Another day

Today was another day of no rehearsals due to various parts of the band being here and there at different parts of the day.  This morning I got a couple of memorandums typed up and signed by the Commander and got some uniforms ready to take to the Central Issue Facility (CIF) to exchange them.  Some uniform parts I can do this with for Soldier and this was one of those times.  I did a few other things and then headed to lunch.  I got some stitching done after I ate, and then I got paperwork and uniforms ready to go.  KC came by at 1330 to pick me up and a Soldier and we headed out.  He took me to CIF to do the uniform exchange – I could only do one of two that I needed to do as they didn’t have the size I needed for the one thing.  But I’ll check back next week and hopefully eventually I can take care of the Soldier.  Then I went to the Theater Property Book office to turn in some documents.  Then it was to our Battalion Property Book Officer’s office to turn some documents into her and pick up other documents from our box.

Then the fun began!  While I was with the Property Book Officer, my Soldier that came with turned his spare barrel for his M-249 into the arms’ room.  This Soldier is brand new in the Army, and older Soldiers, especially those in supply, like playing jokes on new Soldiers.  So our armorer, SGT O, asked SPC B to stop by and see SSG C (aka KC) and get some chem light batteries.  Well, he received a package with a dozen or so chem lights and the “batteries”.  We get back to the band hall, and the Soldier reports to SGT O that he has the batteries.  So SGT O tells the Soldier to check each one to make sure it works.  We showed him how to put the chem light into the “battery” and had him do the rest.  Well, other than the one that KC did (he broke the stick to activate it just as he was putting it in the “battery”), none of them worked.  This poor kid was suring having a time of it and was getting frustrated.  We finally let him in on the secret and let him know that they weren’t actually batteries, but just super strong magnetic chem light holders.  He laughed about it and admitted that we got him.  That made for a fun afternoon.  The last little bit of the afternoon I got caught up on e-mails from when I was out for a couple of hours and then did some last minute paperwork.

Off to dinner and then to call Ryan but I couldn’t get ahold of him so I tried calling Rick and I couldn’t get ahold of him either.  I finally got to talk to Mom a little bit – I called her at work.  It was nice talking to her.  Once home and changed, I got some crocheting done and finished one dishcloth and started another one.  Now it’s e-mail and message board time and then bed in about 1/2 hour.

Today’s High:  113
Current:  98 (10:35 p.m.)

One thought on “Another day

  1. ah…memories…

    That made me think back to when I was brand new in the mechanics shop in the AF over 20 years ago! They sent me all over the place with my civilian trainer, trying to find the Polish trailer….I followed him all over for well over an hour before someone pointed out that *I* was the Polish trailer (lol!)…and there was the time I was sent to find the Peace Keeper (a vehicle) tire gauge. PK tires are made of foam…they don’t REQUIRE a tire gauge….duh!

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