Sports Sunday

This morning was Church and Sunday School and then we went grocery shopping at the Commissary on post.  It wasn’t too bad in there considering it’s pay day weekend.  On our way home, we stopped at Target to find a crazy hat for Robert for school tomorrow and to get a shelf that I seen advertised in the paper this morning.  Then it was home to watch the first of 2 Tivo’ed sports events for the day.  We watched the Men’s Olympic Hockey gold medal game.  What a great game it was!!  The US sure gave Canada a run for their money.  Congratulations to both teams on an excellent game.  Then we started watching the NASCAR race.  Ryan got a few more things put up – the flag and certificate I got in Afghanistan for Robert.  That’s what the shelf from Target was for – the flag.  And he got our coat hook up and some hooks in Robert’s room for his sweatshirts and his growth chart.  He’s 44" tall!  I made a frozen pizza for dinner tonight – it’s a $5.17 pizza from the commissary, on sale for $4.00, but I had a coupon for $1 off, so our pizza was only $3!!!  I made my weekly phone call home to Mom and Dad and had a nice chat with them.  I got quite a bit of stitching done today, also.

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Relaxing Saturday

Ryan worked breakfast (helping cook, do dishes, etc.) at the Legion this morning so he was gone early.  Robert and I got up and picked up K and went to the Legion for breakfast.  You can’t beat $5 to feed both Robert and I!!  After we ate, the 3 of us headed out to post for SJ to cut our hair.  She’s the wife of one of me and K’s co-workers and she did a really good job.  She has a chair in her house.  Robert was very well behaved as always.  After our haircuts were done, we stopped at the PX so I could buy toilet paper.  Then it was on home.  Ryan got home just as we were getting there and K headed home after taking a look at Lady of the Flag.  We had planned on cleaning/organizing the garage today, but that just didn’t happen.  We did have a nice relaxing day, though.  We made a trip to Walmart to finally return the light bulbs that didn’t fit the lamp and bought cat litter.  Then we went to Lowe’s to exchange the pot for my spider plant.  Once we got home, the guys played with Legos and I repotted the spider plant.  Much better now!  I also did a little bit of laundry today.  Robert made mac & cheese for us for dinner – with just a little bit of help from me.  It was really good!  Then Robert had a bath and Ryan and I folded clothes.  After Robert was in bed, we watched Olympics and I stitched.  Congrats to Steve Holcomb and the US bobsled team!!!!

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I am certified!

This morning I was up early as those of us in the PPPT EL course attended PPPT this morning to observe and participate.  We did a form of yoga where you are seated on a chair.  Well, it wasn’t really yoga and we didn’t have chairs so it didn’t work very well, but it did give some good stretching.  After PT was over, I headed home for breakfast and to get my stuff for the rest of the day.  We were back at our classroom at 0900 and we went over our test.  I got 100% on it!  Then we played a little bit of Jeopardy with EL course topics and then we got a long lunch – 2 1/2 hours instead of 1 1/2.  I stitched for an hour while I was home.  After lunch, we met up at the pool.  Our pool on post is REALLY nice and the water was a decent temperature.  We did about 45 minutes of water aerobics, and let me tell you.  If you have never done water aerobics, you get quite the workout!!  It felt so good to be back in a pool.  After we were done with the aerobics, we had about 45 minutes until we were going to do end of course evaluations – right at the pool.  So I took my PT uniform off (yes, we were in the water in PT t-shirts and shorts, but I had my swimsuit under it) and swam laps for a little while.  I did maybe 1000 yards.  It felt great!!  Then I went and got dried off and changed into dry PTs and did the course eval.  Then our graduation was at 1500 outside.  We all got our certificates and a few other things.  It was also announced that I had scored the ONLY 100% in the class.  I was really surprised as it was a take-home open-book test.  Once we were done with that, we were done and I headed home.  I did some laundry and played on my computer.  After Ryan got home from his VA appointment in Tucson, we went and picked Robert up and went to Lowe’s to get a bigger pot and a plant hanger for my spider plant and then to the Legion for their monthly steak dinner.  Ryan had won two free steak dinners so we only had to pay for Robert’s dinner.  It was really good and we got tons of food between the good-sized steak, a baked potato, beans (I gave Ryan mine), and a roll.  And we had had salad to start off with.  Once we got home, we played for a while and read books and then after Robert was in bed, I stitched.  And I finished Lady of the Flag.  I started on her on 1 Jan 2004 and now, 262.75 hours later, she is DONE!!!  Pics are below.

