Saturday fun

Ryan worked today so it was just me and Robbie. We spent the morning playing with his cars and trucks and reading his books. I played on the computer a little bit, too. Then while he was napping this afternoon I got my alumni newsletter sent to our International President for her approval and got caught up on some newspapers and Tivo’ed shows. I’m finally at least into January for all of them! When Robbie woke up we played more and after Ryan got home and had showered and relaxed a bit, we went to our local Italian place for supper. I’ve saved up enough cards from our pizzas that we had a free large cheese pizza coming to us, so we got that and we also had salads before the pizza came. Robbie ate almost as much as I did – part of each of mine and Ryan’s salads and 2 slices of pizza. And they’re no small pieces either. Then it was home to clean up toys and get Robbie to bed and then I stitched and we watched Tivo – only about a week and a half behind on Wheel of Fortunes now!

It’s been snowing lightly off and on all day, so there’s a nice fresh white layer on everything.

High: 25
Low: 20
Current: 21

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