Picture Day

This morning it was a usual morning – except I was awake 15 minutes before my alarm went off.  We got Robert ready for school and walked with him as he rode his bike to school.  Then it was home for a bit of computer time before heading to work.  We had a short BQ rehearsal after formation, and then I did some Ops work until 1100 when we had lunch today (1/2 hour early).  After I ate, I stitched.  then we had formation at 1230 and left for a local ghost town (about 20 minutes away), Fairbank, to do unit pictures.  We did a full band picture and then all the small groups.  Once we were done with the pictures, we were done for the day, so I headed home.  I got some crochet exchange stuff ready to mail and then we headed to the post office and mailed them out and then to look for a corner cabinet for our living room for nick-nacks and pictures and stuff.  We didn’t find what we were looking for, although we came close to something that would work at Lowe’s.  But it was out of stock.  Go figure.  We did finally buy a new grill, though, so now Ryan can grill steaks and burgers and stuff again!  Then we took Robert for his birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  We can’t go tomorrow night as Ryan has a VA appointment in Tucson.  Robert got to sit on the saddle, and he got a big Texas Roadhouse "Yeehaw!"  Then it was home to get him to bed and now I’m heading that way as well.

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Current:  77

Wii are Family!!

This morning I managed to sleep through my alarm (or turn it off in my sleep) and Robert woke me up about 0820 – "Mommy. Mommy?? Are you going to wake up soon?" So I got up and got breakfast (cereal) ready for us. I got Ryan up, too. And then it was time to leave for Sunday School. After the opening of songs and a prayer, the kids went to their classrooms, and us Kindergarten parents went to the music room for our last Entry Into Kindergarten "class". We talked about things Kindergartners are going through right now – emotionally and physically and stuff. It was really nice talking to other parents of Kindergartners and knowing that we’re not alone. Then it was time for church and it was a very good service, and compliments about how well Robert behaves in church. After church, we headed out to post and went to Jeannie’s Diner for lunch and then to the PX. We bought a Wii!!! We also got a second Wii-mote for it. Since we’ll probably be doing a lot of two-player stuff. Then it was off to the commissary for our weekly grocery shopping trip.

And then it was home. Ryan and Robert got the Wii set up while I was getting the groceries put away. Then I unpacked some of my framed cross stitch things so we can start getting them on the walls. We let Robert play Wii for a while and Ryan fixed my cross stitch chart cabinet. It’s one of those furniture-in-a-box ones, and the cardboard-like back came off during the move. It’s going on our claims sheet, but Ryan was able to fix it with some plywood he got at Lowe’s. It’s LOTS sturdier now. While he was working on that, I called Mom & Dad and we talked for quite a while. I unpacked one box of cross stitch charts while on the phone, and Ryan and Robert were playing Wii together. Robert KILLED Ryan in bowling. It was pretty funny to watch! Robert does pretty good on bowling, baseball, tennis, and boxing. He needs to work on golf a little, but he’s still pretty good at it. After I got off the phone with Mom & Dad, I decided to go for a run. It was still in the low 80’s but it felt really nice out. I went 3.15 miles in 33:19. It was a really nice evening run. When I got home, Robert was in the bathtub and I got some laundry done – folded the load of towels that was in the dryer, moved towels from the washer to the dryer and got light clothes in the washer. Yes – I found our towels today finally when I was unpacking boxes!!! Now I don’t have to wash and put back up right away.

Off to bed now. Tomorrow begins another week of work.

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Current: 79

Relaxing Saturday

I slept in this morning and I finally had a good night’s sleep.  I got up about about 0830 and spent the morning watching cartoons and doing computer stuff.  Ryan got up sometime after 11. Early in the afternoon we headed to Tucson and found the VA place for Ryan so he knows where he’s going for his appointment on Tuesday.  Then we went to Michaels to get a few more pirate things for Robert’s birthday party  on Saturday.  That was the end of the planned part of the day.  So we went to a different mall than last time and just walked around.  There was a Party City there and we went in and found the last of the pirate stuff.  Then we went to Olive Garden for dinner.  Ryan and I both had the endless pasta bowl.  Of course, my endless bowl ended after 1 serving.  Ryan had 2.  Robert just had salad and bread sticks.  We did splurge on dessert for Robert and I (Ryan didn’t want any) and I told our waiter that it was Robert’s birthday (ok, so we were 3 days off) and when they brought our desserts, they sang to him.  Then we headed home.  During the drive there and back, I crocheted and finished a scarf minus the tassles and a 12" square, both for exchanges.  Once home and Robert was in bed, I stitched for a while.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  78

P.S. – Those of you that watch the web cam. . .  it may be a while still.  We’re working on getting a wireless web cam, and I can’t find the cables for the computer.  They weren’t in any of the boxes with the rest of the computer stuff.  Probably another one of those boxes marked "toys".  LOL