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Detail of the top. . .
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and the bottom. . .
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Day 2 of PPPT EL course

Today was day 2 of the Pregnancy Post-partum Physical Training Exercise Leader course.  Today was much better than yesterday, and it all started from my attitude.  It was much more Lani-like today!  We went through the last few sections in our book and then did some aerobics.  It was fun watching some of the guys in the class – very uncoordinated, but they tried and we all had fun.  Then we broke down into our groups to put together our workout plan.  We had to put 3 days on paper, and then plan one day in detail and actually lead it.  Of course, we took an hour long PT plan and condensed it into 10 minutes.  Each exercise session includes centering (finding the center of balance), strengthening, cardio, flexibility, special pregnancy exercises, and relaxation/stress management and ends with centering again.  I did the cardio and relaxation for our group.  We did aerobics for our cardio.  I didn’t have music and I’m not the most coordinated person in the world, but it got the point across and wasn’t that bad.  The relaxation was awesome.  I did a Google search for "guided relaxation" during lunch and printed out a relaxation script to use.  It went over REALLY well!!  I even had two Soldiers fall asleep and it wasn’t but maybe 5 minutes long.  I had LOTS of comments about it afterward, from both my fellow students and the instructors.  And you know what?  I wasn’t really that nervous while reading it.  Maybe it was because no one was looking at me except the instructors, but I wasn’t looking at them.  After all the groups had gone, we talked about stuff for a little bit more before getting our homework assignment for tonight – our test.  We have a take-home, open-book test.  I headed home and stopped for gas on the way.  Once home I got laundry going and started supper while Ryan went and got Robert from Child Time.  We had chicken cordon bleu for dinner.  After dinner we played for a while and then read the books from school before bed.  I crocheted for a while and started a doily for an upcoming exchange.

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I was up early this morning and got lunches packed and checked my e-mail and stuff.  Robert got up just before I left and I made sure Ryan was up.  Then I headed to post to be where I needed to be by 0730.  I am attending the Pregnancy Post-partum Physical Training Exercise Leader Couse (PPPTELC).  No, I’m NOT pregnant, so don’t get any ideas.  I was selected from my unit (we HAD to send one Soldier) to be certified as an Exercise Leader for the PPPT.  Today we learned about the changes the pregnant body goes through, pregnancy nutrition, and lots of exercises (some with modifications for the later stages of pregnancy).  We were in PT uniforms as we actually did the exercises and stuff.  I’m going to have some muscles sore tomorrow – I found a few that hadn’t been used in a while.  I started the day with a REALLY negative attitude toward the class, but my biggest concern is no more.  They DO let the pregnant Soldiers run as long as the health care provider gives the ok for it.  I’m happy about that!

After class, I headed home and got changed and went for a run!!!!  It sure felt good, and I know I’ll sleep good tonight.  I went 2.97 miles in 34:18, an 11:32 pace.  It was such a beautiful day and I got home from class early enough.  Hopefully my running motivation is back.  Ryan was leaving to pick Robert up when I got home.  After they got back, we went to dinner since Robert got 5 good job stickers at school.  He picked Buffalo Wild Wings tonight.  It was a really good dinner, and we had a really good waiter also.  That always helps the dining experience.  On our way home, the guys dropped me off at church for choir practice.  Practice went well and then I got a ride home after.  Then I did e-mail and stuff and chatted with a friend.  Off to bed now. . .

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I can’t think of a subject for today. . .

