Installation Retirement Ceremony and Legion Installation Dinner

Yesterday was an EARLY morning with formation at 0600 for a sequence rehearsal for the Installation Retirement Ceremony (IRC).  I was the Drum Major for the ceremony.  It went really well, and the band did really good with only an hour of marching band practice since before leave.  Once we got back to the band hall, I did some admin work and got a couple of spreadsheets updated.  Then we had a release formation at 1000, but I didn’t end up leaving until a little after 1100.  SFC AK and I discussed some Soldier stuff.  She’s going to be the new MPT B (small ceremonial band, and Brass Band comes from there also) Leader, and I’ll be the Assistant Team Leader.  The former MPT B Leader is moving to MPT E (Brass Quintet) and since he’s a trombone player, I won’t be in BQ anymore.  I’m a little sad about that, but I know I’ll enjoy playing in Brass Band and it will be good for me as a musician to have some variety.    AK is also going to be in charge of Admin, but she’s never worked admin before, so I’ll be completely training her.  

Once I got home, I took some Benydryl as I was MISERABLE – couldn’t stop sneezing and blowing my nose – and I ended up napping for almost 4 hours.  We went to Chili’s for dinner and then home for a little bit of stitching before going back to bed.  And, yes, I slept despite the nap.

Today I was feeling a little better, but still stuffed up some and sneezing.  I slept until about 9.  Ryan was already at the Legion helping with breakfast.  Robert and I had cereal for breakfast and then he played Wii and I checked e-mail and stuff on my computer.  I did some laundry today, and I got 3 hours of stitching in.  This evening was the Legion’s New Officer Installation Ceremony and Dinner.  Ryan was installed as the Historian.  It was a nice ceremony, and short, and the meal was really good, too, other than that they ran out of mashed potatoes.  The Jazz Combo from the band provided entertainment for the event, and that was really nice.  I could have stayed and listened to them all night, but I needed to get Robert home to bed.  He was very well-behaved, and I wanted to get him home before he started getting fussy.

I’m heading to bed now and hopefully I can get up early and go run before church since I couldn’t go this morning with Ryan at the Legion.

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Flooding, anyone??

This morning I had the pleasure of riding the Harley to work!!  Ryan needed the van to bring home ceramics projects.  Gee darn.  LOL  It was a nice ride, and the gate guard was really nice and I didn’t even have to stop at the gate – he could see my ID in the clear pocket on my orange reflective vest.  It was a busy day today, but it went by mostly fast.  We formed outside with instruments this morning so we could do one quick run through of the Pass in Review for tomorrow’s ceremony.  That went really well and then it was off to Brass Quintet rehearsal.  Today was our day for Chief to come listen to us, and he left with a smile on his face so that’s a good thing.  We played a variety of styles for him to show off our versatility.  I had a little bit of time to check e-mail and do a couple of admin things before lunch, which was out with friends (KC, RR, and ME) at our favorite Korean place.  YUM!!!  Then after lunch was a staff meeting with all the shop heads and group leaders.  We had A LOT of stuff to talk about and the meeting took all afternoon – 2 1/2+ hours.  I had had a mild headache all day, so once the meeting was done I asked Top if I could head home – between the headache and being on the Harley and wanting to get home before it started raining.  He said I could – probably helps that I was at work until 1730 yesterday.  I did make it home safely and before the rain began. 

Ryan picked Robert up from Child Time on his way home from class, and I made spaghetti for dinner before we headed to Robert’s last night of soccer camp.  He got a camp t-shirt and had a lot of fun playing again tonight.  They did end it about 15 minutes early due to lightning.  Then we headed to Big 5 Sporting Goods and we bought Robert cleats, shin guards, a ball, and socks as he will be participating in the Sierra Vista Soccer League starting in September.  He’s excited about that.  I guess I’m officially a soccer mom now.  I got some crocheting done while he was playing and then some more after we got home and I had laundry going.

It’s been raining quite hard for about the past hour and a half or so, and our street is flooded, our back yard is flooded, part of our front yard is flooded, and we have water leaking in above the sliding door to the back yard.  It was a pretty awesome thunderstorm though!!!

