Welcome to Ft. Drum, NY!!

Well, here we are. We’re staying at guest lodging on Ft. Drum until we find a house. It was a long drive today, and we had some rain but it wasn’t too bad. It sure is nice to be done driving for a while. The kitties are enjoying being out of their carriers and Robbie finally gets a chance to run around. Our room has 2 bedrooms, a sitting area, and a small kitchenette so Robbie gets his own room. That’s nice, and we can sit in the sitting room and watch TV, stitch, etc.

We drove by the house we’ve been looking at, and we’re not super impressed with the outside – it definitely “needs some work.” We’ll see the inside tomorrow at 9, so we’ll see. . . If we decide we can work with it (Ryan’s pretty handy, and it’ll give him stuff to do while I’m deployed, but there is the line. . .) we’ll start paperwork tomorrow. If we decide no way, then we retract our offer and spend tomorrow looking around for something else.

I’m off to bed now – it’s been a long day.

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