Rehearsal in the gazebo

We walked Robert to school this morning and then I had time to do a little bit of computer stuff before heading to work.  After formation, the Brass Quintet loaded up in the van and we headed to a little gazebo on the parade field for our rehearsal.  Our rehearsal space is a teeny-tiny area with ZERO acoustic qualities and it sure was nice to rehearse somewhere where we could actually hear how we sound.  It was a lot of fun, and there’s talk that we may go rehearse there more often.  Then it was back to the office to take care of a few things and then that was it for the day.  I love my half-day Fridays!  I went home and changed into civies and then Ryan and I headed out to Vinny’s Pizza and Wings.  Ryan joined 2 of my coworkers (SH and FV) for the "Wall of Flame" 20 hot wing challenge.  It was 20 wings with their Homicide sauce on it.  All three of the guys managed to complete the challenge and now their picture is on the wall and they all got t-shirts!  I tasted a little tiny bit of the sauce, and HOLY HOT!!!!  I don’t know how they each ate 20 wings.  Of course, we won’t mention the trips to the bathroom they made during the course of eating the wings.  LOL  I left so I could get to the school on time (Ryan was on his bike, so he still had transportation home) and I picked Robert up.  Then we came home and I took a much needed nap.  After I got up we played for a while and then we headed to Jack in the Box for dinner and then to one of the choir members’ homes.  They had a dessert social and the families were invited.  It was a lot of fun and Ryan and I got to talk to and meet more people from church.  I still can’t get over how friendly this church is!!  We stayed for close to 2 hours.  Then we came home and got Robert to bed and I crocheted for a little bit.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  74

This morning I met up with several others from the band and we went to a graduation ceremony for the Advanced Individual Training courses they do here (Military Intelligence) to see how it goes.  We’re going to be starting playing at their graduation ceremonies.  After the ceremony was over, it was off to formation.  We didn’t have BQ this morning, so I spent the morning in a practice room working on my BQ music and also started working on a solo for my audition.  Then it was lunch time so I ate and then I stitched.  I started a new project – remembered the fabric today!  After lunch I finished up the script I was working on.  Of course, in the process I made more work for myself because I found problems in the one that I was working from.  I also took care of a few new job requests that came in.  Then it was time to go home, so I went.  Ryan got home a little while after I did, and then we went and got Robert from school.  He still doesn’t like leaving the after-school program.  Once home I got supper going, and while it was cooking, we played Chutes and Ladders.  That was fun playing with all 3 of us.  Dinner was good and then Robert got all his toys and stuff put away.  I crocheted some and chatted with my friend D.  Now I’m about ready to head to bed.

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Current:  77

Long day of Ops

This morning after walking Robert to school, I got ready and headed out.  I drove today, and before going to work, I stopped at the medical clinic to have my PPD (TB test) read.  Nothing there, as usual.  Then it was off to work to get into uniform and head to formation.  After formation I headed to my office and began a day of Operations work.  I had emails back from all the people I e-mailed yesterday so I took care of those.  I have some gigs in the works – 2 parades and a thing near Christmas – so that’s a good thing!  Soon it was lunchtime and after I ate, and then I stitched.  I finished a project, but no pictures until December because it’s for someone.  I had another project with me to start, but I ended up not able to start it even though I still had a half hour of lunch left.  It’s kind of hard to start a new cross stitch project if you don’t have fabric to stitch it on.  Oops!!  After lunch SH (my friend and supervisor) and I had meetings with representatives from the AIT Battalion and the NCO Academy and we’re going to be starting playing at their graduation ceremonies.  That took most of the afternoon, but in between the meetings and for a while after the second one, I worked on fixing one of the scripts that we’ve been working on.  Soon it was time to go home, and I headed out.  After I got home, I got changed and we headed out.  We went to the Harley shop so Ryan could get a jacket (long sleeved, a little extra padding on the elbows, etc.).  Then we went to Target and got invites and other stuff for Robert’s upcoming birthday party.  He’s having a pirate-themed party and inviting 5 friends from his class.  Then we went to Chili’s for dinner.  On our way home, the guys dropped me off at the church so I could go to choir practice.  Yes, I’m joining the church choir!!  And what a choir it is – there are 8 guys, and like 30+ overall!!!!  What a beautiful sound was made this evening during rehearsal.  I’m the "baby" of the group, but everyone was really happy to have me join them.  I love our church here.  One of the ladies in the choir gave me a ride home since Ryan and Robert had dropped me off.  I got home and got Robert’s invites done so they can get delivered tomorrow (they’re in his folder for school and his teacher will put them in the appropriate kids’ folders to go home tomorrow).  Then I chatted with my friend A and relaxed.

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Current:  74

Another typical day

Ryan was gone early this morning for day 2 of his motorcycle class.  Robert and I had a bit of a slow morning and had to rush a little, but we got to school on time.  Then I left from the school and headed the 6.38 miles to work.  It took me 43:59 to get there – a little bit faster today than yesterday!  After getting into uniform and formation, we had brass quintet rehearsal for about an hour.  Then I disappeared into a practice room to work on Semper Fidelis march.  I just can’t seem to play it, but I’ll keep working on it.  Then it was lunchtime and after I ate, I stitched.  Then it was an afternoon of Ops stuff.  Ryan stopped by to show off his new motorcycle license!!  Yes, he passed his test this morning and he even has his bike registered on post already.  I sent e-mails.  I answered questions.  I printed new calendars for the Ops board in the rehearsal hall.  It was a pretty productive afternoon.  And then it was time to change and my 6.12 mile ride home.  I did it in 32:52.  Ryan was already home.  I got changed from my bike clothes and we went and got Robert from school.  Then it was home and Ryan cooked dinner tonight.  I love when he cooks!!  Then Robert got his toys cleaned up and headed to bed.  Once he was tucked in, I crocheted.

Today’s high:  84
Current:  69