Sunday again

Today was church. We celebrated the 50th ordination anniversary for a former pastor from Concordia. He did the sermon. He was a Navy Chaplain for over 20 years and served in Vietnam. After church, I looked in the kitchen to see what kinds of pots and plates and stuff there was and talked to several of the ladies and they gave me some ideas and showed me were some things like tablecloths, take-out boxes, etc. were. And I talked to the girl from the youth group that’s been my point of contact for them. They’ll be helping me out with set up, serving, clearing tables, doing dishes, etc. We finally left about noon and headed to Michael’s so I could get some poster board and markers and then we stopped a few other places. I forgot I wanted to go to the mall – going to go to Bath & Body Works to get a few things (lotion, body wash, etc.) that I’m going to put in the pampering basket I’m putting together for the silent auction. We ate Wendy’s on our way out of town, and then headed to the PX on post to get a few things and then to the band hall to get Ryan’s truck. Then it was home for naptime and I headed out on a 6 mile run. But my tummy was giving me problems, so I only went 3.6 miles. I guess some is better than none. After Robbie got up from his nap, we walked and had pizza for supper and then to the ice cream place. Then it was home for bedtime and stitching/TV (NASCAR race) and my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad.

High: 74
Low: 47

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