Pancakes and the Home Show

Ryan had to work today again. After Robbie and I were up and dressed and had played some, we went out for breakfast and had pancakes and then we headed into Watertown to go to the White’s Lumber Home Show. We got some neat free stuff – a bag and hat and water bottle from White’s, another hat, a little keychain thing, and some other stuff. We walked around the whole place about 6 times, just trying to kill time as Spongebob Squarepants was coming at noon. They were doing pictures with him – free even!! – and Robbie was all excited when he saw him. So we waited in line for the picture, and when we got to the front of the line, Spongebob was scary all of a sudden. So no picture, but maybe next time. When we got home Robbie had the rest of his pancake and sausage for lunch – he barely touched it at breakfast, so I took it with. While he was napping I got caught up on newspapers and even stitched some and watched some Wheel of Fortunes and a Triathlon that I had Tivoed. When Robbie woke up, we went outside and played for probably an hour or so and then we had supper – from the freezer to the microwave to the table. LOL Then we played and had bathtime and then bedtime. Ryan had to work late as they had to tear down after the Home Show was over, and then he went out with the guys for a little bit (he did call me to let me know, so it was ok). I stitched and watched some TV this evening after he got home.

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Road Trip

Yesterday was just another day. Went for a short run (like 1.1 miles short) for PT. Had a seated music rehearsal – yes, we actually played music – all morning, and after lunch was the class that was supposed to be on Wednesday but the lady coming to teach it was unable to make it. Then I had a van appointment for an oil change. Went and picked Robbie up from daycare when I was done at the car place, and then it was home to play outside until Ryan got home from work. He made mac & cheese for supper.

Today we had a ceremony at Syracuse University – the ROTC Chancellor’s Review. It was a nice bus ride there – after the stop so a certain female SSG could go back in the van (it was behind the bus – with the big instruments) and get her uniform PANTS. How does one forget their pants for their uniform? This certain SSG simply amazes me – and yes, I’ve talked about her before. *shaking my head* Why are people like her in *my* Army? Anyways, I got a lot of stitching done on the bus ride to Syracuse. When we got there, we did a short rehearsal in the dome so we could kind of get the feel of the astro-turf. Then we went to another building for lunch where we got pizza. It was GOOD pizza, too! And they had bags of goodies for us – t-shirts and water bottles. I like doing gigs like that. Then we had quite a bit of time before we had to be ready to go, so I sat in our changing area (the Home Coaches locker room – the guys were in the Home Team locker room) and stitched more. About 20 minutes before we had formation I finally changed into uniform (we traveled in civvies) and headed out. The ceremony went well – LOTS of awards for the ROTC students, both Army and Air Force. It lasted about an hour and then it was change back into civvies and head home. I stitched again on my way home. I had arranged for Beth to pick Robbie up from daycare, so once we got back to the bandhall, I headed over to her house to get my little guy. Then, since Ryan was working at the Home Show for work, Robbie and I stopped at McDonald’s for supper and then home to play outside until bedtime. I’m sure enjoying this nice weather we’ve been having!!

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What’s your nerd type?

What Be Your Nerd Type?

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Gee, go figure!! LOL

Diagnostic PT Test

The Brass Quintet (E Team) did our diagnostic PT test this morning. I did 41 pushups (89%), 70 situps (87%), and ran my 2 miles in 20:06 (63%). My total score was 239. My run was SLOW, but at least it was passing. I was happy with how I did considering the lack of PT I’ve done AND being sick for the last week. Our record test is on 20 April, and I’ll be fine for that. After morning formation, the 2 guys from the School of Music that were here yesterday to do a “Lessons Learned” brief (stuff we learned (both positives and negatives) while we were deployed) came back to summarize everything. After they were done, I did some stuff in Ops and then stitched over my lunch hour. After lunch we had drill band (marching band) at one of the gyms on post – to get ready for our ceremony on Friday. All the fields are still either under snow or under water or MUD, so we went indoors. It was small in there, but we managed to get the basic stuff done that we needed to do. Once we were done with that, I headed into Watertown and finally got my t-shirt I won from Froggy 97 the end of last month. Then I stopped at the grocery store on my way home, and once home I got a good quiet shower. Ryan and Robbie got home soon after I was done and we played until suppertime – mac & cheese and pigs in a blanket. We all had orange juice (Robbie’s favorite juice right now) to drink. Then we played some more and then Robbie wanted to take a bath so we did that. He’s in bed now and I’m heading off to do some crocheting.

