Made it safely to Cleveland. . .

After the BIG problems with our trailer this morning. . . Picked up the trailer and drove the 25 miles back to my brother’s house. Went to put the mattress in, and it DOESN’T FIT. The longer trailer (5’x10′) is also lower in ceiling height. So I call U-haul and complain BIG TIME, and manage to get the trailer swapped out with a 5×8 – from the place we turned the other one in, so local. The guy there was really nice and did it as a “broken-down trailer” swap and told me that when I get to Ft. Drum, I call a certain number and fill out a form and I should get the difference of the trailer cost back. So we get back to my brother’s and finally get the trailer – and the truck – and my van loaded. We met my brother for lunch and that was fun – good fun, and nice to see him once again. Then Ryan headed out and I went to the Post Office and the pet store – had to get a 2nd cat carrier as the laundry basket set-up I had used wouldn’t fit in my van.

So I finally get the cats in the van and Robbie and I head out. We got to the hotel about 45 minutes after Ryan did, and then we went to dinner. The cats were happy to be out of their carriers – especially Callie. I couldn’t find her sedative pills, so she wasn’t a happy camper traveling.

I’m off to bed now – last day of traveling tomorrow and it’s going to be about 8 hours on the road to Ft. Drum. I’ll check in when I can when we get there – hopefully I have internet in our room while we wait for our house. If nothing else, we’ll go hang out at Taco Bell for a while. . .

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