Equal Opportunity Leader Course (EOLC) – Day 1

This morning I was up and got Robert’s and my lunches packed and breakfast made (or poured since we had cereal) for us.  Then I headed off to post.  I had to be at the EO Office by 0800 for my 2 week course.  Class didn’t start off very well.  The projector connected to the computer wouldn’t work.  They finally got it working – actually another one in the room – about 0900.  So we had an hour of wasted time to start off with.  Yay.  We worked on an exercise to learn our Army Learning Style, and I completely agreed with my results of IPSF.  "IPSF’s are quiet, friendly, sensitive, and normally kind.  They enjoy the present moment, what’s going on around them.  They like to have their own space and to work within their own time frame.  They are normally loyal and  committed to their values and to people who are important to them.  They dislike disagreements and conflicts, and do not force their opinions or values on others."  Then we started  our introductions.  We had to say our rank and name, thing most important to you, marital status, kids, years in the Army, current job in the Army, organization memberships and hobbies, our learning style and if we agreed with it or not, and our symbol.  Our symbol was something that shows who you are.  I didn’t go until after lunch.  During lunch, I went home since I had forgotten my cross stitch project.  During your time of introducing yourself, lots of questions were asked about the things you talked about.  The thing most important to me – my family.  My symbol was a heart with a cross, music notes, and a stick figure in it – because I’m passionate about my music, my faith, and my family & friends.  After all the introductions were done, we started talking about what an Equal Opportunity Leader is and the roles he/she plays in the unit.  I think this will be an interesting class, and we have a very diverse group of 19 of us – white males & females, black males & females, Asian female, Pacific Islander male & female, Hispanic males & females, etc.  But the class goes until 1700, and my brain went into overload about 1600.  I don’t remember much about what was discussed between 1600 and 1700, but at least I have my blanks filled in in the study guide.

Once class was done, it was home and then we walked and got Robert from school.  Then we got the mail.  Then I got changed out of uniform finally and we headed to the Legion for hamburgers/cheeseburgers since I was too tired to even think about cooking.  Then it was home to play for a bit and Robert read his books to us – he got another new one today!  After he was in bed, I read my 40 pages for tomorrow’s quiz – which I sure hope is open book because that was a lot of stuff to absorb.  Then I crocheted on a baby blanket.

Off to bed now – late again.

Today’s high:  93 (almost a record high – the record is 95)
Current:  76

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