Before I leave, though, I’ll share my recent cross stitch finishes. . .
3 of the Christmas Blessings by Lizzie Kate – Hope, Charity, and Joy:
Image Hosting by Image Hosting by Image Hosting by

Happy New Year by Calico Crossroads, the first in their montly series from 2006:
Image Hosting by

Love & Faithfulness by Little House Needleworks:
Image Hosting by

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A fun day with my son!

Ryan had to work today, so Robbie and I had a Mommy/Son day. We both slept in and then had toast with peanut butter on it for breakfast. He had juice and I had milk. Then we walked to the Post Office. He was very good and held my hand the whole way there and back, and even carried one of the pieces of mail. When we got home, we played outside until lunchtime, and after lunch, boy was he ready for a nap. It’s amazing what fresh air and exercise will do! While he was sleeping, I got caught up on my newspapers and watched quite a few of my Wheel of Fortunes that I have on Tivo. Ryan got home from work before Robbie got up. Once he was up, we played for a while and then went to the Golden Unicorn for supper and then home to play and do bathtime. After he was in bed, I stitched and watched TV.

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Back to work

I still wasn’t feeling super good this morning although a little better. I had to go to PT and I just did some stretching and a few leg lifts. My head was still “in a vice.” Before lunch we cleaned our buildings and grounds really good as we’re having some visitors from the School of Music on Monday. They were going to cut us loose at lunch time, but mid-morning we got a call from our Battalion and were informed that we had to be at Battalion at 1500 for a formation. Yay fun. NOT! So I stitched through my lunch hour and part of the afternoon while “sitting around waiting for the bell to ring.” Formation time finally came around so we headed over there and listened to the BN Commander blah-blah-blah-blah about stuff – most of which didn’t really pertain to the band and the rest we already knew. I gave a couple of guys from the unit a ride home. They carpool together, but today both of their wives had their cars. I’m glad we’re a 2-car family (although we have NO cars, but a van and truck. . .). I picked Robbie up on my way home and we came home and played until Ryan got home. I had put supper in the crockpot this morning – Crockpot Chicken Experiment. After Ryan had joined in the fun for a while, we ate the chicken and potatoes I had done with my secret made-up sauce and it was actually pretty good! After supper we played some more and then cleaned up and Robbie headed to bed. We watched TV and I stitched.

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Continuing on. . .

Monday was a long day. We drove from Rick’s through Canada and home to NY. The weather was awful in the morning – actually not too bad at Rick’s and then it just kept getting worse. We stopped for a potty break and to switch drivers about an hour or so from Toronto and it started clearing up a little. By the time we stopped to eat about an hour past Toronto it had changed to rain instead of snow. We ate at Wendy’s for lunch, got gas, and were back on the road. We got home a little after 6 and that included a stop at the grocery store. It sure was good to be back home again, and our kitties were glad to see us.

Tuesday was back to work for me and Ryan and back to school for Robbie. It was finally warm enough to go for a run for PT – still cold, but at least not below zero. We ran 2 miles (a 1 mile loop twice) and during the second mile it started to really snow and was windy. I was glad when we were done. We had our first Brass Quintet rehearsal in the morning and then after lunch I did some stuff on the computer in the Ops office.

Wednesday morning at PT I did pushups and situps and stretched good – I was sore from the run Tuesday. I spent the rest of the day being miserable. I did dig out a few old job sheets that we were looking for and wrote the calendar on the board in the Ops office. Other than I was useless – my head felt like it was in a vice, my throat hurt, I blew my nose more times than I care to remember. I headed home about 2 and went right to bed. Robbie woke me up when they got home. Supper was in the crockpot so that was one less thing that I had to worry about. I did play with Robbie for a while, and then after we ate I took a LONG hot shower. That helped a little bit but I was still miserable.

