DSTB Change of Command

Today was the day of THE change of command. But I’ll get to that in a moment. We started our day off with PT. Brass Quintet (E Team) lifted weights for chest, shoulders, and triceps and did some ab exercises and then we went outside and did walking lunges for about 25 feet (and then rested for a bit and went back). If you click the link, you’ll see a demo with the guy using a barbell for weight – we didn’t use any extra weight. The rest of the morning was pretty much a waste. We were standing by in the area so Chief could rehearse when he got back from the walk-thru he was at. The trombone section did go and have a sectional and we got some good work done, but other than that, we didn’t play. Lunchtime rolled around and 1SG told us to go to lunch and be back at 1300. So I headed up to my office and ate my lunch and stitched for a little bit. But when I started “sleep stitching”, I put it away and put my head down on my desk and took about a 20 minute nap. Our buildings don’t have a/c, so the heat was making me sleepy. After lunch we had THE change of command. It was for our Batallion, so now we have a new Batallion commander. We’re hoping that some changes occur and the Batallion won’t be using (abusing?) the band so much – like Staff Duty, and little details for this, that, and the other. We’ll see. . . Now, the ceremony started at 1400, so right at the hottest part of the day. Why??? Why couldn’t they do it at 1000 like all the other ceremonies we do? Leave it to Batallion. . . It was about 87 degrees at the time of the ceremony, but at least there was a slight breeze to help. The ceremony went well and nobody fell out, so that’s always a good thing. Then it was back to the band hall for concert band rehearsal. Only Chief never showed up. ???????????????? SSG N did rehearse us some on 1812, but about half the band wasn’t taking him seriously. Hello? Our concert is in 2 days and we’re nowhere near being ready for it. There are way too many people in our unit that have an “I don’t care” attitude, and then those of us that do care suffer from it. Maybe when we get our new Commander and First Sergeant things will change. At least I can hope.

Ryan ended up working late again today – he probably has 3 hours of OT for the week already. That’ll be nice. So I got Robbie on my way home and we stopped at the Post Office to mail a box (which Robbie carried in and placed on the counter when I lifted him up so he could reach) and then to the grocery store to put up a Spaghetti Dinner poster and buy some stuff for supper. We got a rotisserie chicken, tater salad, and stuff to make strawberry shortcake for dessert. We ate once Ryan got home, and it was all good. Ryan was happy and surprised about the strawberry shortcake since I don’t really like it. Then once Robbie was in bed, we watched some Tivo and I crocheted on a prayer shawl.

Oh yeah – DSTB stands for Division Special Troops Batallion. That’s the name of the Batallion that the Band is part of.

High: 87
Low: 69

One thought on “DSTB Change of Command

  1. Maybe because your band hardly has daily rehearsals or practice. When one is always doing things not band related, how can they feel they are a real band?! Maybe like you said, when you get your new leaders things will change, IF they see that you are not doing band stuff.


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