So much for that one. . .

Well, we met our realtor to see the house we were looking at this morning. UGH!! It was a BIG understatement when they said “Needs some work”. . . We’re talking like probably $10,000 worth of work. I don’t think so! But I did give Diane our list of 5 other places I found online, and she said she’d get appointments for us to see them. I got an e-mail from her later in the day and only 2 of them were still available, but she also found 3 others for us.

After we got back from looking at “that” house, we went by the PX and Commissary and got a few things at both places. Then it was back to our room for Robbie’s nap – he fell asleep in the car on the way back. Ryan and I ate lunch, and I made up a route to go drive by all 5 houses. Four of them are in Carthage – closer to post and much smaller town – and the other is on the edge of Watertown, but not bad. From the outside drive-by look, we had a straight face, a questionable smiley face, 2 smiley faces, and a double smiley face. We will be meeting with our realtor at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon to go look at them, so we’ll see how that goes. While we were out, we stopped at the Post Office but no new mail for us, and then checked out Walmart. We ate supper at Bob Evans and then took a different way back to post. We discovered another Walmart closer to post!

We played for a while and then Robbie went to bed and Ryan and I sat down to relax and watch TV and I crocheted. Finishing up my computer stuff now, and then it’ll be off to bed for me.

Overnight low: 28
Today’s high: 54

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