11 hours and 3 gigs

Today was a long day. My alarm went off at 0415, but I didn’t get out of bed until 0445. I was out of the house by 0520 for 0600 formation. We started the day off with a Division Run that we played at. It sure is nicer playing than running. After that was done, a few of us went to the chow hall for breakfast. I had a mushroom & cheese omelet, a hash brown/potato cake thing, a bowl of pineapple chunks, and 2 small glasses of chocolate milk all for $1.75! After eating, it was about time for job formation for the Brass Quintet job. We played at the unveiling of a sign commemorating Camp Hughes. Camp Hughes was established on 31 August 1907, and was a training camp for the National Guard. Camp Hughes evolved through Pine Camp, Camp Drum, and is now Fort Drum. Today started the 100th anniversary of Ft. Drum celebration that will go through MountainFest week the end of June next year. After the BQ gig, I went to the supply office and took care of a few things. The supply crew all went to lunch together at the Golden Unicorn. That was a lot of fun. There were 6 of us that went. They said it was my official welcome to the shop. After lunch we discussed who’s going where and started moving a few desks in the new supply building (old building but has been renovated). At 1500 was job formation for the final job of the day – the monthly Retirement Ceremony. The ceremony went well and we got back to the band hall about 5. That made for an 11 hour work day and I was tired.

I headed home and played with Robbie for a while (daycare was closed today so he and Ryan spent the day together doing guy things) and then we walked to the Chatterbox Diner for supper. We were going to grill steak, but I forgot to take the steak out of the freezer and Ryan forgot to get propane for the grill. Oops! After we ate, we walked around town for a little bit before coming home. Then we played a little more before Robbie went up to bed and then I took a shower and then stitched and watched Tivo.

High: 75
Low: 46

Long Day

I started this morning off a little earlier than normal. I conducted the monthly 10% urinalysis this morning and I like getting to the rehearsal hall about 0630 to get set up and ready to go right after PT formation at 0700. Of course, once everyone sees me in my ACUs when they’re in PTs, they know what’s going on. The question they have is Who? They find out during formation. I tested 5 soldiers this morning, including our commander and 1SG. All soldiers newly arrived to the unit will be tested within 30 days of arrival, so that’s why they were both tested today. I finished about 0945 and headed to turn the samples in and finalize the paperwork and stuff. Then it was back to the band hall and I caught the last maybe 10 minutes of the Sexual Assault Prevention class. Then it was a short rehearsal for tomorrow’s Division Run (we’re playing, not running). I went home for lunch as it was too early this morning for me to do much more than get me and Robbie dressed and out the door. I needed food (didn’t get breakfast), PT uniform for afternoon Special Pops PT – shirt was in the washer. I had started the washer before I left in the morning and I put the clothes in the dryer as soon as I got home for lunch and they were dry by the time I had to head back to continue doing the inventory. We did sound equipment today – microphones, speakers, amps, etc. Then after that we had a short BQ rehearsal for tomorrow’s gig. After work I walked with my soldier that’s on Special Pops – his ankle was bothering him today so we couldn’t run. We went 3 miles. But now I still need to get in my 6 mile run for the day. Hopefully we’ll have time tomorrow afternoon between jobs. Then it was to daycare to pick Robbie up and then home. Ryan worked until almost 6, so we just ordered pizza for supper. We played with cars and trucks for a while before bed, and then I read a few more newspapers trying to get caught up.

