Praise the Lord and pass the pizza!

I was off this morning due to that lateness of last night’s salsa gig.  We played Salsa Night out at another neighboring camp.  I missed Country Night, but I had a great time at the salsa gig.  During our 30 minute break between sets, I didn’t get a break – partly because I don’t know how to say no.  I was asked to dance on every song during the break.  By the end of the night, I was exhausted, and once I got back to my room about 0120, it wasn’t but maybe 20 minutes and I was asleep.

This morning I slept until about 0930 and then got up and did stuff on my computer and stitched for a while.  Then I got ready and headed to work for 1300 – to find out that there is ceremonial band rehearsal in about 1 minute.  Yikes!!  That’s what happens when you read the training schedule at 0100 – things don’t register.  It was all good and rehearsal went ok.  Then we had a practice time for loading one of our quad cons – certain things need to go in one and we needed to make sure everything fit.  It did.  Then I had some time to do e-mails and other computer stuff.  At 1500 Brass Quintet was scheduled to rehearse, but we didn’t.  I went back to my practice "room" for some individual time on my horn – until it started getting too dusty back there.  Yes, I’m back in my practice spot behind the band hall.  Yes, we had a bit of  dust storm come through.  So I packed up my stuff and headed back inside and finished out the afternoon.

Before heading to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal, I stopped at the chow hall for pizza toppings.  Our "slide guy" (he runs the powerpoint slides for the service), DN, made pizza for everyone.  He gets crust and sauce and cheese and we all provide whatever toppings we wanted.  So throughout prayer time and rehearsal, he was busy making the pizzas.  He has a small oven of some sort, and the pizzas came out really yummy!!  I had mushrooms, black olives, bean sprouts, and jalapenos on mine.  I’ve never had bean sprouts on a pizza before, but I thought "What the heck".  It was pretty good!!  Rehearsal went really well.  It sure was great to finally be back singing with the group!!  After rehearsal, I headed to the phone center to give Ryan a call and then I headed home.  Now it’s time for bed – after my crunches for the day.

Today’s high:  71
Current:  60

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