Run For The Fallen

But before we get to that, let’s backtrack to yesterday when apparently I didn’t post. After formation I headed to my office to continue the research I’ve been working on. I met up with my friend CR for lunch. It was nice seeing him again for a little bit – his schedule has been so crazy that we haven’t had a chance to hang out lately. After I got back to my office I had time for a little bit of stitching. Then we had Salsa rehearsal from 1-3 so that was a nice break away from my computer. Rehearsal went well, and our first gig is less than a week away! Then it was back to my desk to finish up. I finally got everything done and part one of the request forms done. I was at work until about 1750 finishing all that up. Then I headed up to the Battalion Headquarters building as I had a Video-Teleconference at 1830. It sure was great seeing my guys and getting to talk to them for a half hour. I’ll probably get a VTC every other month or so. Once I was done there, it was off to dinner and then I went and watched a movie with KC.

Now on to today. . .

I was up at 0430 on my day off again to go run yet another race. This was one I definitely didn’t want to miss – Run for the Fallen. It was advertised as a 4 mile run, but it ended up being 4.48. It was a good morning although a bit warm – 95 degrees when I left my room about 0510. And it rained a little bit – like 7 drops. LOL I finished in 46:55, which was a 10:28 pace. It wasn’t fast enough to be one of the first 450 finishers to get a t-shirt, but I managed to get a t-shirt anyway. The top finisher was CL from my unit. He doesn’t care about the t-shirts so I asked him if I could have his if he didn’t plan on keeping it. He gave it to me. I thought that was pretty cool. So now I have yet another race t-shirt for my collection! After the race I headed home to change quick and then to the chow hall for breakfast. Then it was home for a much-needed nap; I slept for 2 1/2 hours before getting up to get ready for Prayer Shawl Ministry. KC gave me a ride so I could get the rest of the boxes of yarn out of my office and to the chapel for storage. PSM went well and we had our usual group. We now have 9 completed prayer shawls with a couple more almost done!! Not bad for 5 ladies in 3 weeks.

Once that was done, I came home and stitched for about 1/2 hour and then I laid down and took another 30 minute nap before heading to the chapel for warmups/rehearsal and then the service. And then after the service it was dinner and hanging out at Green Beans. I went to the band hall to call Mom & Dad but they must have been outside or something. So I called Rick instead and got to talk to him for a little while. It took 3 calls to him to get it all in – the second call because his phone battery died before he could get it plugged into the charger and the third time because the power blinked and the phones are VOIP – no power, no internet. Then I headed to Green Beans for a few hands of Combat Uno. We were all tired so we called it a night about 45 minutes earlier than usual.


Today’s high:  113
Current:  97 (11:50 p.m.)

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