TDY Travel Day HOME

This morning I got up and headed down to the lobby for breakfast. I ate with 2 of the other guys from the BQ since they were there the same time as me. Then it was back up to my room to do final packing and then I played on my computer until it was time to go check out. We got checked out and got the van and car loaded and we headed south. We stopped at Yogurtland in Scottsdale for lunch (can you tell that we like Yogurtland??) and then at a gas station for gas for the vehicles and snacks and beverages for us. I stitched the whole way home – just under 5 hours. We got back to the band hall and got everything unloaded and I went to my office to check my e-mail and make sure I have my stuff for my class that’s starting tomorrow – Equal Opportunity Leaders Course. Ryan and Robert arrived to pick me up, and Robert had painted me a picture that I put up in my office. We got my stuff to the car – Robert pulling my suitcase for me. Then we went to the commissary for some groceries and then home. I got my suitcase emptied after I put the groceries away. Then it was time for my weekly phone call to Mom & Dad, and I folded laundry (thank you Sweetie for doing all the laundry!!!) while I talked to them. Ryan got the grill going, and after I was done on the phone, he got dinner going – hamburgers and brats, and baked beans and tater salad to go with. After we ate, Robert helped clean the table off and then we had reading time. He read his books to us, and then got cleaned up for bed, and I read to him. Then I stitched for a while. Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high: 90 (Sierra Vista)
Current: 71

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