Still sick

We all slept in this morning – me and Robbie until about 9:30 or so and Ryan until almost 11. I woke up at normal “get up for church time” but decided that Robbie and I didn’t need to get everyone else sick, and I didn’t need to be coughing and blowing my nose through the whole church service. So we didn’t go today. We just had a lazy day at home. Robbie played a lot and I finally got caught up on newspapers. I did 2 loads of laundry. And I stitched. I started on a new project. I made spaghetti for supper and then we went for our weekly walk to the ice cream place. This was our last Sunday evening there until spring – they’re last day for the season will be this coming Friday. Then when we got home, I helped Robbie finish putting his toys away and then he went up to bed. I called home to talk to Mom & Dad and I stitched more on the new project. And then I discovered a boo-boo back near the beginning after over 2 hours of work. I need to pull it out, but I want to figure out what I did wrong – I found 2 of the boo-boos but there has to be at least one more because things are matching up when they shouldn’t because of the first 2 boo-boos. I did restart on the other end of the fabric, and next time I work on it I’ll try and figure out what I did. I’m feeling a bit better now after several doses of Day-Quil today and a huge cup of tea. Mainly it’s just my throat that hurts now, and that’s from all the coughing I’ve been doing. I’ve taken my Ny-Quil and I’ll be heading to bed here soon.

High: 70
Low: 47

100% and now blah

Yesterday I conducted a 100% urinalysis. As I expected, there were a few complaints, “We just had one last week.” (Yeah, but it wasn’t a 100% one) “Why can’t you call before formation? I’ve already peed this morning.” (The preffered method of notification is at a formation so there is no prior notice) But for the most part everyone was good, and the bulk of the band had dontated their samples by about 0930 or 1000. I did what I thought was my last about 1130, but then I couldn’t go turn the specimens in until 1300 as the people I turn it in to are at lunch from 1130 to 1300. And then about 1240, a soldier who hadn’t been at formation and I was told he’d become AWOL if he wasn’t there by 1000 decided to show up. Of course, I had already marked him off as not tested, but it was a pretty easy fix, but then I had to sit around for another 45 minutes or so until he was ready to produce a sample. So I finally go turn my 3 boxes in and got my paperwork checked and everything. Since it was way after the mail guy was there, I had to bring the package to the post mail room. By the time I got back to the band hall, jazz band rehearsal was over so I pretty much didn’t do anything all day. I left a little after 3 and went and picked Robbie up and we went to the monthly Post Retirement Ceremony. Two Soldiers from the band were being recognized at the ceremony, and one of them was one of the families that babysat Robbie when Ryan had to work on Saturdays while I was in Afghanistan. After the ceremony and going down the receiving line of all the retirees and their families, we headed back to the band hall so I could change into civies. Then I headed to Busters Brew Pub at the Commons (a community center with a couple of eating places in it as well) for a reception for SFC TW, one of the band retiring Soldiers. Ryan showed up about 6:40 and then I left with Robbie to take him to his appointment at the Urgent Care Center. He had been complaining of his tummy hurting all day again, so I made an appointment for him just to see even though I figured it was just constipation. Turns out I was right. So then we went home and got Robbie to bed and I took some Ny-Quil and went to bed as well.

I woke up this morning feeling AWFUL. So my 18 mile run was out of the question today, and Ryan was working anyway. So Robbie and I just spent the morning playing and reading and when he went down for a nap, I got a bunch of newspapers read. I could have taken a nap too, but I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep tonight. When Ryan got home from work, he got Robbie up from his nap and we played some more and then went to the Golden Unicorn for supper. I had planned on making spaghetti, but I just didn’t feel like cooking. I had a scrambled egg and some toast and 2 cups of tea. We stopped at the grocery store on our way home so I could get some tea, Day-Quil, and chicken noodle soup. Now Robbie’s in bed and I took I hot shower and bath and more Ny-Quil. I’ll be heading up to bed as soon as it starts kicking in.

High: 65
Low: 44

Rainy Day

Other than during PT, it rained pretty much all day today. But we need it. Our county has been placed under a burn ban since it’s so dry. At PT we did a circle of pushups and then some crunches and situps. For the circle of pushups, our squad got in a circle and everyone got into the pushup position. The squad leader started and we went around the circle and each did 1 pushup, then 2, all the way up to 10. We stayed in the pushup position the entire time, so even though you weren’t doing pushups the whole time, you were still working those muscles. I like doing that – it’s a really good workout. After the pushups and situps, we went for a 2 mile run and I ran it 3 minutes faster than I did on Monday.