High: 71
Low: 59 (current temp)

Road March

There are 2 things I dislike about the Army – getting up early and road marches. So this morning I got up early and went and did a 2 mile road march. That’s what we did for PT this morning. At least it was ONLY 2 miles, and we were in PT uniform with boots. But we still had our body armor and a 40 pound ruck sack on. I made it within the allotted 40 minutes – had 5 minutes to spare and it would have been more than that, but about 1/4 mile in I had an equipment malfunction. I was trying to tighten the strap of my ruck a little more and I popped it off from a joining place. My buddy (we had to be in at least groups of 2) helped me fix it, but we lost a few minutes. The rest of the morning was spent in the Arms Room doing the inventory on the weapons and related items. Just before lunch I went and picked up my urinalysis supplies so I have them when I need them and during the beginning of lunch I took care of some government credit card stuff. I need to get caught back up on all my stuff – those 3 classes I had messed up my system, but I’ll be organized again soon. After lunch we did brass & woodwind inventory, but I only stayed for the brass. We had Brass Quintet rehearsal since we have a gig on Friday. Rehearsal went well and when we were done, I was pretty much done for the day. I stopped at the post office on my way to get Robbie and then it was out to the chiropractor. I was tight after the road march. We ate supper at Friendly’s, and we saw how well-behaved Robbie is. The lady at the table next to ours had 2 girls – one maybe 6 or 7 and one around Robbie’s age, maybe a little younger. She had a pacifier stuck in her mouth (TOO OLD!!) and didn’t want to eat her hot dog and fries. She had been looking over the back of the booth at Robbie, and by this time we had our ice cream. She kept trying to climb over the back of the booth because she wanted Robbie’s ice cream. Robbie was sitting with Ryan, so he was able to block Robbie from her and the mother was trying to get her daughter to sit down. But then she threw a fit and was crying and screaming. Robbie even put his hands over his ears. So we finished eating and paid our bill and escaped from the little howler monkey. Ryan and I both told Robbie how proud of him we were for being such a good boy.

So we got home and Robbie had to do his daily check of his sunflowers (must remember to get a new pic one of these days) and corn (probably should get a pic of that, too) and then it was in the house to play for a little while before a bath and bedtime. I got stuff ready for work tomorrow and now I’m heading to bed, too.

High: 88 (I’m glad I didn’t have to run this afternoon)
Low: 63

Lots of stuff and a tired day

I started the day off with PT this morning. We are in our new squad and platoon formations, and we’re doing PT by squad. The trombone/tuba squad played cards – red cards were pushups and black cards were situps, however many was the number on the card. We went through about half the deck. Then we ran a mile. After my short home time for shower/change/breakfast/e-mail/pack lunch, it was back for rehearsal. We rehearsed a little for the retirement ceremony on Friday afternoon. I did a few other things in the morning but I have no idea what – my brain is done for the day. We have a new lunchtime – it’s from 1200-1330 now instead of 1130-1300. It’s nice for the people that go to the chow hall since the rush is gone, and it gives us a more even work day – 0930-1200 in the morning (2 1/2 hours) and 1330-1600 in the afternoon (2 1/2 hours). It’ll take a while for my tummy to get used to it, but I’ll manage. Maybe I’ll just take a granola bar or something for a mid-morning snack.

After lunch we had Jazz Band!! It was a lot of fun. We just sightread quite a few pieces. Our commander is running it, and he’ll be playing drums on a few pieces since the regular drummer also sings. I really like our new commander so far, and our new First Sergeant, too. Of course, I found out today that after Friday’s Brass Quintet gig, I’m going to be in charge of the BQ and 1SG will be in the group. That should be interesting. After jazz band was done, we did the percussion instruments for the 100% inventory. Since I’m doing property book now, I have to be at all the inventories this week, and then from now on I’ll be in charge of them. That’ll be fun. I’m finally actually doing something that will be worth something on my NCO evaluation report. Once the inventory was done for today, I got changed into my PT’s and I went running with JG. He’s on the weigh control program and therefore is part of the special population PT program and those soldiers do PT twice a day (PT failures and overweight). I volunteered to run with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we’ll just be running whatever is up for my marathon training program – so we’re killing 2 birds with one run!! We only did 4.25 today though – it was HOT and we got a little bit of a late start and I had to get Robbie from daycare before 5:30.