Today was a pretty normal day.  After walking Robert to school, I headed to work.  After formation I had to take care of fixing a memorandum for First Sergeant.  That didn’t take me very long to do, and he appreciated my abilities.  We had Brass Quintet rehearsal this morning, but only with 4 of us.  Our group leader had to go take care of something that came up so I ran rehearsal and we went through our marches and some ceremonial stuff and a few other things.  Then at lunch I ate and stitched and checked e-mail and facebook.  After lunch we had drill band, but I didn’t get to Drum Major yet as it was to get ready for the parade on Thursday.  I did observe again.  Then after drill band was over, 4 Soldiers plus SH (our primary Drum Major) stayed out to give me a small "band" and I practiced some.  I still have a ways to go before I’m ready to Drum Major in public, but I’ll get there.  And we’ll be doing drill band every Wednesday morning and that will be training time for new Drum Majors.  After I was done practicing, I headed back to my office to take care of a few other things before heading home for the day.  I picked Robert up on my way home and then I made tacos for dinner.  After dinner, I headed to community band rehearsal.  Rehearsal went well.  Now that I’m home, it’s time for bed.  I’m tired.

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Rainy Day

It rained today again – pretty much all day.  But I saw a really pretty rainbow on my way to work.  I spent pretty much all day in my admin office getting caught up from over the weekend, doing some more housecleaning on old files, e-mails, etc.  I stitched at lunchtime.  After lunch we had an admin team meeting so we can start communicating better and cross training and becoming a tighter shop.  I have a team of all NCOs and I want to help build up my junior NCOs in there.  It was very productive and now that we’ll be having these meetings weekly, they shouldn’t be as long and we should all know more about what’s going on in there.  Of course, I spent about a half hour or so in First Sergeant’s office talking to him about various things.  I finally headed home about 1615 and picked up Robert on my way.  I made dinner a little earlier than usual and that was nice.  Robert was very helpful and helped set the table.  Actually, I should say "helped" – he set the table all by himself.  Dinner was good and then after we played for a while.  Once he was in bed, I stitched more on Lady of the Flag.  She will be DONE on Friday night!!!  I only have about 150 beads left to do – of course, Ryan will be going shopping for me tomorrow as I’m about 10 beads short of one of my colors.

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We had a nice relaxing morning this morning before heading to Sunday School and Church.  That was nice instead of having to rush around like normal mornings.  Quite a few choir members were in attendance at the concert last night and had nothing but good comments for me about the performance.  After church, we went to Denny’s for lunch and then for a little bit of grocery shopping.  Then we headed home to watch the NASCAR race that we had set the Tivo for.  I got my cross stitching out and made a ton of progress on Lady of the Flag today.  The guys played with Legos while we watched the race.  We have a whole Lego village on our living room floor right now – fire station, police station/jail, garage, bus & bus stop, 2 houses, and various vehicles and people.  I made my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad and Robert read "Hop on Pop" to them.  Ryan made breakfast for dinner and it was really good.  After Robert was in bed, I stitched more.  We’ve actually been finally watching some of the Olympics the last couple of nights and we enjoyed the ice dancing, 2 men bobsled, the end of the USA win over Canada in men’s hockey, women’s curling, and Bode Miller’s gold medal ceremony tonight.

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Argh! And my first Community Band Concert

