Two High Schools and more traveling.

This morning we were up early and got checked out of the hotel and had breakfast – really good free breakfast at the hotel!  A recruiter met up with us and led us to the High School we were playing at first.  We had had a change of plans because of some issues and their pep assembly got cancelled, but we adjusted fire.  We got to watch the marching band rehearse their show and then at the end of first period, they did Storm the Halls where they march through the school playing the fight song over and over.  Well, we got to march and play with them.  Hmm. . .  Interesting.  It actually was a lot of fun despite no flip folder so I was holding my music on my bell with my hand.  Then we got set up in their band room and played a few pieces in different styles.  Between each piece one of us introduced ourself and told our story of how we joined the Army, places we’ve been, etc.  Then we opened it up to questions from the kids.  They had a few questions.  Then we packed up and headed to the recruiting station with the recruiter.  You know how long it’s been since I’ve been in a recruiting station?  Over 10 years.  Then after a little bit, we left with a different recruiter to go to another high school in town and we played in the auditorium for one of the band classes and a few students from other classes came as well.  Again we played, introduced ourselves, and answered questions.  These kids and their band director had a lot of good questions for us, not so much about the Army or being in the Army Band, but instrument/practicing/getting better questions.  Those work too.  Both gigs were fun, and if so much as one kid even thinks about joining the Army because of it, then it definitely was worth it (and it was worth it even without that).

After we were packed up from the second school, we went to lunch at Red Robin, and then hit the road to Prescott.  It was about an hour and a half drive, and some beautiful scenery driving up into the mountains.  We got checked into our hotel and settled into our rooms.  I took a super long hot shower and then just relaxed until we met up to go to dinner.  We walked downtown and saw where we’ll be playing tomorrow evening and then went to eat at a Japanese restaurant.  It was really good food – we all had teryaki, 3 chicken and 1 beef (one guy in the BQ didn’t go with us).  I got to try sake as one of the guys ordered that, and I had a Japanese beer.  It was pretty good.  The food was awesome!  After we had all eaten too much, we started the walk back to the hotel.  Well, there was a TCBY there, so we had to stop.  LOL  Then it was back to the hotel.  I got online and was able to do web cam & voice chat through Yahoo with Ryan and Robert.  Robert read me his books, and I read him his bedtime story tonight.  That was a nice way to end the day.  I’m heading to bed now, and I’ll read for a little bit before I go to sleep.

Today’s high:  100 (Glendale); 84 (Prescott)
Current:  62

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