Marathon Monday

Here's my recap of this past week's training. . .

Monday – On the schedule (OTS): 5
                What I did (WID): 5.1! Great start to the week.

Tuesday – OTS: Rest or XT
                 WID: Rest, although I planned on doing my 30-Day Shred DVD

Wednesday – OTS: 5
                      WID: 4. I had to cut my run short due to some tummy issues, but 4 is better than none!

Thursday – OTS: 4
                   WID:None. Thomas slept good overnight and so did I. Too good. LOL

Friday – OTS: Rest or XT (cross train)
              WID: Rest – the extra sleep was nice! (But I had planned on doing 30-Day Shred.)

Saturday – OTS: 12          
                  WID: 12.2, but it took me two 6 mile runs because the tummy issues decided to resurface during the morning run which was 4 miles/potty stop at home/2 miles/barely made it back home in time. The 6 in the afternoon was an awesome run!

Sunday – OTS: Rest or XT
                WID: Rest – again, the extra sleep was nice! (Although I had planned on doing Bob Harper's Yoga for the Warrior DVD.)

Total miles for the week – Scheduled: 26, Actual: 21.2
Total miles run for this marathon training cycle so far – 55.6

Onward and upward with the new week!

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful that my boys have an awesome doctor! We had to pick Thomas up from daycare early on Tuesday because he had a temp of over 100 (ok, so it's not technically a fever, but that's their policy. Whatever.). It was 100.1 He had been coughing quite a bit and had a runny nose and was fussy and didn't want to participate in any activities – definitely not like my son, but understandable if he's not feeling well. I was able to get him an appointment yesterday morning and I was also able to stay home from work with him. He's been exposed to RSV and the flu in his daycare classroom, but his doctor said that it was just an upper respiratory illness (basically a cold). However, he did have some fluid in his ear, and although it wasn't infected, Thomas doesn't have a very good track record with his ears. Doctor gave us a steroid for him (just 2 doses – one last night and one tonight) and some benydryl to help with the congestion. He had a 3+ hour nap yesterday afternoon and slept pretty good overnight as well. We decided to keep him home today again because he was still coughing some. He had a little bit of a fussy morning with Ryan (I had to go to work), but after a good lunch (Progresso soup minus the broth), he took a couple hour nap this afternoon and was much more like himself. We go back to the doctor tomorrow (he told us to just show up around 11 and he'll walk us in!) so he can recheck the ear.

Tuesday Trivia

Did you know. . .?

That we got a new van?? It's a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan and only had 183 miles on it when we got it yesterday! It's True Blue and is really nice!! if you want to see pictures of it, be sure to watch for tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday post.

Marathon Monday

This week was a little better with my marathon training. I still didn't hit all my workouts, but I'm getting there!

Here's my recap of this past week's training. . .

Monday – On the schedule (OTS): 5
                What I did (WID): Nothing. I sat on a bus for about 4 1/2 hours round trip – went to Ft. Benning to make sure my Soldier was all good to go for the course that he's attending. My plan was to take an hour nap after I got home and then go run, but the hour nap turned into 2 hours and then it was time to pick the boys up and get dinner ready.

Tuesday – OTS: Rest or XT
                 WID: 2.2 miles – I got a few miles from yesterday made up.

Wednesday – OTS: 5
                      WID: 4.7 – We had a Battalion run and went almost 5 miles at a 9:13 pace! I was worried about my knee at that pace, but it was fine.

Thursday – OTS: 5
                   WID:None. We had Battalion Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development and then I didn't have time after work, either.

Friday – OTS: Rest or XT (cross train)
              WID: Rest – the extra sleep was nice!

Saturday – OTS: 10                
                  WID: 9.8!!! I even hit some hills. My knee was a little achy, but definitely nothing like it was a few weeks ago.

Sunday – OTS: Rest or XT
                WID: Rest – again, the extra sleep was nice!

Total miles for the week – Scheduled: 25, Actual: 16.7
Total miles run for this marathon training cycle so far – 34.4 (almost doubled them this week!)

My goal for this upcoming week is to get all of my workouts in. My work schedule looks like I shouldn't have any morning conflicts, so it's just a matter of getting up and getting going.

Weekend Recap

We've had a good weekend so far – and it's not over yet! I have a 3-day weekend due to the holiday and the boys don't have school/daycare tomorrow. Yesterday we slept in (even I got to sleep until almost 8!) and I got a nice long run in during naptime. After Thomas was done with his nap and had had lunch, we headed to Dothan so I could check out the running store there. I was not all that impressed with it – very small and not much stuff in stock. I did get a few new running stickers for my van, though. Then we went to Hobby Lobby to get some decals for Robert's and Ryan's Pinewood Derby cars and then to Toys R Us just to look around. They have a much better selection of Legos than Target or Walmart, but they are more expensive. Since it was getting to be dinnertime, we decided to eat at Cici's Pizza – can't beat feeding a family of 4 for $12 at a restaurant!!

This morning was church, and of course, Thomas wanted to walk all over. I took him out during the lessons and the sermon so he could walk around without disrupting the service, but once the service is over, he's free to roam wherever. After our fellowship time, we headed to Target to get diapers and a few other things and then home. We spent the afternoon cleaning out the van and playing before we had grilled steaks for dinner. Robert learned how to clean his bathroom today, and he can earn up to $3 a week for doing that chore. We went through Lesson 2 of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace, Jr., and after all his daily chores were done, he had his second payday.  He's doing really well with his savings goal for a Lego kit – probably 2 more weeks and he'll have enough!

Time for bed now – tomorrow begins a new week.