Today was a nice relaxing day. Robbie let me sleep in until almost 8 and we let Ryan sleep in until after 10. He had a sleepless night last night and didn’t come to bed until after 4. We played the morning away, and after Robbie went down for his nap at noon, I went and got a manicure and pedicure done. I’ve got little dragonflies on each of my big toes! If my camera will cooperate with me, I’ll take a picture to share with you. Once I got home, I read most of the newspapers from our vacation – just have yesterday’s and today’s left. When Robbie got up from his nap, we went to check the mail and the mailman was just arriving. We asked him for our mail (today was the day for them to deliver everything) and he apologized several times and said he completely forgot. He’s fairly new – only been on the job for 2 weeks. He did call the post office and explained to the lady there what had happened and she said we could go pick it up (the P.O. closes at 1 on Saturdays). So we drove to the post office and got our container (one of those white cardboard box type things full) of mail. Came home again and went through it all. I think I must have had a dozen credit card offers in the not quite 2 weeks we were gone. The thing I wanted was the bills. Got those paid and then we went to O’Charley’s for dinner. Robbie had the kids spaghetti (kids under 10 eat free!!) and ate the whole thing! Ryan had ribs and he said they were ok, but the size was small. He ordered a whole rack and it was about the size of a 1/2 rack you get at some places. I had a steak and it was pretty good. Once we got home, we got Robbie into bed and then Ryan and I watched Rainman and I stitched during the movie.

Summer Vacation: The Trip Home

We left Wednesday morning and drove as far as Rick’s house. We got there about 10 minutes before he got home from work so we just let ourselves in. After Rick had gotten home and changed and relaxed a bit, we headed out for our evening. We stopped at Meijer to get baby food and diapers and baby wipes and then to Panera’s for subs for dinner. We had a picnic in a little park and there was also a concert (that’s why we went – for the concert). The food was good and so was the music. The first group was a couple who sang some songs from years past. The second was two people singing a variety of Broadway tunes. I really enjoyed both of them. Robbie played on our blankets and flirted with a couple of girls sitting near us and had fun climbing over the 3 of us.

Thursday morning we got up and went to work with Rick. His coworkers wanted to see Robbie, so we went and showed him off. We left about 10 after eating breakfast at Burger King. We drove until about 6, stopping for lunch and at a few rest areas along the way, and then stopped at a Holiday Inn Express for the evening. They had a pool and free wireless internet and that was nice. The 3 of us went and played in the pool for about 1/2 hour before settling in our room for the night. Robbie didn’t do too badly. I do want to get into some water familiarization classes for Robbie so he can get used to being in water. After Robbie went to sleep, Ryan and I just relaxed and chatted with our friends (me) and played games (Ryan) on our computers.

This morning got up and enjoyed the free breakfast at the hotel. We drove the rest of the way home – in the rain. We stopped a few times and made it home a little after 5. It sure is good to be home! Robbie had to go play with all his toys and check out everything right away. The cats were glad to see us too – pretty much met us at the door. Within an hour of being home we had the van unloaded, the suitcases unloaded and put away, and a load of laundry in the washer. We still have some stuff to put away, but it’ll get done.

Whew! That sure was a long 2 weeks to try and remember and write about. But it’s done. I may have missed a few things or gotten things on the wrong days, but at least you can get some idea of what I did on My Summer Vacation!

Summer Vacation: Monday & Tuesday

Monday morning Rick left for home and Ryan and Robbie and I went to Marquette just to get out of the house for a while. We went to the mall and wandered around and got our rings cleaned at the jewelry store. Then we ate lunch at Taco Bell and then went to Michael’s to look around. The Michael’s in Marquette is new and is sure laid out better than ours here in Augusta. It seems much brighter, too. Then we went to Knit ‘N Purl, a mostly yarn shop, but they also sell cross stitch stuff. I needed one color of floss from there. Before we headed home, we stopped by Household Appliance to visit mom for a bit and of course to show off Robbie. On the way home we stopped at a pawn shop so Ryan could look around. Sometimes he finds really good deals on military stuff (he has a collection of Vietnam stuff), but today he found a pair of tin snips that he needs for work for a really good price. We were on our own for dinner as Mom had Choral Society rehearsal after work, so Ryan and I took Dad to Subway. That was a good meal, and good company, too.

Tuesday we were going to take Robbie for his first boat ride, but it was cool and windy so we couldn’t go out. Oh well! We went to the Post Office to mail a few things and then to Grandma & Grandpa’s for a final visit. Robbie ended up getting hungry while we were there, but Aunt Carol had some applesauce that he ate and Grandma Eleanore had some crackers. Thanks for feeding my little guy! Once we got home, Robbie went down for a nap and Ryan and I started getting things packed. Ryan cleaned the van out and then Robbie and I (he took a short nap today) helped load it up. I think Robbie was the supervisor! When Mom got home from work we had grilled hot dogs and brats (I had a brat this time!) for supper. We had sauna one last time and tried to go to bed earlier than 12:30 a.m. so we could get a good night’s sleep for our drive home.

