A fire week

Last Sunday the wildfire in the Huachuca Mountains really took off.  It was SUPER windy and that was not good.  We ended up not getting our day off on Monday as most of the band was tasked out to clear brush on post.  I was one of 3 Soldiers pulling "Fire Ops CQ".  My shift was from 2-10 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I got quite a bit of stitching done, including finishing one piece.  I also started crocheting another baby blanket while I was on duty.  The phone rang 2 times during my 24 hours of duty.  My guys brought me dinner each night so I could see them (especially Robert) while I was on duty.  Robert thought it was neat riding on the motorcycle on post with Daddy.  Thursday things were back mostly to normal at work, but I didn’t go in until 1300 since I had the morning off from duty the night before.  We had a release formation at 1630 both Thursday and Friday, so that made for some long days.  Friday morning I tried to go to the dentist for my annual check up, but they were closing for their organizational day, so I was told I had to go back another day.

As of now, the fire is about 80% contained, so no more worries.  AND we have a 20% chance of RAIN in the forecast starting on Wednesday!!!!!!

Yesterday morning K and I went for a run to start the morning off and then we had a pretty relaxing day.  We ran a few errands, had time to relax at home, I got the laundry started, and then in the evening we all went to see Cars 2 in 3D.  K and B joined us and we had a great family evening!!  We all really enjoyed the movie, but I ate too much popcorn and I could taste it all night.  YUCK.

This morning even I slept in, but we got to church since it’s not until 1100.  After church we went to Walmart, Petsmart, the grocery store and the gas station before coming home.  I finished the laundry and got some stitching done while we watched the NASCAR race.  Then we went to Sonic for dinner/ice cream.  Now it’s off to bed – getting up early to run with K before I go to PT.

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Please send rain

There has been a fire in the mountains about 10-15 miles south of us since Sunday.  They’re calling it the Monument Fire since it started near Coronado National Memorial.  Because it’s in the mountains and the wind has been super crazy, they’ve not been able to contain it hardly at all and it’s gotten bigger and bigger over the past few days.  Last night we could see the orange glow on the ridge from our backyard.  The last I heard, there were over 40 homes lost and about 10 or so outbuildings.  It’s SOOOOOOOOOOO dry here and the wind doesn’t help.  We sure could use some rain to help the firefighters out.  And the smoke from the fire is starting to bother me – good thing we always keep lots of boxes of kleenex in our house.

Monday was a normal work day and I spent the morning in supply and then we had the last of our Comprehensive Soldier Fitness classes in the afternoon.  I’m glad that’s done with.  Monday night we didn’t have our Bradley Childbirth class as our instructor lives out where the fire is and they didn’t know if they’d have to evacuate again (they did Sunday night but were allowed back on Monday).

Tuesday morning after pregnancy education class I took Robert to the dentist for what I thought was going to just be a check-up.  Well, it turned out to be x-rays and a cleaning as well.  I was a little nervous since we didn’t do the sedation since I thought it was just a check-up, but Robert did really well with the x-rays, exam, and cleaning!!!!  So, no more sedation for him which is good because our insurance doesn’t cover that.  The dentist complimented him on his brushing, even, so that’s a really good thing!!  In the afternoon, the 36th Army Band was deactivated and we because the 62nd Army Band.  The reason for this was that 1AD went from Germany to Ft. Bliss, TX, and brought their band with them (the name, anyway) and because the 62nd’s history (lineage) went back further than the 36th’s did, we became the 62nd (the old 62nd was at Ft. Bliss).  Kind of confusing, but it’s an Army thing.  It was kind of a sad ceremony.  The 36th Army Band was the oldest unit on Ft. Huachcua.  But 36th or 62nd, it’s all the same people and in the same place and business as usual.

Wednesday morning I swam 1500 yards at the pool for PT.  That was a nice way to start my day!!  Then, once at work, we had a ceremonial band rehearsal for our gig on Friday in the morning and then I spent the afternoon working in supply.

Today I didn’t go to work.  I went to Tucson for lab work.  I redid the one hour glucose screen and they did some other blood work as well.  While I was sitting waiting my hour after drinking the glucose test drink, the fire alarm went off, so we had to go outside for a little while.  I was glad when I was done in there – I was STARVING since I hadn’t eaten since about 1900 last night (it was a fasting lab).  I stopped at Subway for lunch, but ate my lunch in the van as there weren’t any open tables since it was lunchtime.  Then this evening, K took us out to dinner at Chili’s and then we all went to hear the Brass Quintet perform in the park.  It was a really good concert!!  I’m really glad that K is back.  We’ve all missed her, and I’m looking forward to running with her at 5 tomorrow morning.  I guess I should get to bed.

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Another week has gone by

I don’t want any complaints about me not writing for a week again.  This whole growing a baby thing makes for more sleep time.  Some nights I don’t even get to my e-mail before I head to bed.  That, and there’s not really anything going on in my life that I feel is worth writing about.  All my days are pretty much the same – get up, go to work, sit in supply all day, go home, make dinner, stitch, go to bed.

Monday was one of those above mentioned days.  And then we had our Bradley Childbirth class in the evening.  Tuesday I had an appointment with my midwife, so I drove to Tucson.  I had to go by myself as Ryan has started a new part time job as a security guy at a new pawn shop that opened in town.  My appointment went well and baby is growing just like he should be.  I went to Waffle House for lunch after, but it wasn’t quite the same without my Sweetie there with me.

