First week of class is done

I’m attending training this week and next to become a SHARP – Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention program.  It’s a new Army program that combines several into one to combat sexual harassment and assault.  Class goes from 8-5 each day, with an hour for lunch.  Talk about long days for this girl who is used to working 9-3:30 with an hour and a half for lunch.  But it’s a good class and VERY knowledgeable instructors.  They know the material and know how to teach.  We do a lot of work in small groups as well, and lots of input and stories from the other class members.  Today we got out early at lunchtime and I was able to get some work done at the band hall before a hail and farewell pizza party.  Then this afternoon we did our group work and received our homework assignments and were done for the day.  The classroom we are in was very cold due to the extreme cold we have here right now and the fact that thermostats have been turned way down for the gas shortage in the area. 

In the evening, K and I (and Robert) went to Tucson to meet up with some of our teammates for our relay we’re running the end of the month.  We have a really good group dynamic and talked about a lot of stuff pertaining to the relay.  It was a lot of fun and Robert was really well behaved despite how boring it must have been for him.

Because of the gas shortage and the extreme cold, schools and post have been closed for tomorrow, so we’ll all be getting the day off!!

This morning’s low:  7  (with a wind chill of -5)
Today’s high:  27
Current:  19

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