So we finished running and I headed out to get Robbie and Ryan met us at the Golden Unicorn for supper. He hadn’t been feeling well today and came home from work after a couple of hours. It was his turn to cook supper tonight and he didn’t feel like cooking, so we ate out. JG met us there and we had a great time. Then it was home to get Robbie to bed and I found all the stuff I needed and got my rucksack packed and everything together for tomorrow morning’s 2 mile train-up road march. I’ve had a much-needed and very relaxing shower and I’m about to head up to bed once I finish my e-mail and message boards.

High: 84
Low: 48

No work, but lots done!

We had a comp day today because of the concert Saturday evening. I brought Robbie to daycare and then came home and had a productive day. I dropped the van off at the car place on my way home for an oil change and they replaced a sensor on my tire that was making my ABS and traction control not work Then I walked the 3 1/2 blocks home and changed into my running clothes and went for a 5 mile run. Yes, you heard me right. I went for a run!! And it felt good. Shortly after the 3 mile point I saw a yard sale and out of the corner of my eye I saw yarn. So I stopped my stopwatch and went and looked quick. There were 2 boxes of mostly thread but some yarn and other stuff as well – for $8. I asked the lady to put them aside for me and told her that I’d come back later on to get them. Then I restarted my watch and continued the rest of the way home. After showering and changing and eating, I walked the 3 blocks to the post office and mailed a bunch of stuff and got a money order to send to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center from my race registrations. Then it was home again and I got other stuff done on my computer. Then they called and said my van was done so I walked and got it and then went back out to the yard sale and got my yarn and a couple of other things that I saw when I could look better. Then home again and I took a few pictures of a sewing machine (not mine – it was donated for my silent auction back in June and didn’t sell) that I listed on E-bay. If that sells, the money from it will go toward my fundraising as well.

Then it was time to get Robbie from daycare and head out to the chiropractor. We ate supper at Wendy’s after and then home. Robbie helped sort the laundry while cow-poop-smelling Ryan was in the shower. He put the towels in one pile, the socks and underwear in another, and shirts and pants in another. After he was in bed, I got some stitching done after Ryan and I folded the clothes.

High: 78
Low: 53

Another Sunday

We slept late this morning, but we managed to get to church on time. Robbie had a banana in the car on the way for his breakfast and Ryan and I went without. It was Service of the Word today so it was short, but it was still good. Then we went to Applebees for lunch after and then stopped for gas and groceries (not the same place) on our way home. When we got home, we got Robbie down for a nap and the groceries put away and then I got my race results compiled and posted online. If you care to see them, go to Kickin’ Cancer 5K race results. That took pretty much most of the afternoon and I also did e-mail and message boards since I didn’t have time before church. I made meatloaf and corn on the cob for supper and then we had our weekly walk to the ice cream place. It was busy tonight, but we were still able to get one of the little tables outside. Then it was bedtime for Robbie and I called Mom & Dad and stitched.

Oh, I got a whole bunch of stuff ready to go to the Post Office tomorrow, too.

High: 73
Low: 63

Kickn’ Cancer 5K and a concert

I held my second of probably three 5K races this morning. It was another fundraiser for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the group that my marathon team (Fred’s Team) is raising money for. I had 36 people registered but 5 of the pre-registered’s didn’t show up. I’ll mail them their race t-shirts. I raised $708 this morning, inlcuding registration fees, extra donations, and selling extra t-shirts for $5 each!!

I also had a Pampered Chef party as a fundraiser last month, and we just closed that. I’ll be getting $200 toward my goal for that!

Overall I’ve raised $2896 of my $4500 goal! I still have a little over $1600 to go, but I’m positive that more individual donations will come in and I’m planning another 5K race for the middle of October.

