Oops – it’s been a while! And a RACE REPORT!!

This week pretty much flew by. Work was pretty slow, but I got a lot of stuff accomplished in both training and reenlistment. We had some concert band rehearsals getting ready for our upcoming concerts this summer. Monday evening we played at the local JROTC spring review ceremony. And Tuesday afternoon we played at a local elementary school. Both of those were pretty fun.

Today I ran the St. Paul’s Sprint & Stroll 5K downtown. It was Robbie’s first race in the jogging stroller and he loved it! Here’s my race report:
It was wonderful weather – not too hot, not too humid, and a slight breeze! Neither Kristin or Shelley (from work) showed up, but I met another girl at the start and we started talking. We ran about 1/2 together and then she started falling back. Whenever I passed someone, Robbie would laugh and giggle – I tried to tell him that wasn’t very nice, but he was just having a great time. There were a few hills, but nothing I couldn’t manage. For the most part it was a flat course, though. Robbie and I finished in 31:02 and ended up second in my age group!! So the awards ceremony rolls around and I’m pretty excited because I don’t usually place. Well, they only gave awards for the first place in each age group so I still didn’t get anything, but that’s ok. I had a great time and maybe someday I’ll actually get an award! Oh, and the girl that I ran with part of the way won her age group. There were about 75 or so people total and everyone had a great time!

Good-bye Pastor Nancy

Yesterday was Pastor Nancy’s last Sunday with us as our new pastor arrives next week from Michigan. Pastor Nancy has been our transitional pastor since Pastor Jon left last spring. The service was out at a park near a large lake – really beautiful, but a bit breezy and cool. It was still nice, though. And after the service we had a picnic with TONS of good food – Lutherans sure know how to cook! After we were done eating, Ryan went and played some horseshoes with some of the other guys from church. He and his partner lost, but they still had a good time. Robbie and I just watched and cheered them all on. We came home and started watching a little bit of TV and then I remembered that we hadn’t gone grocery shopping. So we all got back in the van and went to the store and shopped and then came home again. And then Ryan had to leave for his weekly bowling league. Robbie and I played for a little while and then it was his bedtime and I called Mom & Dad and Grandma Eleanore & Grandpa Bob and talked to everyone for a while while I stitched.

Swamp Stomp 5K

Yesterday was my first race since I had Robbie – the Swamp Stomp 5K at Phinizy Swamp here in Augusta. It’s also the last race I ran while I was pregnant. Here’s my race report:
It was a beautiful day for a race. It was just a bit chilly during registration and waiting around – perfect! Once we got going, it was really nice, and the sun shining on nature sure was pretty! My friend/co-worker Kristin ran it with me – we started out together but about mile 1.25 she took off and left me in her dust. That’s fine – she’s a faster runner than me! The trail wasn’t as soggy as I expected (we had some thunderstroms the day & evening before) and I didn’t really need my other shoes after (I had brought dry socks and another pair of shoes for just in case). I had a great run and finished in 32:56, not a bad time for my first race since Robbie. It’s a little slower than my regular 5K time, but trail runs usually are slower. No awards for me, but I had a great time and that’s most important part! Oh, and I got a cool t-shirt, too!
Ryan and Robbie came to cheer me on, and after the race was done, we went to Burger King for breakfast. After Robbie’s nap, we went to a Gun & Knife show for Ryan to look around. After Robbie went to bed, we watched the NASCAR race and I stitched. We both dozed off and missed a good part of the race, but I caught the end at least. Oh well.

Lance Armstrong!

I got to see Lance Armstrong today. He’s here in Augusta, the start point of the Tour de Georgia bike race. The race starts tomorrow morning, and this evening was team introductions. We played at it, so I was about 15 feet from him. Of course, we were behind the teams, so I got a nice view of his backside. LOL! It was a pretty cool event, and LOTS of people there.
I can’t think of much else. I’m stuffed up and pretty miserable from all the pollen in the air down here. I think I’m going to go to bed early tonight for a change.

PT Test and BBQ

Well, another week is over and done with. It was a pretty easy week back to work. Wednesday my van got fixed and the “magic” door works again. That’s really nice. I sure missed the convenience of it when it wasn’t working right. Of course, because I didn’t have a vehicle on Wednesday, I couldn’t go spend lunch with Robbie. Instead, I walked to Blimpie’s (3 buildings down from the band hall) to get some lunch. As I’m waiting in line, one of the workers came out and put a sign up that said their credit card machine wasn’t working and they only could take cash. Darn – I had brought my credit card. So I walked back to the band hall and got some cash and walked back to Blimpie’s. I finally got my lunch and got back to the band hall and the door to my office won’t open. Gee whiz – can anything else go wrong today? So I ate my lunch in the day room and watched whatever was on TV at the time. After lunch when I saw our R&U (Repair & Upkeep) guy, I asked him if he could help me with my door. So he stuck my key in the lock and wiggled and jiggled it. Still didn’t open. So he turns the key again (promise you won’t laugh???) and then pushes his weight against the door and it opens. It was stuck from the humidity and oldness. DUH!!! I felt so dumb. But at least he “fixed” it for me! LOL After that I got all the stuff for the Unit’s PT test setup and ready to go for Thursday and Friday.

