Sleep, a run, and a gig

This morning was nice.  The Brass Quintet was able to sleep in.  Four of the five of us met in the lobby at 0900 and we drove about 10 minutes to a really nice trail.  We thought it was a loop, but it must not be done or something because the ends didn’t connect.  We went one way ( 2 walkers, 2 runners) and no trail after a little bit, so we went the other way.  It was a beautiful trail for a run, and quite hilly so it made for a really good workout.  Well, me and the other guy who was running got to the end and there was no where to go so we turned around and had no choice, but to go back.  I had taken my cell phone with me just in case, so I texted the other two and told them they might want to turn around since the trail ended.  Running back to the start was more difficult – hills, tired, no water.  But we made it.  And I did pass the walkers before we finished.  All told, I ran 7.34 miles in 1:34:36, a 12:53 pace.  I can’t complain at all since it was my longest run in Arizona, it was hot (almost 85 by the time we finished), it ranged between 5130 and 5220 feet above elevation with 4 major hills (that we hit twice since we did out and back), and we hadn’t thought to bring any water with us.  Total ascent was 1078 feet and total descent was 1079 feet.  After we were done with Team PT, we stopped at a gas station we had discovered and got chocolate milk (one of the best post-run recovery drinks!!!), gatorade, water, etc.  Then we headed back to the hotel to shower and change, and then we met up (all 5 of us this time) to walk across the street to Panda Express.  We got TONS of food, and I don’t think anyone finished everything.  I know I sure didn’t.

Then I had the afternoon and I got some stitching done before I had to get into uniform for our evening concert.  We played in the Courthouse Plaza, along with the Brass Band.  The Brass Quintet started things off and we played for about 45 minutes – a mixture of marches/patriotic and jazz tunes.  We ended with William Tell, which seems to be our typical ending piece.  Then the Brass Band took over for another 45 minutes.  There were probably about 250 people as people wandered in and out.  We had a couple of recruiters there with us, since this whole TDY was a recruiting mission.  One of them was telling us that had this not been a last minute change/addition to Prescott’s schedule, the Plaza would have been PACKED, and people would have been showing up starting about 1 or 2 for the 5:00 concert.  They’re going to try and get us back up here some more in the future.  It was a really fun concert!

After the concert we talked to people that came by for a while, and then we got packed up and our instruments back into the van.  We went to the Prescott Brewing Company for dinner.  REALLY good food despite the sort of slow service.  I had chicken pot pie, and WOW was it delicious!  And the best part about our dinner, other than the good food and good company, was it ended up being free.  The group at the table next to us paid for our entire meals (all 4 of us!!) to thank us for our service to our country.  How cool is that!  I guess we’re glad we decided not to go back to the hotel to change before we ate like the Brass Band guys did.  After dinner, it was back to the hotel to relax for the evening.  I called home and I stitched for a little bit, and now I’m heading to Zzzzzzzz-land.

Today’s high:  89
Current:  61

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