Something from dinner Tuesday evening wasn’t liking me too much, and then add pool water on top of it (we were back at the pool for Wednesday morning PT, but it was the outdoor pool since the indoor one is closed for renovations – I swam 1200 yards of laps!!!) and I ended up going home after formation on Wednesday because I felt horrible.  It felt like I needed to throw up but I wasn’t.  I wished I would though and just get it over with.  Once home, I napped for almost 3 hours and felt some better after that.

Thursday it was back to work, and after formation in the morning, we had a short ceremonial band rehearsal and then I spent the rest of my day in supply.  Friday morning was a ceremony, so no PT for me.  The ceremony was long, but that was all we had for the day.  We had a release formation/safety brief at 1130 and then that was it.  I headed home to change and eat lunch and then I went to get a manicure.  They were super busy and didn’t have any walk in times available until after 4, so I made an appointment for Saturday and went home rather disappointed.  I know it’s something silly to get disappointed over, but those darn pregnancy hormones make mountains out of molehills.  Once home, I began my stitching marathon.  We went out for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking, and then once home, I stitched until 2 a.m. trying to get a piece done.

I slept until about 0930 Saturday morning and after a little bit on my computer, I resumed my stitching.  I took a break for my nail appointment at 1230, and since they were not busy at all, I decided to get a pedicure as well as a manicure.  And then it was back home to my stitching again.  We ordered pizza for dinner, so again I didn’t cook.  I stitched and stitched and stitched and got pretty close to finishing my project by the time, but not quite.  It’s not a major deal – it’s just that on my cross stitch message board we do what we call an Incentive Piece.  You start a new project on a certain date and then you have until a certain date (about 4 months later) to finish it and if you finish before the deadline, you get a prize (more cross stitch stuff).  Out of the 14 incentive rounds we’ve done, this is only 2nd time I’ve not finished on time.  But I’ll get the project done this month – just going to put it away for a little bit to get a couple of other things done that have deadlines as well.

This morning was Pentecost in church, so the choir sang at both services.  Robert came with me to the second service.  Both went well, and then after church, all three of us went to Jeannie’s for lunch and then to the commissary for groceries.  After stitching and playing on my computer while we watched part of the NASCAR race and I called Mom & Dad, we went to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream.  And now it’s past my bedtime, so I’d better get off my computer.

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Foot Pursuit 5K race report. . . and more

Last week was pretty slow at work again.  Tuesday was a comp day, so I was home.  Ryan and I went for a bike ride and I stitched and that was pretty much it.  Wednesday and Thursday were spent in my supply office not doing much.  Friday morning we played at a graduation ceremony and then in the evening we played at a troop return ceremony.  I got some stitching done at home in the afternoon. 

Saturday morning was Robert’s first 5K race.  We ran the Foot Pursuit 5K here in town together.  It was a little bit warm at race start (and LOTS warmer than for this race last year), but it wasn’t too bad.  Robert and I got checked in and got our numbers, shirts, and goodie bags.  By then Ryan arrived and got a picture of us before the race with a nice bike patrol officer who was out volunteering.  Soon the race started and we were off.  We walked when Robert wanted to walk, although I did push him a little each time.  About half way, he told me, we just here to have fun, right Mommy?  I said, yes, and to get the t-shirt!!  My Garmin time was 45:46, but Robert finished a few seconds ahead of me.  The awards ceremony was a little disappointing and I voiced my opinion to race officials after.  Instead of breaking the kids into 10 and under and 11-14 age groups, they do 14 and under.  That means that kids like Robert are going up against kids that potentially run middle school track or cross country.  Yes, young runners just starting to run "real" races (as opposed to kiddie races where all finishers get a medal or ribbon) need to learn that they might not get anything at the end of a race, but they also need to be encouraged to continue running by knowing that they might have a chance at an age group award.  The way to do that is to ensure that there are separate age groups for the youngest runners.  I just checked the results, hoping to see how Robert would have done had there been a 10 and under age group, and of course, they don’t have ages listed.  But I made the suggestion to the race officials about having a 10 and under age group and the ladies I talked to all agreed with me.  Hopefully we’ll see that change next year.  But Robert still had a great time overall, despite being a little disappointed when he found out he was running against 14 year olds.

Here are a few pics from the race:
Me and Robert with the bike patrol officer before the race

Robert making his final sprint to the finish

Robert and I after the race

After we got home from the race, we got changed and went to McDonald’s for breakfast and then some other errands around town.  Then I got to sit and relax for a few hours before having to get ready for work.  We played pregame for the Bisbee Copper Kings baseball game, Military Appreciation Night.  We played the 5 service songs and the National Anthem.  Ryan and Robert had come with, and we stayed for the game, but left after the 6th inning because we were all tired since we’d been up since a little after 5 in the morning.

This morning Ryan went on a motorcycle ride with some the American Legion Riders.  They went to Mt. Lemmon, which is probably close to a 2 hour ride each way.  They got lunch at a restaurant on the top of the mountain and had a great time.  Meanwhile, Robert and I went to the 1100 church service since that’s what the choir sang at and then we went and got a few things from Target that we forgot yesterday.  Then we came home and just relaxed.  I got laundry done and lots of stitching and he played Wii for  a while.  Dinner was fish sticks and veggies.  Ryan was home, but didn’t feel like eating because of being out in the heat all day.

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