This morning after formation I did supply stuff all morning – learned how to do some more different kinds of paperwork, and had to go to some of the other offices on post that we deal with. After a shortened lunch, I headed to the Main Post Chapel for the dress rehearsal for the ceremony the BQ played at later in the afternoon. It started about 45 minutes late, and I hate when my time is wasted like that. At least it was a short ceremony, so even when they went through the ceremony twice, it was quick – and they don’t do the whole speeces and stuff at the rehearsal. Then it was back to the supply office for a bit to continue working on the NCOER, and then BQ had formation at 1530 for the job. We played for the monthly Mountain Salute – a remembrance ceremony for soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division who have lost their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan in the past month. Today there were only 2, but some months they have a lot. Months with none would be nice. We played 4 pieces for pre music (hymns and America the Beautiful) and then the National Anthem after the ceremony started. And one of my trumpet players played Taps at the appropriate spot in the ceremony. I drove separate so I could leave right away to go get Robbie from daycare, and then we headed home.

Ryan had ended up not working today due to the rain and he had put my experimental beef stew recipe into the crockpot for me. Boy it smelled good when I walked in the door! So Robbie and I played for a while until Ryan got home from the chiropractor and then I made some crescent rolls to go along with the beef stew. Everything was really good! Then after playing a bit more and after Robbie was in bed I stitched some and watched Tivo.

High: 68
Low: 61 (current temp)

The middle of the week

To begin today, I’ll answer a question that was posed by a reply yesterday (thanks for reading, btw!). Yes, I pay for chow at the chow hall – you did figure it out (but I’ll answer anyway in case anyone else wonders). I’m on separate rations because I live off post. But I eat at the chow hall once in a while with my friends and pay the few dollars. Everything is al a carte, so the more I eat, the more it is and the less I eat, the less it is!

My day started off as usual – drop Robbie off at daycare and then off to PT. We just did a “long” run today – our choice of distance as long as we had at least one buddy. Several of the guys went 5 miles. I went 4.22 with the new trombone player. I don’t know what the others did. It felt good! Then after going home to change and eat breakfast and pack my lunch and do e-mail and stuff, it was back for some classes on various aspects of Operational Security. They were planned for all morning, but they only took about an hour. So when they were done, I went and started doing some key stuff in supply – getting the keys for the quad cons organized and matched to which qc they go to. I’ll be in charge of those keys since I’ll be in charge of the qc’s because of being the Unit Movement Officer. I also learned how to fill out a few of the different supply forms. I stitched some during lunch and then after lunch I worked on my keys for a little bit more, and a few of us went and dug through the quad cons because we’re missing a piano amp. It’s around somewhere, but we don’t know where. At 3, all the NCO’s had to go to the post theater (multi-purpose auditorium) for some Battalion NCO training time. So there we sat for an hour and at the end there was time for questions. Several of the people that asked questions apparently weren’t listening during the previous hour because everything they asked had already been covered.

When we were done there, I dropped SSG C off back at the band hall (he rode with me since he’s working on fixing his truck) and then headed out to pick Robbie up and go to the chiropractor. I really like our new doctor. She took over the practice and has added massage therapists so before you get adjusted, you get a 10-15 minute massage to help relax you and stuff. You can also get 1/2 hour or hour massages, and I’ll definitely be making an appt. for an hour one a few days after my marathon. Then Robbie and I headed home and I made supper since Ryan didn’t have Scouts tonight so he was home, too. After we ate, we played for a while. Once Robbie was in bed, I crocheted and we watched some TV. Talk about a season opener for NCIS!!! For my crocheting, it was too hot to work on my baby blanket, so I started on a Christmas doily.

High: 76 and VERY humid
Low: 68


I’m glad I planned on a lot of “me time” this morning. I set my alarm for 0600 figuring on hitting snooze until 0615, and then dressed and downstairs by 0630 or so. That would give me a little over an hour to eat breakfast, check e-mail, visit my message boards, pack my lunch, etc. before having to leave this morning. Well, I awoke from a very strange dream and looked at my phone and it was 0721. OOPS!! So I managed to get ready and get my lunch packed and check parts of my e-mail and post a good morning message and that was about it. Then I had to get Robbie ready and we were out the door. I dropped him off at daycare and then stopped at the Shoppette (little gas station mini-mart) where I got a cup of coffee and some donuts for breakfast. Then I headed to the Education Center where the ARIMS class was being held. I ate my breakfast in the parking lot. ARIMS is the Army Records Information Management System – the filing system we use for all items that need to be filed. It’s a pretty easy system once you figure it out, and our class only lasted about an hour. We did get to do hands-on training with the web based side of it and that’s always helpful. Once that was done, we headed back to the band area and I helped finish moving the supply stuff from our old building to our new building. Then the organization part of moving began, and by the end of the day it was starting to look organized in there. Several of us from the supply crew went to the chow hall for lunch. That was my first time going there for lunch – been there for breakfast a couple of times. I had a tuna sandwich, some Spanish rice, chocolate pudding, and 2 small glasses of chocolate milk and it was only $2.75. And it was good food, too.

After lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal, our last before the gig on Thursday. We went over the 5 pieces we’re doing for the gig and then did some sightreading just for the fun of it. We actually read the pieces better than I anticipated, and it was a lot of fun just playing to play. When rehearsal was over, I went back to supply and since there wasn’t anything for me to do, I went over to the ASAP office (Army Substance Abuse Program) to bring them a copy of our new SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). It’s the same as the old one, but since we have a new commander, he needed to sign it. I visited with the ASAP people for a while and then headed back for a make-up class on PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). They had the class while we were doing our supply training, and all Soldiers are required to have this class. It lasted about a half hour and then I went to my office and started working on the NCOER (Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report) that I have to write for SGT JG. This is the first NCOER I’ll have written, and to help me with ideas, I printed out all of my old NCOERs to use as samples. I got what I could done and then I went and got Robbie from daycare and headed back to the band hall. We had our first Family Readiness Group (FRG) meeting this evening. It was an information meeting, and they actually got volunteers for the positions they need. They had pizza for us, so that was our supper tonight. Ryan met us there after work. Robbie was the best behaved of the kids there. All the other kids were banging on the drums and running around and being noisy. Of course, some/all of that is on the parents, but still. Robbie sat quietly with me and ate his pizza and cookies and drank his lemonade. Before we left he did ask me if he could play the drums and there happened to be one of our drummers there and I had Robbie ask him if he could play. So he got to play a little bit. Then it was home for bedtime and crocheting and TV. YAY – CSI: Miami and all the other CSI’s and other shows we watch are starting new seasons!!!!

High: 88
Low: 54

Back to work

Today was Monday again. The weekend was too short again. I started the day off with PT after bringing Robbie to daycare. We did 100 pushups, 100 situps, and ran 2 miles this morning. Then we had Brass Quintet rehearsal this morning. We have another gig coming up this Thursday, so we need to get ready for that. During lunch I stitched for a little while after I ate. Then we had jazz band this afternoon. We read through some Christmas charts and that was fun. We need to start on Christmas now so we’ll be ready. The Rock/Show Band will be on tour for a week at a time here and there and we can’t rehearse when they’re not around, and with everything else going on, we have to get an early start. Once rehearsal was done, I got some stuff done in my office and then headed out to get Robbie. We stopped at the grocery store on our way home and did shopping for the week. Once the groceries were put away, I made mac & cheese for me and Robbie since Ryan was working late pouring concrete. They’re doing a couple of long days to get done what needs to get done. They had planned on a certain amount each day this week, but there’s rain in the forecast Wednesday and Thursday and they can’t pour concrete when it’s raining. Ryan put in 12 1/2 hours today. Next week’s paycheck should be nice! He got home just as I was finishing Robbie’s story for bedtime – actually, Robbie read to me tonight. He read “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back” by Dr. Seuss. No, he’s not reading words yet, but he knows the basic idea of the story from us reading it to him so much. It’s always neat when he “reads” to us. So then him and Ryan spent some time together and I got a load of laundry folded and put away. Then it was time to stitch and watch some TV.

High: 80 (I thought it was fall?)
Low: 48

A usual Sunday plus 10 miles (Happy Fall)

I got to use my new Pampered Chef Apple Wedger this morning for Robbie’s breakfast. He wanted an apple, so I asked him if he wanted it big or in pieces. He wanted pieces, so I took out my new “toy” and boy that is easy!! It made 10 nice and even wedges and left me with a round core containing the seeds to throw out. Robbie thought it was pretty neat, too. Then we headed off to Sunday School and once Robbie was settled in, Ryan and I headed for our weekly Dunkin’ Donuts date. Then it was back for Church and after church we went to the car wash and then to Applebees for lunch. I had the veggie pizza off the appetizer menu and it was really good! Once we got home, Robbie went up for a nap, and I laid down and took about a 45 minute nap as well before changing into my running clothes. I headed out and took a hilly route today so I could get some hills in before my marathon. I went 10.09 miles in 2 hours and 3 minutes. It was a good run and the hills really didn’t phase me all that much. That’s a good thing! Once I was home I got supper going and then went and took a quick shower. After supper we went for our weekly walk to get ice cream. They’ll be closing for the winter probably in mid-October, so we don’t have very many weeks of ice cream left. Maybe we’ll have to figure something else out. They’ll also be relocating since their current location didn’t renew their lease. But it will be local and still within walking distance, so that’s a good thing. Once we got home, we played for a little bit and then it was up to bed for Robbie and once he was in bed, I got some stitching done while we watched TV. I didn’t get to make my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad as they are on their way home from out of town, but Mom did call from her cell phone and we talked for a few minutes.

