Supply Research

After my late night last night, I slept in this morning.  Then off to breakfast and formation.  After formation, I started my research.  I have a bunch of new sound and rhythm equipment that came in the late surface shipment and I need to get it added to our property books.  In order to do that, I have to find Line Item Numbers (LIN) and National Stock Numbers (NSN) for each item.  There’s a supply website to do that research, and that’s what I spent the morning and part of the afternoon doing.  I’m not even half done with the stuff I have to add, but at least I have a start on it.  My goal is to have everything researched and the paperwork to add them to the property book to our Property Book Officer by the end of the day on Saturday.  I also took care of the uniform replacements that came in today.  Then at 1500 we had Salsa Band rehearsal to end the day.  Then it was off to dinner and then home to shower and stitch.  I worked on Lady of the Flag tonight.

Today’s High:  117
Current:  100 (10:05 p.m.)

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