Stupid Internet

I couldn’t get online at all last night when I got home from Chapel service.  It was showing a strong signal, but no connectivity.  Hmm. . .  Yesterday was a good day off.  I slept until about 1000 and then I did stuff on the computer and stitched until it was time to head to the chapel for Prayer Shawl Ministry.  Yup, I got that start back up.  There was just me and our guy crocheter there, but I do know of a couple of others planning on coming.  After 2 hours of crocheting, during which time I finished my 5th prayer shawl, I headed home for a bit more stitching before heading to Joyful Noez rehearsal and the service.  It sure was great actually worshiping with Joyful Noez again.  The service was awesome.  Then it was dinner after and then phone calls home.

This morning was a sleep-in morning I guess.  I didn’t get breakfast at the chow hall, so it was Green Beans after formation.  Then I did computer stuff for the morning.  I ate lunch with TD and AM and it’s always fun eating with them.  After lunch I headed back to the living area to get the boxes out of SFC E’s room and brought them to my room.  I rearranged stuff and got 2 boxes packed of stuff to send home.  Then I headed to the post office to mail off 3 packages – the 2 boxes to myself, plus something to Mom.  Then it was back to work for the last hour of the day.  About 1630 I grabbed a broom and headed outside to sweep and get details going early.  Others had the same idea, so by 1700 we were done.  That was nice being able to leave right away.  I got dinner at the chow hall and then home for a relaxing evening.  I stitched for a couple of hours, ripped some CDs to my iTunes and then listened to music.  It sure was nice having an evening like this for a change.

Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high:  68
Current:  61

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