High: 72
Low: 52

Old McDonald’s Farm

We all slept in this morning again and once we were up and dressed, we headed to the Golden Unicorn for their breakfast buffet. Then we headed to Sackets Harbor to go to Old McDonald’s Farm. We spent about 3+ hours there and we saw everything – cows, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, poultry, a camel, some alpacas, an emu, ponies, a reindeer, the corn maze, hay ride, Moo-town Trolley and a tour of the dairy barns, and we even played mini golf. Robbie rode on a pony and we all had a great time! Once we got home, we played for a while and then I made supper. After supper was a much-needed bath for Robbie and once he was in bed, I stitched for a while and we watched TV.

Here are some pictures from today:
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And here’s a video of Robbie mini-golfing.

High: 80
Low: 63 (current temp)

No daycare, so therefore no work

Robbie’s daycare teacher called about 5:30 this morning. She spent last night in the ER with food poisoning and would be closed today. So I took Robbie to PT formation with me – I had to go in because we were doing a urinalysis this morning and I had to bring the paperwork in for SSG G who is the secondary UPL (unit prevention leader) and he was running the urinalysis this morning. Robbie was very good during formation and I was given permission to take the day off. So Robbie and I came home and I changed out of my PT uniform and then we walked to the Chatterbox Diner for breakfast. We had square “pancakes”. We ordered french toast but after we ordered Robbie decided that he wanted pancakes. So I told him we were getting a special kind of square pancake. We shared an order of sausage, too. Then we walked down to the Farmer’s Market to look around there, and he named all the kinds of veggies they had there. And he got to see a train engine move. The engineer waved at him and even tooted his horn a little. Robbie thought that was really neat. While walking to breakfast, Robbie also waved at a firetruck driver and the driver honked and waved back and a schoolbus driver and he waved back.

Once home from the Farmer’s Market, we spent the rest of the morning playing and I did a little bit on my computer. We went to the Golden Unicorn for lunch since I had already planned on going to lunch with JG. Robbie always is happy to see him, so we went. SFC W and SFC P also joined us and we had a good time. After we got home it was naptime and I played on my computer. Ryan got home from work before Robbie was up and I read some of my newspapers I’m behind on. I think I read about a week’s worth. After Robbie got up, we played some more and I made supper. And then more playing after supper. Once Robbie was in bed, I stitched for a while.

High: 82
Low: 54

No PT and not much else

We didn’t have PT this morning. First Sergeant cancelled it after everyone (him included) was hurting from the road march yesterday. It was nice being able to sleep in a little bit this morning since we didn’t have to be in until 0900. My blisters felt much better this morning and I could actually stand on my right foot without it hurting. I did leave the bandaid on when I got dressed though. Before we left, Robbie and I brought the garbage and recycling to the street and put a load of laundry in the dryer. Then it was off to school and work. I was in my office all morning and am pretty much all caught up on government credit card stuff and then after lunch we went to the arms’ room to clean our weapons again. I cleaned my clean weapon yet again. After everyone had turned their weapons in, I stayed and conducted the montly inventory with our armorer. A 100% inventory by serial number has to be conducted once a month by a Staff Sergeant or higher and it can’t be the same person two months in a row. So the armorer asked me if I’d mind, and I didn’t have a problem with it. I didn’t have anything else going on the rest of the afternoon. So we did that and then headed back to the band hall in his car. I went and sat in the supply office for the rest of the time until our formation at 1650 to present an award to a soldier who is leaving for another unit. Then it was off to pick Robbie up and head home. I had a pretty bad migraine (not enough water yesterday) and so I took some meds and laid down for a little while. Robbie laid down and snuggled with me and did a pretty good job of being quiet. Then when Ryan got home from work, Robbie went down to see him and told him that “mommy has a headache.” I came down after a little while more and made tacos for supper. Robbie ate as much as I did again. I think there might be growth spurt coming up. Then it was up to bed for him and I sat down with my stitching and we watched the first episode of Survivor: China. It is going to be another good season on Survivor, I think.

High: 78
Low: 56