A good Wednesday

I started off my day by sleeping in again.  Then it was off to breakfast and formation.  I spent the morning taking care of getting various things to the members of the Rock Band.  They’ve been out on a mission since the weekend and I had uniform stuff and ballistic eyewear for them.  Then I did some other supply stuff until lunch.  After lunch I kind of jumped into work and didn’t take my me-time to stitch.  Oh well.  Then at 1300, I was one of the board members for a mock promotion board for 4 Soldiers who will be going to the real board in September.  I asked questions pertaining to NBC, Warrior Ethos, Warrior Tasks & Drills, and the Code of Conduct.  It actually was kind of fun even though it took 2 1/2 hours to get through the 4 Soldiers.  Each of the four had good times and not so good parts, but overall they all did fairly well.  Once the board was done, it was back to my office to get the uniform stuff out that came in the mail today and go through my e-mails that had accumulated.

After work, I headed home to change into PTs and then KC and I headed to the Pizza Hut on one of the neighboring camps.  It was SLOW tonight – took 45 minutes from ordering to getting our pizza.  So we ate and enjoyed the pizza and then we headed back to his office to watch a movie – we watched Witless Protection.  This was the third time I’ve watched this, and I’m still catching things I’ve not seen before.  Well, because the pizza took so long and while I was home changing into PTs my roommate and I had to move a few things around so the fridge would be in compliance with regulations and plugged directly into the wall, we didn’t get the movie started until late, and it was midnight before I got home.  So now it’s 0100 and I’m going to bed.

Today’s High:  113
Current:  95 (12:55 a.m.)

2 thoughts on “A good Wednesday

  1. Sounds like a fun night! I was actually craving pizza hut last night, but can’t order it because we have to make our own, wheat-free pizza. So we ordered thai instead–it totally didn’t do the trick!

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