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Music surrounded by working out

This morning I was up and out the door for a 10.66 mile bike ride.  It took me 51:58, a 12.3 mph average pace.  It was a little slow, but it was all downhill on the way out and then uphill on the way back.  There was a 360 foot elevation change between home and my turn around point.  But I was able to ride part of the course for my tri the end of the month, so now I know that I’ll have some gradual hill climbing to do.  It wasn’t that bad – I didn’t have to go below 3rd gear.  The worst part about the ride were the flying ants.  I had to ride through quite a few swarms of them – I just closed my mouth and looked down so they mostly hit on my helmet.  But they did get on me, and they stuck thanks to my sweat and the humidity.  YUCK!!!  But other than the flying ants, it was a great way to start the day.

Then it was off to work, dropping Robert off on the way.  We had a seated formation this morning and went right into a ceremonial music rehearsal for our ceremony on Friday.  Then we had Brass Quintet for the 2nd hour of the morning.  I got some stitching done at lunch, and finished a project other than the beads and I’ll do those on Friday.  After lunch, I met with First Sergeant to go over a bunch of NCO evaluation reports (NCOER), and started getting them all signed.  Then we had drill band to practice our marching for Friday’s ceremony.  That went really well, but it was HUMID out and I was wiped out after that.  But it was back to NCOERs and I was able to submit a good half dozen or so.  They are DONE.  We did so many that I lost count.  It’s good having those out of the way.  I finally left work a little before 1730 and headed home to change into running clothes and head to soccer with Robert.

While he played soccer, DC and I ran around the sports fields again.  We went 2.6 miles in 28:43, an 11:02 pace.  We were both pretty tired, and me especially for it being my 2nd workout of the day, plus an hour of drill band this afternoon.  It was still a good run, and we had a good time chatting the whole time we ran.  After soccer was done, Robert and I headed to the church where I had choir practice for Sunday’s service.  Rehearsal went well and then I was finally able to go home and eat dinner.  I was HUNGRY – I hadn’t eaten since lunch at 1130.  Now I’m going to bed because I’m about to fall asleep.

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And another week begins

I dropped Robert off at Child Time on my way to formation.  After formation, I headed to my office and got a ton of admin work done today again.  Of course, it was a typical Monday and I kept hearing "Sergeant Yearicks, I need. . . . .  Sergeant Yearicks can you. . . ."  I stitched for a while at lunch and then more admin stuff after lunch.  Near the end of the day, I called USAA and did an Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRRL) on my mortgage on our house in New York.  I’m going from 6.625% interest down to 4.75% interest and lowering my monthly payments by over $100 a month!  That sure will help out with making the income from the rent cover the mortgage payment, and now there will be enough extra that will cover the monthly driveway maintenance payment as well!  And it only took a 40 minute phone call.  I’ll get the paperwork in the mail in a few days and sign everything and send it back. 

Then I headed home and they sky just opened up.  It POURED.  I picked Robert up from Child Time, and when we got home, the edges of our street were flooded and I let Robert take off his socks and shoes and play in the water.  He had a great time – in some places the water was over his calves.  Ryan got home from class and continued to watch Robert play and I made tacos for a quick dinner.  After we ate, we headed to the sports complex for the first night of soccer "camp" for Robert.  He’s in a group with 4-8 year olds, but they pulled the 4-5 year olds to one area and the older kids to another.  My former commander’s daughter is in the group, too, so we spent the hour chatting with her husband and then her as well when she got there later.  She and I are going to run laps around the fields tomorrow evening.  Robert had a great time learning how to dribble and other things, despite the light rain the whole time.

Today’s high:  82
Current:  71 (and still raining)

My first poker run!!

