Why are the weekends always too short?

Well, it’s Sunday again which means the end of the weekend. We started off the day with church – got there a little late but we made it. Church was pretty uneventful. Then we tried once again to go to the car wash, but it’s still not working. I wish they’d get whatever is broken fixed. My van is just about all white right now. So we went to Walmart and got Kleenex (it always seems that when I get stuffed up and sneezy, we’re down to the last 1/2 box of Kleenex in the house) and some picture hanging hooks and just kind of walked around looking. Then we ate lunch at Ponderosa. Robbie can still eat for free there, so that’s nice. After we ate we headed home via the grocery store for food for the week. It was close to 3 by the time we got home, so Robbie didn’t get a nap today. And boy did he need it by the way he was acting by bedtime. We went to McDonald’s for supper after spending the afternoon playing and reading newspapers and watching Wheel of Fortunes. Robbie got mad because we wouldn’t let him play because he didn’t finish his cheeseburger. I don’t think he even realized that he didn’t get his toy either. And then going to bed just added to the fussiness. Yup – he definitely needs a nap in the afternoon. It’s ok. Tomorrow is another day. Once he was in bed, I played on my computer for a while and then called Mom & Dad and stitched.

Now I’ve taken some drugs for my runny nose so I can sleep tonight, so I’ll be going to bed once they kick in.

High: 28
Low: 21
Current: 22 and cloudy

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