After sleeping in this morning, I got up and had a nice shower and then went into Robert’s room.  I found him "working" in his "office" he has under his bed.  LOL  He got dressed and he asked if he could play Mario Kart after breakfast, and I said he could.  I tried to do my computer stuff, but found out we had no internet.  I tried a few things, but had to wait til Ryan got up.  He did some stuff.  We called Cox Communications and they did tests and had us do stuff and we determined that the modem was working fine.  So Ryan called tech support for the router and found out that our warranty had expired and they couldn’t help us.  I kind of say BS to that, but whatever.  We weren’t about to pay them money to try and figure out what was wrong with the modem.  I got on "text" support with my brother and my friend SH.  Rick came to the conclusion that our router was probably dead.  So we went to Best Buy to look at new ones, and we talked to the Geek Squad guy that took care of Ryan’s computer and he came to the same conclusion that it had died.  So we bought a new one, a different brand.  Then since we were at the mall, we thought we’d eat dinner at A & W.  But when we got to the food court, A&W is GONE.  I asked a Mall Security guy and he said it closed about 2 weeks ago.  The owner is from Phoenix and he was losing money here with it.  I don’t blame him.  The guy that owns the mall has such high rent, lots of the businesses in the mall are closing or moving elsewhere.  So Ryan had Taco Bell and Robert and I had Subway.  Then we came home and I got changed for my concert and Ryan started working on getting the new router set up.  I had my first concert with the Sierra Vista Community Band tonight.  We only played 4 tunes at the start of the second half of the Bisbee Community Chorus concert, but it was very well-received.  When I got home from the concert, I got attacked by a 5-year-old who was very happy to see his Mommy!  Then he went right back to bed, but he didn’t turn his light off.  The next thing I heard was talking coming from his room.  He was reading Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss.  All by himself!!!  And he did very well with it!  Ryan was still working on the router, so I stitched for a while more.  But he finally got it working and now I’m back online.  I’ve probably got a million e-mails to go through.  LOL.  Ok, so probably not a million.  But a lot.

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Playing for the Governor and a Prayer Breakfast

Yesterday the Brass Quintet played in Phoenix for the Arizona Centennial Kick-off and Governor Jan Brewer was there.  That was my first time ever playing for a governor.  We even got to play Honors to her.  For a governor, we play 4 Ruffles & Flourishes and then the Grandioso strain of Stars & Stripes Forever.  It was really cool.  After the ceremony, we headed home.  I stitched in the van during the drive.  When we got back, I did a little bit of work in my admin office before heading home.  Robert sure was excited when I picked him up from Child Time on my way home.  Once home, we needed to go to Walmart for a few things – Robert’s class at school is putting together a care package for a deployed Soldier and we got some stuff for that.  Then we ate dinner at a different Chinese buffet place than we usually go to.  Much bigger selection of food.

This morning started SUPER early.  My alarm went off at 0330 and I got up about 0400 (I’m the queen of the snooze button) and got ready.  I had to be at the Thunder Mountain Activity Center and ready to go by 0530 for the Prayer Breakfast that started at 0600.  We started playing about 0545.  It was EARLY, but we got lots of compliments, including one from our commander – "You guys make it sound like you’re not playing at 6:00 in the morning."  There were scripture readings from the 3 major faith traditions – Christian, Muslim, and Jewish.  And the guest speaker!!  OH MY!!!!  He has quite the story and is an AWESOME speaker.  Dave Roever was severely injured while serving in the Navy in Vietnam.  You can read more about him by clicking this link ——->  Dave Roever Story.  After the prayer breakfast was done, I headed home to pack mine and Robert’s lunches.  I brought Robert’s to his school office and then headed back to work for formation. 

We presented an award to a departing Soldier at formation, and then I pretty much spent the day in my Admin office getting caught up and doing some other work that I needed to do.  SFC H, SSG S, and I had a meeting with First Sergeant at 1500 and shortly after we got started, the fire alarm went off.  So we all headed out to the parking lot across the street for accountability.  Only 3 members of the BQ were there, so I got on the phone to find the other 2.  SFC H (our team leader) had forgotten that he had released them for the day, so they were both at home.  LOL  It was just a false alarm from the construction on the top two floors, but we have to treat it as if it’s real.  We finally finished what we were discussing and I headed home – at 1700.  I picked Robert up on my way again.  We followed Ryan on his bike as his friend R was doing his 5000 mile maintenance on the bike for lots cheaper than the Harley store wanted.  We went back to Walmart to exchange something we bought yesterday as it was broken.  We ate at McDonald’s while we were there.  Yay for Shamrock Shakes!!  Then we went back and got Ryan’s bike and then home to play with Legos and read.  Time for bed now. . .

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