They are finished!!!!!

So I kind of slept through PT this morning. But no one said anything, probably because today was one of those days where everyone was everywhere doing various things. After formation was done, I checked my e-mail and found out that the meeting I thought I had at 10 was now at 11. Not a big deal. So I headed up to the motorpool to tape the documents on my remaining 2 quad cons and get them sealed. Then I headed to my UMO meeting. We did a final check of everything, talked about rolling stock (vehicles – of which I have none), and then we got our shipping labels and tracking devices. Once back to the band hall, it was just about lunchtime so I ate my lunch and I actually got 45 minutes of stitching in today. After lunch I went out and put the labels and trackig devices on my quad cons and THEY ARE DONE!!! They are ready to be picked up and taken to the port for their boat ride to Iraq. I sent out an e-mail to my commander to let him know I was done, and I cc’ed my supply supervisor and the Battalion UMO as well. Less than a minute of sending the e-mail, I had a reply from Chief – “You ROCK!”. I replied back, “Just doing my job, sir.” But it’s still nice getting recognized for hard work.

I had nothing else to do so I left for home at 4:00. Yes, FOUR – not 6:30 or 7. FOUR!!! I picked Robbie up from daycare and headed home. We made a quick stop by Jeff & Heather’s so Jeff could sign his leave form for block leave coming up. He had his wisdom teeth out today and is home on convalescent leave for a few days. Then it was home to finish up supper. Ryan had gotten chili started in the crockpot and I put the macaroni in and Robbie and I made jalapeno cornbread. It truly was a family dinner! And there was enough chili left for Ryan for lunch tomorrow, and 3 cornbread muffins left so I’ll take one for lunch and leave Ryan two.

Robbie had a bath before bed, and after he was tucked in, I finished the baby blanket I’ve been working on – just had to tuck in the ends tonight (not my favorite thing to do), and then I crocheted a scrunchie for my friend A. She asked me to make a few for her. They only take about 45 minutes each.

Off to bed now.

High: 39
Low: 12
Current: 34 and precipi-yuck (mix of snow/sleet/rain/freezing rain)

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