved running shirt, and shoes of course. I headed out into the chilly and went for a 3.63 mile run. I ran it in 39:05, but it probably would have been about a minute or so faster had it not been for the stupid dogs. Or should I say stupid dog owners? Right around mile 3 there was a pretty big hill – my nemesis because it’s high rise in a short distance. Well, there were 2 dogs in a yard and they weren’t tied up. The big dog barked a little and then just sat and watched me. But the little ankle-biter barked and barked and barked and then decided to chase me. No thanks. I ended up having to stop and walk for a bit. If that dog had come much closer I may have stepped on the little annoyance. Next time I run that way if those dogs aren’t tied up, I’ll make a detour to the police station to report them. But anyway, I ended up sprinting up the hill and finally outran the stupid little thing. I made it home and did some crunches – still trying to get caught up. I spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with my friend   and playing on my computer. Once Ryan and Robbie got home from school and the chiropractor, I made tacos for dinner. And then Robbie and I played some more before it was his bedtime. Then I stitched – finished one project and worked a bit on another one.

Today’s High: 48
Current: 42

Lunch with my little guy!!

I didn’t get up early enough to have breakfast with Robbie this morning, but that’s ok.  At least I was up in time to see my guys off to school.  The contractor got here and started on the inside of the garage.  I helped move stuff that was in there – brought some down to the basement and just moved other stuff.  Then I did stuff on my computer until it was time to head to town and to the daycare center to meet up with Robbie for lunch.  I walked with him and his classmates/friends and teachers to the college cafeteria where they had a special lunch today.  Ryan joined us as soon as he was done with class.  It was a good lunch and a nice time with Robbie.  Then it was back to the classroom.  I stayed for a little while and got to see circle time.  It was a great time of learning for the kids, but the teachers make it fun as well.  After circle time they brush their teeth and then have quiet time.  I headed home for a while and got some crocheting done before heading back to town to pick Robbie up from school since Ryan was going golfing again.  We came home and played until Ryan got home and then we all made supper together.  Ryan made scrambled eggs, sausge, and hash browns, and I made pancakes.  Robbie helped stir things and helped set the table.  We made a little too much food, but it was all good and it was really nice all cooking together.  After dinner, since it was so late, it was Robbie’s bedtime.  After he was all tucked in, I crocheted while Ryan and I watched TV.

Today’s high:  47
Current:  40

The work has begun

Robbie and I had breakfast together this morning again.  I kind of like that.  🙂  Then the guys headed off to school.  I did computer stuff for a while and then I started on a new crochet project.  It’s for an exchange in my crochet exchange group.  The contractor showed up mid-morning and got started on the roof since it actually wasn’t raining despite the forecast.  I spent the day crocheting and computering.  Shortly before 1530 I headed into town to pick Robbie up from daycare so Ryan could go golfing after school.  We came home and Robbie liked watching the guy work on the roof and we found a few books from Christmas and brought them upstairs.  After a little while at home, we walked to McDonald’s for supper.  It’s probably about a mile and a quarter or so there.  Robbie and I had a good walk together.  We stopped to throw stones into the river from the bridge.  We ran some and Robbie always beat me.  Then we got to McDonald’s and got our supper and played in the play area for a little while.  And then we walked home.  It was a good evening!  Once we got home, it was time for bed, so we headed up to brush teeth and have bedtime book.  And then I crocheted on my project for a bit more after he was in bed.

Today’s high:  58
Current:  48