This morning I went to sick call and I have an upper respiratory infection. The doc put me on quarters today so I could go home and sleep instead of going to work. I stopped by the band hall and gave my quarters slip to my platoon sergeant and then headed home. I did have to go back to post, though, as I couldn’t go to the pharmacy to get my meds until after 8:30. So I went back and got my meds – antibiotic, cough syrup, sudafed, throat lozenges, and motrin (Army candy as we call it – you get motrin for just about everything). I came home, got drugged up, ate a little bit, and went to bed. I slept from about 10-3. I felt a little better when I woke up and I read a few newspapers and watched some Wheel of Fortunes. When Ryan & Robbie got home, we played for a little while before I made sloppy joes for supper. Then it was clean up time and bedtime. I crocheted and we watched some TV.

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The end of the trip

We’re back home now, but I have some catching up to do. I’ll do a few days at a time, so bear with me. I’ve got a bad cold or something right now and my Nyquil will be kicking in at any moment.

On Thursday I made a run to the Post Office and other than that it was a sit around and play day. It was nice to just relax. Rick drove up today and he once he got to Mom & Dad’s, we all left and met Mom and Grandma & Granpda at a nice restaurant for dinner. It was really good. Thank you G’ma & G’pa!! After we got home, Mom and I made an ice cream birthday cake and then made up her scrapbook page for her stitching group.

Friday we relaxed and played more. In the evening all of mom’s side of the family came over for a birthday party – for me!! It sure was nice seeing everyone again, and of course they enjoyed seeing us, especially Robbie.

Saturday was a Mom-Daughter Day in Marquette. But first Mom made donut puffs for breakfast, our traditional Christmas morning breakfast that I missed last year. Yummy!!! The first stop in town was Mom’s nail lady. She bought me a manicure for my birthday, and while I was getting my nails done, she got a massage from a gift certificate that dad got her for Christmas. No, the gc didn’t massage – a lady did. *rolling my eyes* at whoever was thinking anything. . . 🙂 Then we went and got snacks to bring to stitching group and then stopped for lunch. We both had blueberry waffles! They were really good. Then it was off to Mom’s stitching group, and that was a lot of fun. They had a lady that did a short presentation about Hardanger, and we all got to just sit and stitch and eat (we brought veggies and fruit and cake). After we left there, we made a quick stop at Michael’s for a few things and then home to make Christmas dinner. Yes, you heard me right. The Christmas dinner I had in the chow hall in Afghanistan wasn’t worth anything, so Mom made Christmas dinner! G’ma & G’pa came over, and we all ate too much. It was nice visiting with them more.

Sunday morning I wore my uniform to church and played a trombone solo during the offering. It was nice seeing everyone there, and they were all glad to see me back home safe, and of course hear me play. Then it was to G’ma & G’pa’s for a bit so G’pa could see me in uniform and we could say goodbye to him and then home to Mom & Dad’s to pack and head south to Rick’s.

I’m feeling my Nyquil starting to kick in, so I’ll sign off for tonight. But before I go, I’ll leave you with a Link to 4 videos of Robbie playing in the snow. I hope you enjoy them!! Check out his webpage for some pictures.

The beginning of leave

Saturday was a travel day. We left about 7:45 and headed north to Canada and then west to Michigan. We had some rain before lunchtime, but it wasn’t too bad. Ryan drove the whole way and I stitched. We got to Rick’s around 5 and relaxed for a bit before heading out to eat. Robbie sure was glad to see Uncle Rick!! We ate at a Mexican restaurant and it was pretty good. We don’t have a Mexican restaurant in Watertown, so it was a nice change.

Sunday morning Rick and I went to church twice as I played a trombone solo for the offertory. After the first service we went back and picked up Ryan and Robbie (and changed cars) and went to a buffet for brunch and then back for the second service. I got a lot of nice comments from people. I really enjoy playing at churches. Then it was back to Rick’s house to play for a while before naptime for Robbie. While he was napping, I took a nap, too. I guess I must have been tired – I slept almost as long as he did. After we both woke up (he woke me up), we all went and did some shopping at Meijer and then to Steak N’ Shake for supper. Then it was more playing, and after Robbie was in bed, I crocheted.

