A Surprise Visit (and the week leading up to it)

I’m in Michigan right now.  I flew in yesterday to Milwaukee and then drove to Mom & Dad’s to surprise everyone at my cousin’s baby shower this afternoon.  I called Mom & Dad during the drive yesterday and then everyone else found out today.  The look on my cousin’s face when she saw me walk in was priceless!!!  Everyone was glad to see me and the baby shower was a lot of fun even though it was a whole bunch of people (other than family and a few other familiar faces) that I didn’t know but who knew me (or at least knew me as "Sally’s Daughter").  My cousin got a lot of great stuff for her baby girl.

The rest of the day was just spent relaxing and Mom & Dad took me to dinner.  We had sauna this evening, and I always enjoy that!!

And now for the week leading up to today. . .

Sunday –   We didn’t go to church.  I had something in my eye and it was tearing up and kept wanting to close and make me sleep as that’s how eyes heal themselves when they are injured.  I did manage to get some stitching in and we just kind of chilled around the house and watched football.  My Green Bay Packers are going to the Super Bowl!!!

Monday – Monday ended up being a short work day after PT.  For PT we did a pyramid of pushups and situps – 1 to 10 and back down and then start going up again when you finished so everyone was still going.  Then we headed out to the track for a little while.  It was only 36 out, but it was 50 degrees warmer than it was at Ft. Drum at the time.  Our Commander gave us the afternoon off if we had played at the retirement ceremony Friday afternoon, so I was only at work for a few hours and didn’t really do much.  I don’t know that much at all got done in our admin office, other than our few weekly/daily things we do.  In the afternoon, I went and got a manicure and pedicure and my toenails are now green for the Packers!! 

Tuesday – It was cold and windy Tuesday morning, so I just took accountability of the Postpartum Soldiers and sent them on their way.  Work wasn’t bad – just admin office all day, plus getting my weekly allergy shots and taking care of some stuff at finance. 

Wednesday – We worked the girls at PT this morning.  We did 3 sets (45 seconds, 30 seconds, 30 seconds) of the following: regular pushups, regular situps, butterflies, walking lunges, wide arm pushups, frog kicks, military press, walking squats, close hand pushups, and crunches.  Great workout led by K!!  During the morning at work, my co-Equal Opportunity Leader and I met with the Specialists and Sergeants to discuss any issues they may have and then we had a class after lunch.  That class sucked any remaining energy out of me, so I wasn’t very productive after that.  Choir practice in the evening went well.

Thursday –   Thursday went by fast.  No PT, so I got to sleep in some.  The morning was some Soldier training time and then we had Brass Band rehearsal to dust the cobwebs off everything.  It wasn’t bad, but definitely needs work before any gigs.  After lunch we had another class and then we had marching band practice.  I was THE trombone section.  The secondary Drum Major ran the rehearsal since we have a couple of ceremonies coming up that he will be Drum Majoring because I have a class that I’ll be attending.  After marching band, I did a little bit of work in my admin office and then headed home.

Friday Travel day.  But I did go to PT for a little bit.  After we brought Robert to school, Ryan drove me to the airport in Tucson.  My flight from Tucson to Denver was really nice and not anywhere near full.  The flight was Denver to Milwaukee wasn’t bad either, but it was a full flight.  Once in Milwaukee I got my rental car and got on the road.  The first about 45 minutes were really good and then the roads started being snowy.  I went between 40 and 45 most of the way home and the about 5 1/2 hour trip took me almost 7.  I finally got to Mom & Dad’s about 0240 this morning.

Today’s high:  17
Current:  16

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