After breakfast at the Golden Unicorn (yay for buffet on the weekends!), we came home and played for a while. Then Robbie went up for a nap and I got into uniform and headed to formation. We had a concert in Cape Vincent this evening. The Dixieland Band played for about 45 minutes to open the concert and then it was concert band’s turn. I sight-read the concert, but I was playing the 3rd part so it wasn’t too hard. The concert went well and had a good crowd. We were a little worried about the weather, but it turned out to be a perfect evening for a concert. Once we got back to the band hall, I headed home and I gave a fellow bandman a ride. He lives here in Carthage as well and he and his wife only have 1 car. I don’t mind giving people rides once in a while, especially if I’m going the same direction anyway. When I got home, Robbie was finishing up his bath and then we got him to bed and Ryan and I started watching the NASCAR race. I read about a week’s worth of newspapers and now I’m heading to bed before I fall asleep at the computer.

High: 86
Low: 72

It’s official!

We had PT this morning. It made for an early morning for both me and Robbie, but we’ll get used to it. We left at 6:15 and I dropped him off at daycare on my way in for PT. After formation, I went for a 3.4 mile run (to the fence and back) with a friend and we had a nice time catching up on stuff from while I was at my classes. Then the whole morning was taken up with Brass Quintet rehearsal getting ready for a gig we have next Friday. I went to Subway for lunch with another friend and we got caught up on the past couple of months. The afternoon was fun. I am ofiicially working in Supply, and I’ll be handling the property book. That means I’ll be responsible for over $1.7 million! WOW! We are starting our 100% change of command inventories now that our new commander is here, and today we did computers (and all related items) and a few other things. I was pretty much just shadowing the SSG that I’m learning from today.

About 4:00 we were done for the day and I stopped and got Robbie from daycare and then to an ATM to get money to get $1’s for change for my race tomorrow. Then it was home to play for a while. We drew on the sidewalks with chalk. Once Ryan had gotten home from work and showered so he didn’t smell like cow poop, we went to the Golden Unicorn for supper. On our way home we stopped at the ice cream place. They have a Cruise-In every Friday night, and people bring their cars to show them off. There were a lot of cool cars there, some older, some a little newer. Robbie and I had ice cream, too. Ryan didn’t want any. Then it was home to get Robbie into bed and get stuff ready for the race. Ryan was a huge help in getting all the t-shirts organized and the pre-registered “packets” together. Each of the first 50 to register will get a t-shirt and a Power Bar, and the 12 that have pre-registered also have their race number in the bag. Once all that was done, we got the van loaded – water, fruit, t-shirts, trophies, the table, and sawhorse (for the sign at the entrance to the park). We got the posters for the road made (just 5K with an arrow) and then relaxed for a bit and did stuff on our computers. I’m heading up to bed now – it’s going to be an early morning tomorrow. Registration starts at 7 and I want to be to the park early to get set up.

High: 84
Low: 69

Back to the band!!!

It was back to work today. Boy was it nice to be back with the band. I got to meet all the new soldiers, including our new commander, today. And there were two ceremonies. Luckily the morning one went indoors and only needed 2 trombones and I wasn’t on it. But I was on the afternoon one which SHOULD have gone indoors. It was raining before we even left the band hall. We stood out on the field (minus woodwinds – Chief sent them back to the band hall on the bus) and were SOAKED by the time the ceremony was done. And to add insult to injury, the sun came out full force about 10 minutes from the end. Ugh. I will be working in supply now, instead of Operations. I didn’t really have anything to do in Ops, and I’m tired of sitting around doing nothing. I’d like to earn my paycheck. They need hard and reliable workers in supply and I’m more than happy to go somewhere where I’ll actually get to work! After work was getting Robbie from daycare and then we stopped and picked up my trophies for Saturday. I’ll have to set them out and take a picture of the 7 of them. Then it was out to the chiropractor. We got our adjustments and then some shopping on our way home – fruit & water from Sam’s Club, new boots for Ryan (and Robbie got a really cute pair that almost match Daddy’s) and a few other things from Walmart, and poster board from Michaels. Then it was supper at Taco Bell and home. No stitching today and I’m heading to bed.

High: 74
Low: 62