Summer Vacation: The Weekend

Saturday was the Annual Gwinn Area Fun Daze. We went to the parade at 10 and then had pie (thanks to the Lutheran Church ladies!! – and to Grandma Eleanore for buying ours!). We listened to concerts by the Blue Notes Drum & Bugle Corps and the Negaunee City Band and then walked around some more. We had hot dogs and brats for lunch (I had a hot dog because the brats didn’t look very appetizing). Then we walked down to the antique/classic car show by the high school and looked at all the cars. There were some really neat ones. Before we left for home, we browsed through the Forsyth Township Museum. There’s always new displays up there, so it’s different every time I see it. After dinner, Mom and I went to the church to meet up with the rest of the ladies of the family to practice our 2 songs for church. That went well, and then we all went back to our house for birthday cake and ice cream. The rest of the family came over as well, and it was really nice seeing everyone. The cake was for Ryan – he turned 34 on Friday. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Sunday we got up and got ready for church. Our songs during the offering and after communion went really well, and after the service we had a couple of people tell us we should make a CD. Robbie was really good during the service, and slept through part of it like he usually does. Everyone was glad to see us. After we got home, the guys went down to the lake to put the new dock together. Then Mom and Robbie and I went down and joined them and Robbie got his first experience in the lake. It was kind of scary for him, but I think he had some fun playing the shallow water by the shore after he got used to it. He didn’t like going out deeper in his floaty thing we had gotten him, though. Oh well – there’s always next year! Mom made meatloaf for supper and that sure was good! It’s nice to have mom’s good cooking again.

Summer Vacation: Wednesday-Friday

Wednesday we just relaxed around the house and took care of Robbie. He had a slight fever, but I cuddled him and held him a lot and that helped him a little. Ryan started working on Dad’s dock – taking down old pieces in preparation for the redoing of it. After Mom got home from work and we had eaten dinner, Mom and I left for Aunt Pris’ house to rehearse our music for church on Sunday. Mom, Aunt Pris, Aunt Pattie, my cousins Amanda, Renee, and Holly, and I have a couple of pieces we put together for the service. The rehearsal went well, and it was nice visiting with everyone as well.

Thursday was more relaxing. Robbie was finally starting to feel better and starting to explore a little bit. Ryan worked on the dock a little more (I think) and then in the evening went golfing with Paul and Uncle Gary and Renee’s boyfriend. I brought him to Aunt Pris’ and then went to Marquette with Robbie. We picked Mom up from work and took her to her nail appointment. After that we went to eat dinner – Robbie ate a whole HUGE pancake and I had French Toast. It was really good. Then we went to Michael’s for some yarn for projects for Mom and then to the grocery store for baby food for Robbie. He sure eats a lot now. It was a fun evening – I always enjoy my Mom & Me times! When we got home, Ryan was just calling for me to go pick him up, so I got Robbie to bed and then left to get Ryan. Just as I was leaving, Rick pulled in the driveway – he had worked part of a day before coming up for the weekend. Once Ryan and I got home, we had sauna again and just sat around and talked and watched TV and I got a lot of stitching done (I did every day).

Friday we went to Grandma Eleanore & Grandpa Bob’s. Robbie and I went for a run through the woods (he was in his stroller) and Ryan & Dad & Rick went in the van. We looked through some stuff in Aunt Carol & Uncle Wayne’s basement and attic and I got some sweaters, some craft stuff, and my Great-Grandmother Josie’s china! It’s a really pretty floral pattern. I’ll take a picture of it later when I get it unpacked. We visited for quite a while, and Robbie had his lunch there. Everyone was amazed at how much he eats and how well he sits up and everything. Keep in mind they haven’t seen him since the end of December so he’s grown quite a bit since then. Once we had everything loaded in the van that needed to go home and were done visiting, we left – Ryan and Rick went in the van, and Dad walked back with me and Robbie. About 4:30 Amanda H. (Carl’s fiancee) came over as she and Carl were going to babysit Robbie for the evening. Carl wasn’t off work yet and he came over later. All of us adults went to Marquette and met Mom at Pizza Hut for dinner. Then we went to Menards to buy the new parts for the dock, and then went to see The Fantasticks at Northern Michigan University. It was in their black box theater and was pretty good. It was a musical. After the play was over, we stopped for ice cream at McDonald’s (the other place we wanted to go to had just closed), and then went home. Amanda and Carl survived watching Robbie and he was asleep when we got home so I guess they did ok!

Summer Vaction – The trip north

We went home to Michigan for my summer block leave period, thus the reason I haven’t written in 2 weeks. I’ll make several posts so they don’t get too long.

We left Monday afternoon after I got home (had to work in the morning) and headed north. The roads and weather were really good and Robbie travelled well. We stopped about 1/3 of the way into Kentucky at a little mom & pop hotel. It wasn’t bad – a bed and a shower was all we needed.

Tuesday morning we got up and ready and left out about 7:30 or 8 and drove the rest of the way home to Mom & Dad’s. It was a LONG day, and Robbie got tired of being in his car seat. We stopped every few hours to get out and stretch and it sure was good to finally arrive at home. By this time, Robbie was REALLY fussy and didn’t want anyone besides Mommy. Dad had sauna ready for us, and that sure felt good after having been on the road for 2 days.