I took the test on Thursday along with the people that were going to be grading on Friday. I only took a diagnostic to see where I am after not having been tested for a year and a half. I did 31 pushups, 60 situps, and ran 2 miles in 19:38. I scored 220 points out of a possible 300 and I’m very happy with that for now. I know I can do a lot better in all my events, and hopefully get a 270 which would exempt me from having to go to PT in the mornings. The rest of the day Thursday was spent shopping for food for the BBQ and doing some office work in Training. The full unit PT test and weigh-in were this morning. My weight was back down to what it was the last time I weighed in a year and a half ago, so I’m happy about that!! I ran the stopwatch for the test this morning and also helped with the weighin and tapings for body fat percentage. Once all that was done, I started doing the final paperwork for the PT test and getting all the data entries done. I finished up and went home to change and pick up my guys to go back for the Unit Cookout. That was a lot of fun, and it’s always nice to see all the families there with all the kids running around and everything. We stayed for a couple of hours and ate some good food and then came home so Ryan could get ready to go to Ft. Bragg for his living history event he has this weekend. Robbie and I are home alone, but I think we’ll manage.
Wow! This sure got long. But before I go, I want to share a couple of pictures with you – just click on the links and you’ll see them. I planted some flowers last weekend and want to share those.
Sidewalk from parking area
Close up of one of two planters

Back to work. . .

Well, it was back to work for me today and off to a new day care center called the Kiddie Castle for Robbie. It was a good day for me. PT was just stretching and then whatever we need to do to prepare for our PT test the end of this week. I did some pushups and situps. In the morning we had rehearsal for the job we had in the afternoon and then got an early lunch. We had to be back at 12:30 for the job – Kiddie Concerts at a local elementary school. We just played some marches and did instrument demos – did the whole thing twice. The younger kids were in first and then the older grades. They all really enjoyed it, and I like playing for kids. That took all afternoon so when we got back to the band hall, we got to go home!
Robbie stayed with Ryan this evening as I had my monthly EGA meeting. It was nice seeing all my friends there and getting a little “me-time”. Ryan and Robbie had a great time together too.

The Van

I brought our van in to the dealership this morning so they could look at Robbie’s sliding door. It’s a “magic” door (as Suzanne’s older boy calls it) – it opens by itself after one of 3 buttons is pushed. Well, it’s not been working properly for about a month now – it’ll start to open and get about 4 inches and then we have to open it the rest of the way manually. Closing, it’ll close except about the last foot and then we have to close it manually. We (Robbie & I) had to leave it there as it would take a while for them to look and diagnose it. They had a courtesy shuttle bring us home (I brought Robbie’s other car seat to use). So we spent the day around the house playing and napping/stitching (Robbie napped and I stitched). The car place finally called about 3 in the afternoon. The motor on the door is not working properly and they had to order the part so I’ll have to bring my van back in for another whole day in a few days or so. I’m hoping it’s Friday while I’m still on leave or Ryan will have to go into work late one morning so we can juggle our transportation stuff in the morning. The good news is that it’s covered under warranty so we’re not going to have to pay anything for it!


Robbie and I had a fun day together today! We went to the PX to get a few things – we got a couple of cute outfits and a little backpack for him, some things for an exchange that I’m in, and a couple of other things. Of course, I managed to forget the main thing I went for, and that was a new watch. Oh well. There will be another day. After his afternoon nap and snack, we went out to rake the back yard. He “supervised” from his car and had a great time watching Mommy do all the work! LOL! When Ryan got home from work he picked up the piles and bagged them. Tomorrow we’ll bring the bags to the garbage area and pick up the pile of branches I made. We had a nice relaxing evening together after Robbie went to bed and I crocheted and watched TV and Ryan read the newspaper.

Off for a week!!

The Masters Golf Tournament is here in Augusta this week, and our Commander said we could take leave if we wanted. So I did! Robbie and I will be spending lots of time playing and relaxing this week! I got quite a bit of stitching done during his naps today and after he went to bed. I started a new project and it’s nice having 2-3 hours to stitch so progress can actually be seen!