An afternoon at the spa

We had a training holiday today, so I didn’t have to go to work. I even got to sleep in and Ryan brought Robbie to daycare on his way to a job interview with a company on post. I was awake and had laundry going before he got home, so I didn’t sleep all morning. I spent the morning playing on the computer. Then shortly before noon we left for the Oasis Wellness Spa for their commerical shoot. Dr. Lundy, our chiropractor and the owner of the spa which is just opening, asked Ryan and I to be in her commercial!

So we got there and sat in the waiting area for a little while – with glasses of wine. Then we were given bathrobes to change into and we headed into the sauna. They taped us in there (wearing towels) and then Ryan headed into the massage room and I headed to the facial room. I didn’t get a whole facial, but that which she did for the taping was very relaxing – and a nice taste of what I could get. Then I joined Ryan in the other massage room and they opened the door in between so they could do a part about couples massage. Then the shut the door and did some individual massage shots as well. I also got taped in the massage chair in the waiting area, and sitting in my robe reading my book in the waiting area – and sipping on a glass of wine. That was the end of the commercial footage (another 2 girls had done manicures and pedicures, and another couple of guys did other things as well). But I got to have a body wrap (just ace bandages, not seaweed like it says – I think they’re still working on that part. . .) for free. The spa manager wanted to show the other two Licensed Massage Therapists how to do a body wrap, so I got to be a teaching aid! It was really relaxing and I even dozed off during my 20 minutes of “cooking” time – the time when I was all wrapped up in everything for the heat.

It was just about 4:00 when I was done and dressed and ready to go. We headed out and picked Robbie up from daycare and then stopped at the Chinese buffet place in West Carthage on our way home. Once home, we had a nice long time to play before bedtime. Of course, when bedtime rolled around, Robbie didn’t want to help clean up his cars and trucks and he lost a whole lot of them, including all his Bob the Builder vehicles. I gave him 3 choices – pick them up by himself, I’d help him pick them up, or I pick them up and take them away. Well, he didn’t want to help, so I have a small tub of vehicles in my craft closet now – along with some of his puzzles and stacking blocks from previous incidents. I hope he figures it out soon – I don’t like taking his toys away from him. So we got him brushed and washed and read to and hugged and kissed and tucked in, and I headed down to my stitching and TV.

Before I head off to bed, I’ll leave you with 2 videos from yesterday. The first one is of Robbie looking for his Easter Eggs. It’s kind of long (4 minutes?) but it’s worth it at the end when he finds his Easter basket. The second one is of him going through the things in his Easter basket.

High: 27
Low: 16 (Current and clear)

2 thoughts on “An afternoon at the spa

  1. Lani, HOW CUTE!! I loved it when he found his basket.

    And what a treat at the spa, AND you’ll be famous now too!

    I think we have almost the same range. My exhaust, though, is underneath my dials and such on mine. Looks like yours are on your door. Don’t you just LOVE the flat top??

    Hugs! Nancy aka FeathersOR

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