EOLC Day 3

It was another day of not being able to get up and go run.  Must. get. the. laziness. out. of. my. system.  So I got up finally and got lunches packed and breakfast made for Robert and I.  We walked him to school and then it was home for me to finish reading my assignment for my quiz in class.  Then it was off to school for me.  I only got 90% on the quiz this morning – bringing my average to 95%.  The rest of the day we spent talking about stereotypes and cultural differences and stuff.  Once again I stitched at lunch and got more compliments.  It was a pretty good day.  Then it was home to get Robert from school.  Thankfully Ryan cooked again, so I had a little bit of time to relax.  He made mac & cheese and pigs in a blanket.  Then by the time we had the table cleaned off, it was time to leave for choir practice so I went in uniform.  Rehearsal went good and it was nice being back.

Today’s high:  89
Current:  75

Robert reciting the Pledge of Allegiance!!

 Hmmm. . .  If it doesn’t show up, maybe LJ is having trouble with videos right now.
Here’s a link if your prefer:  The Pledge of Allegiance


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