Goodbye MG Hicks. . . . and MAT

Friday morning was the Post Change of Command Ceremony where MG Janet Hicks relinquished command to our new commander, BG Strong. The ceremony went well and the speeches were pretty short. Even the weather cooperated! After that was done, we had our safety briefing for leave and got our leave forms and our “signing out and in from leave” briefing. Then building cleaning continued, but I had some errands to run, so I got those taken care of. We had formation at 1300 and learned of just a few minor things that needed to be done and once all those were done, we were released for the day. Of course, I was still there until 1530 – I had a dentist appointment for my annual cleaning at 1330 and then had to take care of some more errands. I got back about 1500 and got my reenlistment office cleaned up and all my stuff secured in my locker. My office won’t be in use during leave, but I still wanted to clean it and put stuff away just in case. I picked Robbie up from day care on my way home and came home to finish cleaning the house up a little. SPC Briana MacDougall came over for spaghetti for supper – she will be taking care of the cats while we’re in Michigan and I invited her over for supper as well as learning where everything is.

This morning I took the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). It is one of the requirements of Troy University graduate students. It was either that or the GRE and I really didn’t feel like studying for the GRE. I’ve always been pretty good at analogies, and this test wasn’t too bad. There were a few where I didn’t have the slightest clue and I had to guess, but there are no penalties for wrong answers and I had a one in four chance of getting it right. While I was taking the test, Ryan and Robbie took the van to the car wash and also vacuumed it out. It looks really nice now. After they picked me up we went to Walmart to get a few things and then to the Post Office and then to Schlotsky’s for lunch. Once we got home, it was Robbie’s naptime and I got some stitching and other stuff done. When Robbie woke up 3 hours later, it was almost time to leave for dinner. Our dining out group from church met at T-Bonz (a steak place) for dinner. We had good food and good conversation and of course, had fun watching Robbie eat and play. Robbie had a bath when we got home and then went to bed and Ryan and I watched National Treasure and I stitched. National Treasure is a really good movie!

Off to bed now. . .

All done!!

I took my makeup final exam this afternoon – couldn’t take it Tuesday night because we had a ceremony to play at. It was 30 multiple choice questions – no essay!! I’m pretty sure I got 100% on it as it was open book and I looked up all the answers. I also got registered for my class next term – Leadership and Motivation. Should be interesting!

Other than that, it’s been pretty busy but boring at work. We’re just doing major building and yard cleanups/maintenance in preparation for our upcoming block leave. There is a National Guard Band coming to do their 2 weeks of Active Duty training while we’re gone, and they’ll be taking over our building. This morning was the full dress rehearsal for the Post Commanding General’s change of command ceremony – we were out there for almost 3 hours. The rehearsal was supposed to start at 7:45, but didn’t actually get going until around 8:15. Of course the band was ready well before we were supposed to be – it was just everyone else that didn’t have a clue. Once started, the rehearsal went pretty smoothly, and we only really did it twice through!

I’m too tired to think of anything else tonight, so I’ll sign off for now. . .

PT Test and Weigh-in

Today was our quarterly PT test and weigh-in. The test was just a diagnostic, but the weigh-in was an official one. I didn’t have to take the test as I took one last week. I ran the stopwatch for it instead. The test went well for most, but there were a few people that failed one event or another. Since it’s a diagnostic, it’s not really a big deal, but it still doesn’t look very good when you fail a PT test. The weigh-in afterwards was awesome for me!! I weighed in at 144, and my maximum allowed weight is 144, so for the first time in my career (6 years), I didn’t have to be taped for body fat percentage!!!!!! That was one of my goals after I had Robbie – to get below my table weight!! I’m still going to work on losing a few more pounds so I’m not so close, but at least I was under today.

The rest of the day was pretty slow. We had drill band (marching band) for a while after we came back in this morning, a luncheon at lunch to say thank you to some high school band students that participated in the “Join the Army Band for the Summer” program that we run – they sit in on some of concerts. It was good food and a nice way to thank them for playing with us. In the afternoon Robbie got to see the pediatric allergist and it’s been determined that he probably doesn’t have allergies yet – babies don’t really start developing them until they’re a year or so old. Robbie was really good, even when the doctor stuck a q-tip like thing up his nose (Robbie’s nose) to get some snot to send to the lab to be looked at under the microscope. After that was done, we had to go back to work for an everybody-must-be-there formation. There’s been some security issues with our building, so no one has a key to the building anymore (we all had them) except for the E-7’s. Oh well – one less key on my key ring! Then I helped with Special PT again. We walked the 3 mile loop. Robbie came with us in his jogging stroller. He had a great time and was a good cheerleader! Once we finished the 3 miles, we found some shade under a tree and did some crunches. I took Robbie out of his stroller and hugged him to my chest as I did mine. Partway through I asked if anyone else would like a 23-pound weight. They just laughed at me!

I had my monthly EGA meeting tonight and that was fun as always. I love the “show-off” table where we get to display our finishes. Everyone does such beautiful work – and such a variety of needlecrafts!

I’m off to bed now before I fall asleep on my keyboard. . .