Yesterday was the American Legion Riders Post 52 6th Anniversary celebration.  Ryan was gone to the Legion early to help get things set up and he was in charge of the bike show.  About 0815 I dropped Robert off at K’s and then headed to the Legion – on the Harley!!  Ryan took the van as he had a bunch of stuff to bring.  I got registered for the poker run, got patches sewn on my vest, got vest extenders for my vest, and met up with the group I’d be riding with.  This was my first solo ride (other than my short 13 miles on Friday evening) and I was glad to be with a small group.  There were 6 bikes and 7 riders.  We had 5 stops along the around 100 mile ride, and at each stop we got a bead which was put on a big safety pin that we had gotten at registration.  We stopped at a Shell gas station at Mustang Corners, Big Nose Kate’s Saloon in Tombstone, St. Elmo’s bar in Bisbee,  Nick’s Place in Hereford, and the VFW back in Sierra Vista.  It was a really good ride, and I had a lot of fun.  Everyone in the group I was with said I did a really good job.  After we got back to the Legion, I got keys from Ryan and headed home to get the passenger pegs for the bike (Ryan had taken them off because they were getting in my way as they don’t stay up like they should).

Then it was back to the Legion and I got the bike entered in the bike show and turned my beads in for my poker hand.  I drew 6 cards and got to pick 5 to keep.  I was one diamond away from a flush, but I ended up with nothing.  And not even good enough for low hand.  Then I signed Ryan and I up for the bike games.  Those were a lot of fun.  I didn’t do Ride the Plank, where you have to keep your tires on a 1 inch wide "plank" (a board that wasn’t but 1/2 inch off the ground).  The person that went the farthest won.  I did pretty well on the Slow Race, and actually won my first loser’s bracket heat!  Whoever drove the slowest down the course won, and if you went out of the lane or put your foot down, you were done.  Then there was the Cone Weave, where you had to weave in and out through six cones on the course.  I made it around 3 of them and then I ran over the next one.  LOL  There were two events that required a passenger – Bite the Weenie, where the passenger had to bite a hot dog stuck on a fork as the driver drove slowly under it.  I didn’t even get a chance really as Ryan put his foot down about 2 feet from the hot dog and that DQ’d us.  And the other one was where I had to put tennis balls on cones, but Ryan drove too close to the cones and ran it over.  Can’t put a tennis ball on that if it’s under the bike.  But the games were still a lot of fun and good practice for me.  And I was the only female driver that tried them.

They had an auction with all kinds of bike stuff, and I got a pair of Harley Davidson riding boots for Ryan for $45.  That was a SUPER good deal on them!!  Ryan had been talking about them ever since they had them donated to them for the auction.  All the money raised during the day went to the Legacy Scholarship fund.  After I had won the boots, I took them out to Ryan and helped him finish tallying the results of the bike show judging.  Then we went in for the toasts, awards (bike games, bike show, poker run, and some other presentations), and birthday cake.  After it was done and we had helped clean up and stuff, I took the bike and went and got gas and then Ryan and Robert (K had brought him before the bike games and she stayed to watch them) came home in the van a little later.  We were all exhausted from being outside and in the sun all day, but it was a very good day!!

This morning was church and then lunch and then grocery shopping.  We spent the rest of the day at home and I did laundry, we watched the NASCAR race, and Ryan grilled pork chops for dinner.  I got quite a bit of stitching done as well.

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Band Change of Command

Today was the Band’s Change of Command ceremony.  My guys came with me when I headed to work for our 0800 formation.  At 0830 the Garrison Commander presented the outgoing band commander with her award.  I read the citation, and boy was I nervous.  Maybe someday I’ll get over that.  Then I "switched hats" and began greeting guests as they arrived and showed the VIPs to their seats.  I was one of the two ushers.  And then the ceremony started and I "switched hats" again and became one of the gift/flower presenters.  I presented the outgoing commander’s husband with a 3 liter bottle of beer (Chief had bought it for him) and a small bouquet of flowers for her daughter.  Then the other usher/gift presenter presented flowers to the wife of the incoming commander.  After the ceremony was done, there were some light refreshments and then we got everything cleaned up – canopy, chairs, lectern, etc.  And then that was it for the day.  We headed home and Ryan took a nap and I took a shower.  Then we headed to Tucson to do a little bit of shopping before going to Red Robin for Ryan’s birthday dinner.  His burger was free!  The food was very good as always.  I got quite a bit of stitching done on the drive there and back.  Then when we got home, I got changed and went out on a bike ride.  I went about 13 miles – my longest solo ride so far.  I would have gone a little more, but it was getting dark and I don’t have clear lenses – just sunglasses.  

