Can it get any worse?

My day started off good.  I was up early enough to turn in laundry AND get breakfast at the chow hall before formation.  After a check of e-mail, I headed to Brass Quintet rehearsal.  That’s when my day started on it’s downhill slide.  I just could not play today.  Stuff we’ve played before.  Stuff we’ve just played once or twice.  Nothing.  It was frustrating because I felt like I was letting the group down (although a couple of them told me later that we all have bad days once in a while and not to let it get to me).  Lunch was ok and cheered me up some.  I was sitting by myself and CR and the 3 officers he works with sat with me.  Lunch with them is always good times.  Of course, my big bowl of pralines & cream ice cream helped, too – on top of a good old-fashioned peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

After lunch began an adventure to say the least.  SFC E and I headed out in the truck for a variety of errands.  The first stop was the chapel offices so I could bring all the yarn that has come in for Prayer Shawl Ministry to put in our tuff box.  I took all the completed shawls out so the yarn would fit.  Then we headed out to the concret construction company to get some mini t-walls.  We were only able to get 1 each instead of the normal 5.  Then as we were leaving, there was some debris on the road.  I thought I got around all of it, but apparently a piece of metal must have jumped in front of the truck.  Pretty soon a strange light goes on on the dash panel and the truck "feels" wierd.  So I pull over – and of course there’s not really any place TO pull over where we were at.  Yup – flat tire.  I get the safety triangles out behind the truck and we find the spare.  And the place where the jack should be.  Notice, I said SHOULD.  No jack.  Hmm. . . .  So there we sit sort of off the road and no jack.  It’s too far back to the band hall to walk and of course, we don’t have cell phones.  After about 10 minutes of many, many vehicles going past us, a fellow Staff Sergeant finally stops.  He actually stopped to ask us for directions, but since we were nice to him, he was nice back.  And there was a jack in his truck.  Then SFC E and the SSG are trying to get the spare tired down (it’s underneath the truck in the back).  They couldn’t figure it out.  What’s yours truly doing while they’re trying to figure it out??  I’m getting the manual from the glove box of the truck.  Flip, flip, flip.  Ah – spare tire.  "To remove the spare tire. . . ."  I read to them.  Men – and not reading directions.  I’m glad I was there.  So we finally get the tire changed and the jack returned to the SSG and gave him directions to where he needed to go.  Our next stop was where we live so I could put the box of prayer shawls and a little bit of yarn that wouldn’t fit in the tuff box in my room.  Get in front of my door.  My hand goes in my pocket and comes out empty.  No keys.  I have work keys on there as well, and one of the other supply guys needed keys this morning and since I needed to get to rehearsal, I just gave him the whole thing.  He still had them.  So we put my stuff in SFC E’s room for now.

Then we finally got back to the band hall and I headed to salsa rehearsal.  That went ok for the most part, but just everything else from the rest of the day had built up and I was really touchy.  Pretty much anything said by anyone set me off.  After rehearsal was done, I did a final check of my e-mail and while I was doing that KW and JS invited me to go to Taco Bell and Cinnabon on a neighboring camp for dinner.  It was KW’s birthday today, so she wanted to celebrate and she knew I’d had a bad day.  So I had a big ooey-gooey cinnabon for dinner.  I felt better after that – of course hanging out with those 2 is  ton of fun.  Then I came home and I stitched for a while, I took a short nap, and then I headed up to BN for a video teleconference with Ryan & Robbie.  It’s always nice seeing them and getting to talk to them.

Now it’s way past my bedtime since the VTC was at midnight.  I don’t want to sleep my whole day off away.

Today’s high:  71 and dusty
Current:  59

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