Monday was a travel day again as we headed north to Mom & Dad’s. Ryan drove again and I stitched. We stopped just over the bridge at McDonald’s for lunch, and also took some time for Robbie to play in the play area. Ryan and I even went up in the “tower” and down the slide with Robbie – he’s still scared to do it by himself, but he had a lot fun with Mommy or Daddy with him (the rules said for kids ages 2-12 and parents can play, too). We got home about 4:30 and Robbie ran right to Grampa and gave him big hugs. Gramma was still at work but she got home about an hour after we got there. She brought home KFC for supper, and we had fun playing the rest of the evening until bedtime. After bedtime was stitching and visiting and TV.

Tuesday we had planned on going to Marquette but Ryan slept until 10:30. Once he got up, we headed over to my grandparents’ house to visit with them for a while. Robbie had fun there, too, and of course they have some toys there for him. Grandpa gave Robbie a harmonica and finally as we were getting ready to leave Robbie blew into it and made it “sing”. Grandpa got a picture of him “playing” it. Grandma couldn’t believe how much he ate – we had grapes and cantaloupe and a couple of cookies. And orange juice. Robbie had to have orange juice. Once we got home it was naptime and while Robbie was sleeping I crocheted a little bit and did some computer stuff. When he got up, Ryan and Robbie and I went outside and splashed in the mud puddles and walked around in the yard and threw lots of snowballs at each other. Robbie thinks it’s funny throwing snowballs at Daddy. I did get some pictures and videos of the fun, but my camera cord is at home so you’ll have to wait until next week to see them. Mom had class so it was just the 4 of us for supper and we had chef salads and breadsticks. It was good. Then it was more playing until bedtime and more crocheting after bedtime.

Today we got to Marquette in the morning and went to Walmart and Michaels. We also went to the mall and had our rings cleaned and Robbie got a couple of books at the bookstore. Ryan got a new crossword puzzle book. And we also stopped at Bath & Body Works where our cousin-by-marriage Amanda works and chatted with her for a while. It was nice seeing her again. Then we headed downtown and went to where Mom works to see her for a little bit and then to Fazolis for lunch. We don’t have one of those in Watertown either. We stopped at the grocery store on our way home. During naptime I got some stuff ready to mail and then crocheted. When Mom got home we had grilled cheese and fries and carrots for supper and then it was off to Church for the weekly Lenten service. It was a nice service and Robbie was pretty good through it considering it started at bedtime. There were snacks afterwards, so of course Robbie had to have a cookie and some milk. After he was in bed when we got home, it was more crocheting and some TV.

My first one is done!

I was up EARLY this morning – like at 0400 early (yes, there are 2 4:00’s in a day). I dropped Robbie off at daycare since Ryan had to be at work by 0615. I got to the band hall about 6:20 and got everything set to go. This morning was my first urinalysis. We tested 5 soldiers, and when I turned in the specimens, all my paperwork was 100% correct. I was nervous about this one – didn’t want to mess anything up. I’m sure they’ll get easier as I do more. After I was done turning in the samples, I didn’t really have anything else to do. I helped BQ with details – we have the admin building this month – we took out trash, swept, mopped, and vacuumed. On my way home, I stopped at the pharmacy for some prescription refills for Ryan and then at the grocery store. I threw dinner in the crockpot (a Banquet Crockpot Classic) and started on my to-do list. I got the van cleaned out, 3 boxes of stuff ready to go to be donated to the PAAC Theater Thrift Store, packed, and got the van pretty much loaded. We just have to add the smaller stuff in the morning. I got to relax for a little bit and then Ryan and Robbie got home and we played. One of my coworkers, SPC AM came over as he will be watching the cats while we’re gone. He’ll be feeding them, scooping the litter box, and bringing our newspapers in (mail is being held). When he left, supper was ready and we ate and then played some more until bathtime and bedtime. After Robbie was in bed, I worked on my stitching for a little bit while we watched TV.

High: 29
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