Today’s high:  82
Current:  74

Eeeewww! A HUGE cockroach

This morning was actually a normal morning for me and I would have had time to go for a run.  But alas my body must have needed sleep and I slept through not one, but two alarms.  Thank goodness for the "oh crap" alarm so I wasn’t late for work.  I dropped Robert off at Child Time on my way to work, as usual.  After formation, I did some admin work and also walked up to Garrison HQ to pick up some mail they had for us and to bring something that needed to be mailed out.  Boy was it HUMID.  Ugh.  Shortly after I got back to the band hall, the thunderstorm rolled over the mountain and we got some rain and boy did it feel great out when I headed for our farewell luncheon at Golden Corral.  It was our farewell luncheon for our Commander.  I’m going to really miss her.  After lunch, I did a bit more admin stuff before heading for my weekly allergy shots and then off to my annual health assessment.  I really like the RN that does them and she and I talked about all kinds of stuff, even other than my health.  I was her last appointment of the day, so she could chat for a while which was kind of nice.  I picked Robert up on my way home and once home, I actually played a little bit of Mario Kart Wii.  Robert thought that was cool and enjoyed laughing with me at my "wonderful" driving skills.  LOL  We had a nice evening, and I made dinner for us.  After dinner I crocheted and finished a baby blanket.

Oh, the cockroach.  So I had to go to the bathroom this evening and as I’m walking into the bathroom, I’m turning the light on and happened to look down – at a HUGE COCKROACH like 2 inches in front of my BARE foot.  YUCK!!!  I almost stepped on a 2" long cockroach with bare feet.  I think I scared him as much as he scared me.  I got some shoes on and went cockroach hunting.  I found him, and now he resides amidst his guts inside a wad of paper towels inside the garbage can.

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Current:  74

100% and more admin stuff

This morning after formation, we had a 100% urinalysis.  I was able to make my contribution early on so I didn’t have to sit around all morning.  At 10, we had a key leader walk-through for Friday’s change of command ceremony.  I’m one of the ushers, so my being there didn’t really amount to much being learned.  Then I took our two newest Soldiers to be arrived and get their in processing papers.  And that took me to lunch.  I ate my lunch, played on the computer, and stitched for a while.  After lunch, I got our databases updated and had another productive day.  And then I headed to the pool to swim some laps.  But they only had TWO lanes open for lap swimming and there were a TON of people in there.  So no swimming for me today.  I headed home, picking Robert up on my way home.  Once Ryan got home from school, we went to Denny’s for supper again.  And then home to relax for the evening.  I crocheted on a baby blanket for a while.

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Back to Work

I dropped Robert off at Child Time on my way to work.  He didn’t want to let go of me but one of his teachers and I managed to pry his fingers apart so I could leave for work.  After formation, I spent the day doing admin stuff, and boy did I get a TON of stuff done today!!  I actually got some stitching done at lunch and after lunch was more admin work.  It was a very productive day for me!  And the best part is that I was leaving by 1545!  I didn’t stay at work all day.  I picked Robert up from Child Time on my way home and when Ryan got home from school, he grilled some steaks for dinner.  They were very good!  And then I had a nice relaxing evening with my stitching.

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Sunday, a day for relaxing

We slept in this morning – a luxury we have on Sundays because our service isn’t until 1100.  I read the lessons during the service and got several compliments afterward on my reading, including from the guy with the hearing aid and requires the large print bulletins and stuff.  But boy were my knees shaking while I was up reading.  After church we went to KFC for lunch and then grocery shopping and a few things at Walmart before heading home.  Once home, I got the groceries put away and some multi-grain bread started in the bread maker.  I finished Robert’s snake this afternoon, and Robert sure was excited!!

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After my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad, we went to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream for supper.  And then once we were back home, I got laundry folded and more started washing.  After Robert was in bed, I stitched for a while.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  83