H.E.A.T. Training

I got to sleep in a little bit this morning – no PT. We had to be at the MP motor pool at 0850 and at 0900 we started going through H.E.A.T. – Humvee Egress Assistance Trainer. I was pretty nervous going in, but once it got started it wasn’t really that bad. We got into the trainer – looked like the body of a humvee on a rotisserie – and got our seat belts on. We had the opportunity to make sure we knew how to operate the combat locks on the doors, and then the “fun” began. Humvees can go up to 30 degrees either direction before they roll, so we were shown the left and right limits and then we were rolled. Several times one way and then several times the other, eventually ending up upside-down. Once we were locked into the upside-down position (a lock on the trainer so it didn’t move), we had 48 seconds to unbuckle and get out. The Army says 48 seconds is what we can handle if we’re upside-down in water. I had no problem getting my seat belt off and out the driver’s door. He was the first with his door open, so everyone goes out that door (whoever has the door open first announces DOOR OPEN and which one it is). One of the guys on our “team” of 4 couldn’t get his seat belt undone and was on his head/neck for about 5 minutes until we finally got him out. In a real situation, we’d cut the seat belts if we couldn’t get them off in a few seconds.

Then it was back to the band hall and my supply office. I got a signature from Chief on my cyclic inventory and then I went up to Battalion to turn in all the monthly inventory paperwork and a few others things. The last thing I did before lunch was a few monthly counseling statements for my Soldiers – just how their doing and what (if anything) I see that they need to improve on. I stitched during lunch and then after lunch I didn’t really do much. I did go to the Battalion motor pool to pick up some paperwork for SFC P and that was about it. I left shortly before 4 and headed home – the roads were starting to get kind of slippery from the snow, both lake effect and drifting. Of course, most of the snow is going south of us again, but we’ve gotten maybe and inch or 2.

After Ryan got home from work, we had a whatever supper. I used whatever was in the freezer. Ryan had a tv dinner and some mashed potatoes (also from the freezer). Robbie had a Kid’s Cuisine meal. I had the rest of the fish sticks and mashed potatoes. I also made some asparagus that I had in the freezer, but YUCK!! Fresh is WAY better. Then we got Robbie’s toys and puzzle put away and he headed up to bed. I took a shower after he was tucked in, and then just browsed through some catalogs that have come in the past week or so. I just didn’t feel like stitching tonight.

High: 25
Low: 9
Current: 24 and light snow

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