More from yesterday

It was a sleepy morning this morning and I had trouble getting going.  But I made it to the chow hall in time for breakfast and then to formation.  I got started on my supply researching that I was working on yesterday, but the other NCO that I share my computer with needed to do some stuff that was more important than mine, so I logged off and let him on.  I spent the morning reading – and I think I may have dozed off a little bit as well.  After I ate lunch, I got a half hour of stitching in before hitting the computer.  I spent all afternoon looking up stuff (same as yesterday) and I think I’m about done.  Tomorrow I’ll do the paperwork for the items that I need to request the LINs and NSNs for and then hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow I’ll be able to go visit our Property Book Officer and turn in all the documents.

Once the work day was done, I headed home to change into PTs and then back to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal.  Rehearsal went well despite me not knowing ANY of the songs for this week.  I picked them all up really quickly though.  We were done almost an hour earlier than normal so we actually didn’t have to rush to get to the chow hall on time!  Dinner together is always fun and then we all said our goodnights and headed to our various “homes”.  I think I might actually get to bed before midnight tonight!

Today’s High:  118
Current:  100 (10:25 p.m.)

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