EOLC Day 2 & The Pledge of Allegiance

This morning I totally and completely slept through my get-up-and-go-run alarm.  Luckily Ryan always sets his alarm for 0630 and that’s what woke me up.  Aack!  Not a good way to start the day, but at least I got up in time.  So I got ready and got lunches packed and breakfast made and walked Robert to school.  We let Ryan sleep a little  since he’s not been feeling well.  He was up when I got back from the school.  Then I did my computer stuff before heading off to post.  Today during class we talked about effective communication and listening.  Lots of good discussions about everything, and it was actually a pretty good day.  I stitched during lunch, and got a few compliments and comments on my stitching.  And we even got done for the day about 15 minutes early, so that was nice!  I got home and changed and we went and got Robert from school.  Once home, Ryan fired up the grill and he cooked dinner tonight – steak and corn on the cob on the grill, and fake mashed taters.  It was really good.  During dinner, we always talk about what we did during the day.  Well, we get to Robert, and he was telling us about school.  He plays on the playground until the bell rings and then they line up and go in their classroom.  They put their stuff away and then they have carpet time where they do the calendar and "that thing where you put your hand over your heart."  We weren’t quite sure what he was talking about, and he said "this."  And then he proceeded to recite perfectly the Pledge of Allegiance!!!!!!!!!!  It made me cry I was so proud of him.  Even Ryan was a little teary-eyed.  Of course, we were both kind of surprised that they did the Pledge in class since so many schools don’t anymore.  We’re very happy that they do it!  I’m going to try and get him to recite it on video someday soon.

After Robert had had a bath and had read his books to us and I got him tucked in, I crocheted on and finished the baby blanket I’ve been working on.  I’ll just need to tuck the ends in tomorrow evening.

Today’s high:  93 (new record high.  Old record was 91 set in 2000)
Current:  76

2 thoughts on “EOLC Day 2 & The Pledge of Allegiance

  1. That made me a little teary eyed too! That’s great that the school teaches them that and already he’s learned it.

    You keep mentioning that Robert reads to you, is he just making up stories or can he really read? You said there’d be a video of that someday too?


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