Froggy 97 & Two Changes of Command

I was up and heading into Watertown early this morning. I arrived at my destination – the studio for Froggy 97, our local country station – around 6:45 and met Bud Green who is doing the morning show today and tomorrow. The normal two (James Pond & Cricket) were off to Lake George to accept an award for Morning Show Personalities of the Year from the New York State Broadcasters Association. We chatted for a bit and then he gave me a mic and he hit the record button and off we went. I did stumble all over myself a few times, but because it was recorded to be played a bit later, he edited those spots out. I was out of the studio and back in my van by 7. He aired the “interview” about 7:40. I talked about my marathon fundraising, and the Spaghetti Dinner/Silent Auction I’m having on Friday and the 5K race I’m hosting in July, both as fundraisers for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Several of my co-workers and some of Ryan’s as well said that they heard me. Hopefully I’ll get a good turnout Friday for spaghetti and on Friday, July 13 for my race! Oh, on a side note since I’ll bet someone (Dad) will ask. . . The names of the radio personalities are all related to the station – Froggy 97. They are not their real names, but derived from them to fit the station theme.

Since I was done a lot earlier than I had planned (I went in uniform), I came home for a little while before heading out to post for formation for change of command number 1 for the day. The morning ceremony was for the MEDDAC (Medical Department and Activity). There were only 2 company-sized elements on the field besides the band and color guard, so our Sound Off was really short. They didn’t even do a Pass In Review, so it was a pretty short ceremony, other than the speeches. They were a bit long. When we got back to the band hall after that, we were done until 1300, so several of us went to the Golden Unicorn for lunch. I always enjoy hanging out with friends at lunch, and they’re always surprised when I say I’ll go since I usually pack a lunch and eat in my office. The afternoon ceremony was a REALLY easy one. We were seated. It was for the 20th Air Support Operations Squadron change of command. It was an Air Force ceremony, and a bit “out of order” compared to ours, but we were seated so what did it matter! Then when we got back from that one, we had concert band rehearsal for a while so we could work on 1812 Overture for Thursday’s concert. It’s coming along, but nowhere near where it should be 3 days before a concert. I’m sure it’ll be fine, though.

Then it was off to get Robbie and head to the chiropractor. Ryan was still out on a run and didn’t get done with work until almost 6. So I rescheduled today’s adjustment for him. He stopped at the grocery store on his way home and did a bit of shopping, and Robbie and I got home shortly after he did. We ate supper and then it was off to bed for Mr. Fussybutt Robbie. Once he was in bed, it was stitching and Tivo time for me. And now it’s past my bedtime, so I’d better get some sleep.

High: 83
Low: 60

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