Happy Easter!!

 I guess I didn’t write last night again.  Sorry about that.  Yesterday was a kind of laid back and fun day.  I got up with Robbie about 8:30 and we let Ryan sleep until 10 or so.  We just played and had toast for breakfast.  Once Ryan got up, we played some more before heading into Watertown.  We went to Sam’s Club and got some bulk-sized groceries and then to Michaels so I could put together an Easter basket for Robbie.  Ryan took him down to the Crayola aisle so I could do my Easter Bunny shopping and bring it out to the car.  I did look for a frame for the wedding sampler I stitched, but nothing square that would work.  I guess I’ll be doing Plan B on finishing that.  What’s Plan B?  I have no idea.  LOL  Then we headed out to post and I got the 8 quad cons that are in the band parking lot packing listed (taped on inside and out) and I sealed them with my metal band seals.  I still have 2 more quads to go, but they’re in the motor pool and we were freezing so we didn’t feel like going up to the motor pool to finish.  Then it was off to the grocery store to finish getting food for the week.  I had made a Banquet Crock Pot meal for supper, so I didn’t need to worry about cooking.  After supper, we dyed Easter eggs (I had boiled them earlier in the day).  Robbie had a lot of fun and we took a few pictures.  Click on each picture to make it bigger if you’d like. . .


I showed Ryan and Robbie a neat trick.  If you color on an egg with a white crayon, you can’t see it.  But once you dye the egg, you can see whatever you colored or wrote since the dye doesn’t stick to where the crayon is!

Once Robbie was all cleaned up and tucked into bed, I stitched and we watched TV.

This morning I was up about 6:30 (I had set an alarm for 7, but woke up before it) to go play Easter Bunny and hide the dozen eggs.  Then I went back to bed.  Robbie woke us up about 8 crying for something.  Ryan called to him and got him downstairs.  I guess he must have gone to turn the TV on and saw one of the eggs (the Easter Bunny hid a few in sort of plain sight, but most were in something).  “Mommy, Daddy, come look!!!”  And he came running back upstairs to get us.  We went down with him and he eventually found all his eggs and his Easter basket.  He had a lot of fun.  I have a couple of videos of the egg hunt and finding the basket, but I haven’t gotten them uploaded to YouTube yet.  Maybe tomorrow. . .  But here is a picture of him holding his basket (the other basket that looks empty has his eggs in it – it was his Easter basket last year).  Please excuse his undies. . .

We had waffles for breakfast – Eggos.  Our church breakfast was from 7:30-9:30 and it was 9:30 by this time, so we didn’t get there for that.  Then I played the piano for a while and Robbie drew with his new pencils (the tall blue package on the right of his Easter basket) and eventually we all got dressed and headed to church.  The service was good with lots of great Easter hymns.  Robbie didn’t want to go to junior church today, but he was very well behaved during the service.  After we got home, I changed and went for an 8 mile run.  Here are my stats from the run:
Distance:  8.07 miles
Time:  1:32:04
Temperature:  25 degrees, sunshine and blue sky, very slight breeze
Boy did it feel good to be out there despite the slight chill.  The flat half-marathon course in Oshkosh is going to be nice after training on all these hills around here.  Only 3 weeks away. . .

Once I had showered and changed yet again, we played for a little while and then drove into town to go to Cracker Barrel for supper.  I had planned on making chili, but I kind of didn’t have tomato sauce.  Oops!  But we had a good dinner and good service at CB – we’d had our waitress before and she’s really nice and really good.  I told the manager that when I was paying – he was standing by the cashiers.  Then it was home (Oh, I stitched in the car on the way there and back. . .) and Robbie wanted to talk to Gramma and Grampa and Uncle Rick.  So I dialed the phone for him and let him call them.  They talked for a while – he “showed” them where all of his eggs had been hidden and told them all kinds of stuff.  I have a picture of him on the phone, but I haven’t uploaded it from my camera yet.  Tomorrow. . .  Once he was done talking to them, he went up for a bath and then bed and I made my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad (and Rick this week!), even though Robbie had already talked to them earlier.  I got some stitching done on one of my pieces and I plan on finishing it next month.  No pictures until then.  *evil grin*

I’ve had a nice chat with my friend A this evening and now I’m heading off to bed.

High:  26
Low:  14
Current:  18 and cloudy

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!

  1. OOPS…..

    Sorry Lani, I meant to sign my name in my comment a second ago….Happy Belated Easter from Marion! 🙂

  2. Happy Easter!

    I LOVE the bi-colored eggs…will have to try that next year! Here’s another trick I learned…after you’ve marked with a white crayon and dyed the egg (and dried it), use a hair dryer on a low setting to melt the wax off…IF you don’t want the wax there, of course. You can do a quick painted wash of color on the egg, and if the wax is completely removed, you’ll have a multi colored egg!

    Robbie sure looks cute!

  3. Happy Easter

    How adorable is Robbie?? I loved watching my kids find Easter morning goodies. I have one that still does and it’s heaven to watch. Not sure how many more years I’ll have that.

    Big hugs!! Nancy aka FeathersOR

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